Marijuana and Spirituality – Does Hashish Help Religious Awakening?


Can Hashish assist you to in your non secular path? Or, will it truly hinder your development?

As hashish turns into authorized for leisure use in additional states within the U.S and nations worldwide, chances are you’ll be questioning… What’s the connection between marijuana and spirituality? Can marijuana be a profit in your non secular path?

From a non secular perspective, and from the angle of elevating your vibration, embodying extra of your larger self, and tuning into larger ranges of sunshine can marijuana profit you in your non secular path?

Does hashish assist non secular awakening?

Marijuana and Spirituality

Marijuana and Spirituality To start with, I wish to categorical that we’re every on a singular soul path and journey.

Hashish is just not a one measurement matches all plant medication.

It is a double-edged sword. 

This merely signifies that it may be used as a useful software and medication, or it may be utilized in a damaging, addictive, dangerous, and poisonous means.

Whereas hashish is just not bodily addictive it might undoubtedly be psychologically addictive. As a software, medication, and even used for recreation, hashish can alter your state of consciousness and shift your notion. If you smoke or ingest it, your consciousness experiences a shift in consciousness.

So can you could have non secular experiences by smoking marijuana?

Completely! Simply perceive that hashish is just not required for non secular growth, and in lots of instances, particularly the place an dependancy is fashioned it might develop into an impediment fairly than a software that’s supporting your non secular development.


Folks React to Marijuana Otherwise

Its vital to remember that Hashish results everybody in another way, and naturally, there are many alternative strains, in addition to other ways to ingest it.

Should you’ve even dabbled on this world, its in all probability already apparent to you that completely different strains of Hashish have completely completely different results in your temper, consciousness and degree of consciousness.

One pressure may assist you to to really feel extra relaxed, and set off nice sensations in your bodily physique, whereas one other can have a a lot headier impact.

After which in fact, how you ingest marijuana, is one other variable that performs a task in your expertise. If you eat Hashish within the type of edibles, candies, cookies, and so forth… Its results take longer to kick in, however then achieve this even stronger than for those who smoked or vaporized it.

An vital factor to bear in mind about how this all works is that irrespective of the way you’re utilizing it, both smoking or ingesting it, you’re truly turning into a vibrational match with the marijuana / hashish plant, with the marijuana consciousness, with the marijuana entity and astral beings behind and related to this plant.

Is that this a great factor or a nasty factor?

Is turning into a vibrational match with marijuana useful for you in your non secular and ascension path or detrimental and solely weighing you down?

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Okay so here is the place issues get a bit convoluted as a result of truthfully, it depends upon the place you’re vibrationally if you smoke or ingest hashish within the first place.

In case your vibration is decrease than the vibration of marijuana (which is the fourth-dimensional vibration of marijuana), turning into a vibrational match with marijuana will have an impact of elevating your vibration. Because of this people who find themselves confused or feeling in a funk adore it, it creates an actual and tangible consciousness/ temper shift. The issue is… It would not train you the way to shift with out using the plant.

Fast word for readability: Marijuana use is on no account required to elevate your vibration, and there are lots of simpler vibrational instruments which have fewer unintended effects.

Additionally, for those who do use marijuana to create a optimistic vibrational shift, know that you just normally catch as much as sustaining a degree of vibration that’s akin to marijuana after smoking or utilizing the drug roughly thrice.

That being mentioned, the medicinal properties of marijuana are simple, and it has been confirmed to be helpful for ache administration, for people who find themselves going by chemotherapy, and for people who find themselves caught in intense nervousness or melancholy.

In some instances (and discuss to your physician), your instinct will inform you whether or not it is best for you. If you’re in excessive ache or nervousness, marijuana might have a task in serving to you to launch ache and resistance. You may additionally wish to look into CBD which brings most of the well being advantages of Hashish with out the THC that’s the compound related to the consciousness altering impact.

