Anchoring the Larger Dimensions of Love

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We reside in a time the place there may be an unprecedented alternative for non secular progress, ascension, and accessing the upper dimensions of existence.

If the idea of the upper dimensions is a brand new one for you… Dimensions are primarily states of consciousness, and vibrational methods of organizing the huge realms of existence.

I’d like to ask you to consider dimensions by way of ranges of consciousness.

Humanity has largely existed within the 3rd and 4th dimensions for a while now, and but, concurrently, the upper dimensions have at all times been round us. And now, as we ascend, spiritually develop, and consciously broaden our consciousness we are able to start to tune into the upper dimensions which have been right here all alongside and have been simply out of our consciousness and attain.

It might be useful to consider dimensions by way of listening to music on a radio.

Let’s say there’s a radio station known as “44.4 Gentle Waves”, however you’ve by no means heard of it.

“44.4 Gentle Waves” begins broadcasting a sure music known as “Love and Gentle” out on the airwaves, and you’ve got your radio tuned on, however you’re not dialed into that particular frequency of “44.4 Gentle Waves”, so that you received’t know what music they’re enjoying.

In reality, it’s fairly possible that you simply received’t even know the radio station “44.4 Gentle Waves” exists, or that the music “Love and Gentle” exists, and also you’ll definitely do not know what’s being broadcast out on the airwaves, regardless that it’s completely there.

You do have your radio tuned on, and so you’re listening to music… Simply not the actual frequency of “44.4 Gentle Waves”, and never the music they’re enjoying, that’s “Love and Gentle”.

For those who study concerning the radio station “44.4 Gentle Waves”, you’ve expanded your consciousness to incorporate that station, after which you’ll be able to modify your radio’s frequency to tune into the “44.4 Gentle Waves” and you may start to listen to the music “Love and Gentle”.

In different phrases, by increasing your aware stage of consciousness you’ll be able to start to tune into the love and lightweight of the upper dimensions.

As a result of the entire dimensions are at all times round us always, however we’re simply now changing into conscious of, and studying to dial our frequencies into the upper dimensions, so we are able to perceive and tune into them.

An effective way to start tuning into the upper dimensions of affection and lightweight, is to anchor greater vibrational love and lightweight, drawing it in your physique and into the earth.

Need to Study How one can Do This?

Good! You’re in the appropriate place.

Watch this brief video, or preserve studying beneath … 🙂

Anchoring the Love and Gentle of the Larger Dimensions

To anchor the sunshine of the upper dimensions, it’s good to start out by grounding your individual power. Study extra about grounding right here!

Primarily, to floor your power, focus your consciousness inside, inside your physique, after which really feel and visualize your consciousness flowing down, energetically connecting you to the sunshine on the core of the earth in a crystalline column of sunshine.

Anchoring the Higher Dimensions It might make it easier to to shut your eyes to do that, to breathe, calm down, and floor.

When you’re grounded and linked to the sunshine on the core of the Earth, take a second to only really feel your reference to it. Really feel linked to the Earth, and to All That Is, and let this unimaginable mild nurture, heal and vibrationally uplift you.

Earth is ascending alongside humanity and is a strong healer, and precious ally on the ascension path.

While you’re prepared, visualize and permit the good pure mild you’ve linked to on the core of the Earth, that’s one with the Divine and one with All That Is, to stream up.

Visualize mild flowing up and in by means of the underside of your toes, and up alongside your legs.

Really feel the sunshine flowing up alongside your spinal column, activating your whole chakras in a column of sunshine, and persevering with up, activating your greater chakras, and persevering with up into the sunshine, above the lights, into the upper dimensions, into direct presence with Divine, Supply, All That Is.

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Breathe, and really feel your oneness with the sunshine of the Divine, really feel your oneness with the sunshine of Supply, and obtain the vibration enhance, the therapeutic, and the unimaginable blessings of affection, from connecting with this power.

Now, focus your consciousness inside your bodily physique once more, on the realm of your coronary heart, letting your coronary heart open large, after which set the intention to anchor the love and lightweight of the upper dimensions.

“I now intend to anchor greater dimensional frequency on this very second, with help from my guides and angels, in response to Divine will, and so, it’s…”

By simply saying these phrases, my hand begin to tingle, my physique is getting hotter, and higher mild, greater vibrations of sunshine, and the upper dimensions of affection are starting to return into my consciousness, and into yours in case you’re following alongside and going by means of this course of.

Let your self calm down, and raise in vibration. Raise into the upper dimensions of affection and lightweight by letting this mild into your physique, thoughts, and spirit.

Raise within the mild of affection, drawing this all in to the realm of your coronary heart, letting your mild vibrantly glow.

Your chakras are all activated and united in a single good column of Divine mild, your coronary heart is full of mild and opened large…

Your aura is full of mild and your mild physique is illuminated round you, like an enormous sphere constructing, shimmering and glowing round you.

And now, with all of this mild in your power and consciousness, carrying all this power of the upper dimensions, now really feel your power merged with the upper dimensional mild, as soon as once more, grounding to the earth.

Visualize your mild, and the ascension mild of the upper dimensions flowing down in a column of crystalline mild, grounding to the earth, connecting with the sunshine of Gaia, the sunshine you discover on the middle of earth, that you’re a a part of, that’s one with you, and one with all that’s.

Breathe, calm down, and know that you simply did it. You simply anchored the love and lightweight of the upper dimensions.

This, is an excellent easy overview and course of that you should utilize to attach with, and to anchor the sunshine and love of the upper dimensions wherever you’re. That is nice to do at sacred websites, on high-energy dates, on the total moon, the brand new moon, or actually, at any time.

Anchoring ninth Dimensional Frequencies

For those who really feel impressed to do that work of anchoring mild of the upper dimensions, you’ll be able to take this a step additional, and I like to recommend testing my latest angel session with Archangel Uriel, Archangel Sandalphon, and Seraphina.

On this highly effective .MP3 angel session, you’ll be guided to calm down, join with and anchor ninth Dimensional Love and ligh.

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Why Anchor the Larger Dimensions?

While you anchor the love and lightweight of the upper dimensions, it not solely elevates your vibration, will increase the sunshine you’re in a position to carry and improves your vibrational power signature, bringing you into higher alignment with what you need, along with your intentions, with being that woke up grasp of affection and lightweight current within the bodily…

However that very act of anchoring greater dimensional frequencies creates a powerful ripple of peace, compassion, oneness, love, and lightweight, out past you, out into the world, making a distinction, and that’s superb.

Thanks for doing this work, for shining your mild.

With love, mild, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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