Psychic Safety Made Easy!


By means of the course of your life on Earth, you may be introduced with challenges, obstacles and classes of duality, this can be a given.

And but, with a couple of fundamental psychic safety strategies you’ll be able to be taught to energetically defend your self so you are not adversely affected. Psychic safety will make it easier to to remain in a optimistic state so you’ll be able to progress in your religious path, and attain your highest potential with out being weighed down by decrease vibrations from others, or sabotaged from any kind of psychic assault.

And naturally, your angels might be with you that will help you every step of the best way!

Psychic Safety – Making a Psychic Defend with Golden Mild and Assist from Archangel Michael

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How one can Defend Your self from Negativity and Worry-Based mostly Constructs

The sensible factor about utilizing mild to psychically defend your self is that it blocks out decrease vibrations of negativity, fear-based constructs, and decrease fourth-dimensional entities.

For those who’ve taken on any of those types of issues, it additionally helps to repel them out of your power subject. You’ll be stuffed with a lot mild, Christ consciousness, and fact, that decrease vibrations are fairly actually repelled. This releases them into the divine mild, over to the Angels, and up and out of your power subject.

When to Use Psychic Safety

Psychic safety is one thing you are able to do whenever you’re standing in line on the grocery retailer, if you end up on the cellphone, out in public, or simply at dwelling. Everytime you sense destructive power coming into into your house, ideas, or vibrational subject.

A key signal that there’s destructive power is your temper. Are you in pleasure, in love, in positivity? Fantastic! Hold doing what you’re doing.

For those who’re feeling depressed, fearful, moody, otherwise you’ve snapped at somebody, that could be a key signal that you’ve got taken on some harsh power or there’s harsh power round. Psychic safety will cleanse you, defend your aura, fill you with mild, and shift you again into alignment with the centered, empowered, woke up human being of sunshine that you simply authentically are.

Invoke Archangel Michael and Your Spirit Staff

Start by focusing in your coronary heart. Visualize mild glowing in your coronary heart middle in addition to mild throughout you. Invoke your Angels,

“Archangel Michael and my whole staff of Guides and Angels, enter into this time and house to cleanse and defend my power on each stage. I ask this in response to divine will, for the very best and biggest good, and so it’s.”

Breathe mild into your coronary heart and as you exhale, let your golden coronary heart mild broaden round your whole power in an orb or an egg.

Create a golden sphere of sunshine defending your thoughts, physique, and spirit. It protects you on each stage from something that isn’t in alignment together with your highest integrity and divine will on your ascension right into a radiant mild being.

Visualize Golden Orbs Round Your Vitality Facilities

Psychic Protection with Golden Light Visualize this orb of golden mild round you and picture that it’s changing into stronger via mild rays streaming in out of your staff of Guides and Angels.

Visualize mild from each course to strengthen this protect. Now, concentrate on the middle of your thoughts; in your pineal gland within the middle of your head. Think about somewhat spark of golden mild.

As you focus upon this mild in your thoughts’s eye, envision it changing into brighter. See it broaden from somewhat spark to the scale of a tennis ball. Vibrantly glowing with golden mild just like the solar. Breathe and chill out and let this mild broaden additional to the scale of a volley ball – glowing brilliantly with pure supply mild, Christ mild, divine mild.

Let this orb of sunshine drop down via your throat, coronary heart, photo voltaic plexus, sacral, and root chakras.  All the best way to your earth star chakra under you.  Visualize this mild clicking into place and spreading out like a disk of sunshine. See it making a base and basis for you.

Name in Extra Mild

Focus as soon as once more in your pineal gland. Visualize one other spark of sunshine, extra shortly now; effortlessly rising into an orb. See it decrease and sit slightly below your stomach button. Let that orb of golden mild broaden round your legs, ft, and stomach, defending this power trifecta. You’re defending your root, sacral and photo voltaic plexus with golden mild.

Once more, focus in your pineal gland, your third eye, calling in one other orb of sunshine. Let this one decrease right down to your coronary heart middle, increasing round you in an orb. Create a fourth orb of sunshine that lowers into your throat. Then lastly, visualize an orb of sunshine in your pineal gland making a helmet or protect round your thoughts, psychological being, and head.

Focus in your coronary heart, letting that orb of sunshine develop and broaden round you to as soon as once more fill this golden egg of sunshine. Now you’re protected on each stage: thoughts, physique, spirit, your entire power facilities, and your being are stuffed with crystalline consciousness.

Speed up the Mild

Think about the sunshine round you is changing into extra vibrant. It accelerates, elevating in vibration, rising in frequency. The particles shine brighter and vibrate at a better charge. Contained in the orb, any decrease vibrations you might have taken on are pushed out and launched into the sunshine of the divine.

