Ask the Angels:  An Essential Reminder from Metatron


The angels typically speak about their needs for humanity. They need you to expertise your true divine self.

They know that you’re not separate from something, however are one with your complete universe. The angel’s highest want is so that you can understand that.

On this Ask the Angels Column, Archangel Metatron brings you an extremely stunning message, telling you precisely how one can expertise your divine self via the straightforward follow of presence.

Take pleasure in!

Archangel Metatron channeled by Melanie Beckler

Greetings from Metatron. I’m right here, and I convey the reminder, pricey one, that you’re ascending. You’re altering in kind.

You’re changing into extra of your divine reality, extra of divine presence, extra of the divine gentle being you authentically are. That is what is going on to you. That is what is going on now in your world. That is the transition you’re amidst. That is the set off of problem. The set off of decrease vibration rising to the floor – that is all taking place, so you may proceed to ascend additional. And this can be a highly effective, stunning, magnificent present.

An Important Reminder from Archangel Metatron And pricey one, when the problem seems, step again to watch. When dense emotion seems, really feel it, and let it go. Return to presence on this second, return to like. Return to reality and realizing that you’re one with God, one with gentle, one with your complete universe. And the universe is conspiring with you, is in your aspect, is ushering within the new paradigm, the brand new earth, the upper prospects on your life via you, in each second.

You’re awakening to your true nature. And part of that is revealing that which isn’t, is revealing to you phantasm, is revealing to you areas of battle, is revealing to you ache factors, caught energies, and issues needing to vary.

By being current within the second, you’ll be able to observe this, and bear in mind – not getting pulled into the spiral of change, of problem, of thought. However somewhat, observing, stepping again into love, stepping again into the vantage level of the divine, observing with non-judgment, impartiality with love, seeing that every one that you simply expertise is supposed to be, is a step in your path of awakening, of in the end changing into genuine, true, embodying the fullness of your divine gentle within the bodily now.

You’re cherished, supported, blessed, uplifted, every step of the way in which. Be current on this now – returning to your breath, returning your focus to your coronary heart, to a waterfall of sunshine in entrance of you, to the vibration of affection, to the playful, blissful divine gentle of your interior divine being, of your interior divine self, that’s pure gentle, that’s pure divine presence, that’s love, that’s surrounded by layers of phantasm, of density, of problem.

However by focusing inside, you’ll be able to see via, and transfer via these – returning to the playful interior state that’s love, that’s your highest vibration, that you’re every day, every meditation, every second, returning to extra absolutely embodying, shining, radiating gentle, residing in pleasure, undertaking your function, serving, making a distinction on the planet round you. By means of your private, return to like.

That’s immeasurably highly effective, and that’s in the end joyful, playful, and enjoyable. Once you detach from the battle, from the challenges of your life, of the 3D world round you, you may witness the underlying reality and blessings within the second; the love, the enjoyment, the bliss, the chance, the miracle within the second. For it’s at all times there, and whenever you focus inward, connecting together with your interior divine being, you’ll be able to tune in, to this now, on this very second and second, and at any time. And so, it’s…

Channeled by Melanie Beckler

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