Elevate Your Vibration to An Even Greater Degree Than Plant Medication Permits

Should you you’re on a acutely aware non secular path of elevating your vibration, tuning into larger ranges of sunshine, meditating, ascending, and bringing larger ranges of pleasure, love, and positivity into your life utilizing a number of the instruments and methods that you just’re discovering right here this website, smoking marijuana will possible have the impact of reducing your vibration.

And truthfully its not that straightforward. It has a clouding and chaotic impact in your etheric and astral physique. It additionally opens you as much as a plethora of beings you’d in all probability be higher off not connecting with in any respect, and may carry a powerful component of confusion and distortion to your non secular path and observe.

Necessary Aspect Word: Stronger Plant Medication like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Psilocybin, and so forth can have an much more destabilizing and distorting impact on honest non secular seekers and lightworkers because it deeply anchors astral non secular experiences and opens connections with questionable astral beings.

The pull and invitation from Supply right now is to go a lot larger, to reconnect with the Divine I Am Core and highest ranges of Divine Love and Mild, so the glamour of astral non secular experiences is just not completely useful.

Should you’re doing all your non secular and soul work, you are already vibrating at a clearer, and better vibrational charge than these consciousness altering substances can carry you too (even for those who’re not but totally conscious of that degree of notion).

My mission, and what I am so excited that will help you tune into, is capacity to see and know for your self the upper dimensions of affection, pleasure, and positivity.

We every have the chance on this life time to go a lot larger than the astral airplane/ fourth dimension! We’re tuning into the fifth, seventh, ninth, eleventh and past.

We’re tuning into the Divine I Am, to evolve and develop as non secular beings in bodily kind to develop into the True Beings of Love and Freedom we will develop into.

Certainly one of my mates, once we had been first exploring channeling collectively, commented on how significantly better a excessive channeling and tuning into the Archangels is in comparison with marijuana… I agree fully!

The non secular excessive and Divine Intoxication out there inside deep states of stillness, and accessible by observe and creating refined sense organs is kind of actually out of this world.

Getting a Greater Vibration With out Getting Excessive

"Marijuana Spirituality" Marijuana, though not bodily addictive, is mentally addictive.

I’ve already talked about that the marijuana entity turns into a vibrational match with you. The precise plant consciousness, the plant medication does have a means of pulling you in, of inviting you again and attaching energetic cords.

(Stronger psychoactive crops like Ayahuasca connect STRONG cords into individuals. The entities behind Ayahuasca are notorious for convincing non secular seekers that an enormous a part of their soul function and mission is to advertise using the plant!)

If you wish to launch marijuana out of your life, start by asking Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to chop any and all cords to marijuana and launch it out of your vitality into the sunshine.

If you’re smoking and ascending, marijuana is simply going to create a haziness in your aura and your energetic subject.

Certain, it is an on the spot gratification temper shift and an on the spot shift out of 3D into the fourth-dimensional realm, however whereas marijuana may also help you get to this fourth-dimensional/ astral airplane, it would not train you the way to get there with out utilizing the substance once more.

Because of this it’s psychologically addictive.

Should you’re in a decrease vibration and also you benefit from the vibrational match with the plant, you then must return to the plant time and time once more in an effort to get to that vibrational state versus meditation.

Going inside in meditation, or doing actions like firming, chanting, enjoying singing bowls, drumming, dancing, or being artistic, all elevate your vibration. They assist you to to be taught to attach you along with your larger self, open your coronary heart and assist you to to tune into the upper dimensions of expertise in a means that you could then return to time and time once more.

The rationale marijuana is correlated with spirituality is as a result of it might assist you to break away from illusions which can be gripping you. It might probably assist you to to see past the veil.

However it would not train you the way to do that. It might probably rapidly develop into a crutch as you come back to marijuana time and time once more to achieve that very same vibrational state, inviting the potential so that you can develop into depending on marijuana on your non secular expertise in a powerless means.

Use Psychic Safety

Additionally, marijuana is very reactive to intention. If you’ll smoke marijuana, please meditate beforehand and set the intention on your expertise that will help you join with larger ranges of sunshine.