Ask, “Angels, please attain in and pull out any density, stagnant or caught power, fear-based constructs, and negativity.” Enable this to occur. Launch into the sunshine after which concentrate on the orb round you, shining vibrantly, defending you. Enable love, steerage, and optimistic vibrations of awakening to circulate in whereas defending you in opposition to something that doesn’t serve.

This protect of sunshine protects you on each stage and empowers you to radiantly shine because the empowered, stunning, religious being you authentically are. “Thanks, Angels on your assist and help in crafting this mild protect, and so it’s.”

The Fast Model

You can too do that shortly.

“Angels, defend me psychically now.”

Then open your coronary heart and let that golden mild protect fill round you. Tune into the sunshine in your pineal and let it drop down, creating your base. Tune into one other mild and drop it right down to protect your decrease chakras. Tune into the sunshine round your coronary heart, your throat, your head.

Name it forth with help, mild, and frequency from the Angels. You’re a highly effective religious being, a acutely aware creator.  So, step into this energy, vibrantly shine your mild, and defend your self psychically so that you could keep in a state of affection and pleasure and circulate these optimistic vibrations forth. They make such an enormous distinction in your private life. They manifest love within the higher subject of all that’s.


Scroll right down to be taught 5 extra highly effective strategies for Psychic Safety…

There are various extra psychic safety strategies. I’ve posted these right here. Examine them out and revel in. Shine your mild, stand in your fact, and defend your self. Bear in mind, love and pleasure are infinitely extra highly effective than any darkness or

negativity. For those who’re coping with bizarre power, encompass your self with mild, name in your Angels and know that you simply’re good. You’ve obtained this. You’re liked, supported, blessed, and so it’s.

Then preserve studying for much more perception and to be taught extra about why you want psychic safety within the first place.

Psychic Protection Made Simple

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Psychic Safety Made Easy

1. Put on An Orb of White Mild and Love

Orb of White Light Think about you’re surrounded in a pulsing orb of white mild and love. This orb of sunshine serves to launch any destructive power inside its subject… Into the sunshine.

Visualize destructive power, entities, reminiscences, and caught or stagnant power being launched out of your thoughts, physique and spirit. Know and visualize the presence of your angels who take negativity in all it”s many varieties, and launch it into the sunshine.

Apply sporting the orb of sunshine all through your day, and earlier than you encounter draining individuals, conditions, or locations. The sunshine-orb will enable love and light-weight via, whereas mechanically repelling and releasing negativity or different dense energies into the sunshine.

For those who really feel like your white orb of sunshine wants somewhat enhance in energy, or a cleanse itself… Name upon Archangel Michael who will readily, willingly and successfully come to your help immediately upon your request.

“Archangel Michael Defend me now.”

2. Invoke A Purple Pyramid of Mild

Purple Pyramid of LightWhereas maybe much less know and used, however simply as efficient as utilizing white mild, the purple pyramid of sunshine is one in all my private favourite methods to protect. For those who need assistance calling within the pyramid of sunshine, ask Archangel Metatron to help you within the course of.

“Archangel Metatron, please defend my thoughts, physique and spirit with a purple pyramid of sunshine. Cleanse, and uplift my power and launch any and all negativity current into the sunshine.”

Visualize and picture you are utterly contained inside a 3D pyramid of purple mild, with the height of the pyramid above your head, and the bottom extending down under your ft, and into the earth.

The purple mild, infused with the power of the violet flame will effortlessly transmute any negativity actual or perceived, into the sunshine. The pyramid itself can be a powerfully therapeutic, and protecting kind.

3. Mirrored Ball

Mirrored Ball for Psychic ProtectionOne other highly effective method for psychic safety is to visualise you are surrounded by a mirrored ball of sunshine, which effortlessly displays any negativity away from you, whereas permitting love and nicely being to stay.

Though this mirrored ball method could appear easy, this can be very efficient and highly effective, particularly if you end up round giant crowds, with a number of sources of negativity.

A slight variation of this method is to visualise a mirrored mild go well with of physique armor throughout you… Form of such as you’re the silver surfer!

4. Affirmations and Prayer

Affirmations for Psychic ProtectionIdeas, intentions, and prayers are helpful psychic safety instruments as nicely, as a result of they may also help you to construct a subject of optimistic power round you.

Merely considering or saying “All is nicely, I’m protected, I’m experiencing the love and light-weight that’s throughout me” might be useful in shifting your vibration away from concern, and again into love.

Invoke Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, or Jesus in an identical manner by merely stating their title, and welcoming their Divine presence and frequency to guard and uplift you.

Affirmations like “Solely love stays in my presence” or “I’m surrounded by love and pleasure which preserve me protected” are highly effective types of psychic safety particularly when you’ll be able to say and really feel and consider the reality behind these phrases.

5. Angels of Safety

Psychic Protection AngelsAngels are all the time prepared and keen to help you in releasing your previous ache, and defending you from exterior destructive influences.

Ask for assist if you end up in want, and be open to the angelic help out there to you… whenever you ask, your angels, guides, ascended masters, and the divine will all the time come to your help in a technique or one other.

A easy psychological request of “Angels, encompass me together with your love and light-weight to protect my power, now” is sufficient to invoke the highly effective power of your angelic staff that’s all the time ready to serve you.

Use any of the above visualizations individually, or collectively typically or as wanted, akin to whenever you’re required to enter a busy public place, or converse with somebody who’s overly destructive, or who simply appears to rub you the incorrect manner.

A little bit effort in consciously shielding can do wonders to stop you from changing into dragged into drama and lowered in vibration your self.

Why Do You Want Psychic Safety?

Even when you have discovered lots of your life’s classes at this level, and have made the selection to stroll a path of affection and light-weight in service of others, there might be challenges and negativity you will be confronted with.
For mild employees and people dedicated to strolling a path of affection, mild, and repair, there could also be some interference from destructive entities whose intention is to disrupt the trail of religious progress and evolution you are on. These types of “destructive disruptions” are what some individuals confer with as “psychic assault” or “psychic greeting” and whereas I’ve positively skilled my justifiable share of this sort of power, I can guarantee you it’s nothing to be afraid of.

When the destructive disruptions do come from entities, (whom I see no level in referring to by title right here) their purpose is to hinder your ahead momentum. Adverse disruptions or psychic assaults have over time induced many souls to grow to be misplaced in self doubt, concern, and struggling… However many extra have achieved even greater ranges of affection and light-weight regardless of these psychic assaults.

Now this subject is essential to you in your religious path and this put up can solely go to this point.  If this subject is of curiosity to you, or in case you are feeling intuitive nudges that you could get higher at psychic safety and religious self protection, you need to try your complete Psychic Safety Angel Course right here! 

Entities all the time begin off small, by noticing a slight opening within the auric subject, a small chip within the protect of sunshine (like self doubt, anger, fatigue or frustration), which they can focus upon, affect and trigger the compromised space inside the pure mild physique to develop.

Take into account that medication and alcohol weaken your pure auric safety… So for those who do select to partake, make certain you placed on an additional layer of sunshine and consciously preserve your power subject, which you will be taught extra about shortly.

When considering by way of psychic safety, it’s commonest for individuals to think about needing to be protected against the intentions of different human beings, in addition to different varieties of destructive entities. Whereas these are each actual phenomenons, and it’s clever to grow to be versed in psychic safety from exterior energies, most of the time the emotions of “psychic assault” or “destructive disturbance” are literally coming from inside your personal persona.

Once you start to carry in vibration and frequency and proceed to expertise new ranges of affection and light-weight… Your power physique begins a radical transformation as nicely. These modifications within the power physique demand that previous ache, and limiting views of self be launched. When this occurs, and the ache involves the forefront, it completely feels such as you’re being energetically attacked.

When previous ache comes up it is not you are like tapping into a transparent lower reminiscence of the previous occasion or feeling of concern. Reasonably, previous density appears to morph in a way which precisely displays your present challenges and classes, in a manner which is able to set off you now, mentioning resistance and distraction to be handled instantly.

The straightforward reply, and response to each of those psychic disturbances, is to easily reply with compassion and love.

Within the case of destructive entities love completely repels them. By way of your self, and processing your personal previous points, love will carry you thru.

“Let Love and Pleasure be Your Defend.” ~Archangel Michael

Psychic Protection Made SimpleAny kind of destructive disturbance whether or not internally or externally triggered could be a scary occasion. Nightmares, a spiral of destructive considering (which isn’t actually your personal), emotions of concern, anxiousness, and dread might be completely depressing. These feelings and experiences may even hinder your potential to be of loving service to others, stopping you from persevering with to maneuver alongside your path of engaging in your life’s work and mission.

Whereas responding with concern, anger, or misery, is a pure response to a destructive disturbance, that is precisely the specified consequence if the disturbance is certainly exterior. This knee-jerk response causes the center chakra to shut, and any ahead momentum in your path of affection to be temporally (and a few instances indefinitely) drawn to a halt.

This is likely one of the the explanation why it’s so necessary as religious seekers, to determine and launch previous ache and frustrations, because the very nature of those pockets of density, attracts extra of the like (from exterior entities, conditions, or challenges).

Along with actively figuring out, processing, and releasing previous ache, there are quite a few efficient practices of psychic safety which might be utilized on demand, all the time, and as wanted.

By sustaining a excessive stage of sunshine power, you’ll naturally repel and defend your self from negativity, density and psychic assault, and mixed with the 5 psychic safety workout routines listed above, it is possible for you to to take pleasure in extra sustained intervals of affection and light-weight.

Prepared for extra?

Try our Psychic Safety Angel Course right here! 

With love and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler




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