Hashish opens the door to the astral (and there are lots of nasty astral beings on the market you do not need to be part of your life or have in your house). Should you’re smoking marijuana even sometimes, it’s massively vital to guard your self psychically. Use the Psychic Golden Mild observe and defend your self after which Cleanse your vitality afterwards!

Shield your self psychically and set the intention on your expertise with marijuana to positively affect your expertise. Should you do not set the intention for smoking or consuming edibles to assist join along with your larger self or non secular perception, it will likely be your unconscious intentions that manifest.

These are largely going to be about releasing fears. Because of this paranoia and psychological chatter come up throughout an expertise with marijuana.

My Expertise with Hashish and Spirituality

Cannabis and Spirituality. Helpful or Harmful? In case your vibration is larger than marijuana’s if you smoke, your expertise could also be lower than optimistic. Once I used to smoke Hashish, I loved it at first.

It felt rebellious to me, like a sacred ceremony. I actually loved smoking the herb out in nature, it made me really feel like I used to be open to a brand new layer of nature expertise, and it made me really feel like I used to be progressing on my path. However I did on this means develop into psychologically depending on it.

Afterward, once I continued smoking (truthfully, an increasing number of) I did not have that very same expertise in any respect.

In actual fact, it began to make me really feel worse than earlier than I smoked! It’s because in my regular life, in my sober time in nature, and in my regular meditation observe, I would began connecting with a lot larger mild than I may ever entry by smoking or ingesting marijuana.

So once I smoked it from that place… It clouded, distorted, and convoluted the clear Divine Mild and Divine I Am Presence that’s my core intention to anchor into my life an increasing number of.

Because of this, Hashish is out of my life.

I’m so extremely grateful for that truth as a result of with out it, with out marijuana, and with out alcohol, with out Ayahuasca, and with out different psychoactive “plant medication”, or different medication that solely open you as much as the astral fourth dimension….

I Am -and you’re – in a position to elevate larger and shine a lot brighter.

Releasing Hashish from Your Life

If you wish to launch hashish out of your life, intention is vital. Ask your angels to assist minimize the cords of dependancy.

I additionally suggest listening to this podcast on the results of hashish on mind and physique from the Huberman Labs podcast. 

There’s additionally a guide referred to as “The Bare Thoughts,” that focuses extra on releasing alcohol out of your life, however can be helpful. It talks concerning the dependancy course of and the way to launch addictions out of your life.

As well as, listed here are a couple of EFT (emotional freedom method) movies from Brad Yates free on YouTube that cope with releasing addictions.

If you preserve discovering your self reaching for one thing you understand is just not in the end serving you any longer, it’s as a result of there are decrease vibrational feelings hanging on in your emotional physique. Hold working along with your Angels to clear your emotional being.

To launch damaging feelings out of your vitality physique, try my emotional clearing article right here, and preserve opening your coronary heart.

Hold filling your self up with mild, preserve meditating, going inward, connecting along with your workforce of Guides and Angels, and elevating your vibration.

You possibly can attain larger ranges of sunshine, and such profoundly expansive areas of consciousness. You possibly can  Really expertise a extra highly effective excessive with out marijuana (and even with out Ayahuasca) than you may with it.

If hashish continues to be part of your course of, there is no such thing as a judgment on my half flowing your path. I used to smoke marijuana to self-medicate for nervousness, and it served me at one level in my life, however it would not any longer.

I wished to be genuine and susceptible whereas sharing this with you. If you’re a excessive vibrational mild being, star seed, means bathe, or lightworker and also you’re smoking marijuana, concentrate…

Observe your vitality physique, psychological and emotional state earlier than and after ingesting it…

Is Hashish in any respect supportive of your non secular path or is it solely weighing you down?

As non secular seekers discernment is so key. Keep clear, alert, conscious and Know what’s and what’s not helpful for you.

I hope this text is useful for you.  

With love, mild, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler




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