Tips on how to Entry the Akashic Information For Information, Therapeutic and Development

What are the Akashic Information?

The Akashic information are a storehouse of data the place information of all occasions are recorded. Saved within the etheric airplane, they report psychic details about the lifetime of each particular person on the planet together with their emotions, feelings, intentions, wishes, errors, challenges and overarching intention as a soul for being within the bodily.

After I first discovered concerning the Akashic Information, they have been defined to me in metaphorical means, as a type of “library” or “cosmic laptop” which shops info on all souls in all universes. This is not precisely inaccurate, nevertheless each the library and laptop metaphors are very 3D linear methods to take a look at a really non 3D and really non-linear idea, and to precisely learn and even perceive how the Akashic Information work and what they are surely its key to raise your consciousness above the 3D and above bodily type to understand the Akashic by way of a non-linear, greater dimensional consciousness.

So What Are The Akashic Information?

The Akashic Information, are additionally generally referred to as the Guide of Life, or just “Akash”, and so they certainly maintain vibrational information of all the things in existence, and all that has been… Each phrase, thought, emotion, motion, factor, planet, being, consciousness, soul, character, and concept that ever has been or that ever has the likelihood to be sooner or later, has a report which is etherically recorded within the Akashic Report.

The Akashic Report is much extra huge, complicated, and excessive vibrational than will be defined when it comes to a library or laptop, nevertheless these are easy metaphors to start to know the way it works. The very information of the lifetime of every soul journeying by way of time, area, bodily and non-physical realities are held inside held inside this very cloth of creation.

The place Are The Akashic information positioned?

Held within the Etheric, this vibrational physique of clever info is saved in it is entirety, in all places, always. It is like a cosmic web which will be linked to from wherever within the cosmos.

In different phrases all the information and information of all the things exists, and is regularly up to date and in a position to be accessed from throughout the Etheric that surrounds everybody and all the things like a hidden layer or actuality simply ready to be learn and accessed.

How are they up to date?

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The Akashic Information are an experiential physique of data that comprises the energetic signatures of the origin of souls, earlier lifetimes, soul intentions and functions, and future factors of selection and chance. With every selection, thought and motion, the Akashic Information change and are up to date. It’s really a residing multidimensional library.

This is without doubt one of the foremost roles of the highly effective multi-faceted and multi-dimensional Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron is the angel who energetically encodes and information within the Akashic Report all the things that occurs in bodily type and all through existence. Due to this, Archangel Metatron can even make it easier to achieve entry to information of your soul, and of that which is able to serve you in your journey now.

Nevertheless, its essential to know that a lot of what’s recorded occurs in an automatic sense. So whereas Metatron is concerned… He is not sitting there with a pen and e-book… You possibly can’t actually ask him to not report one thing as many of the recording occurs routinely.

And whilst you can’t change your Akashic Information… You possibly can replace and add layers, which will be of immense profit to your private improvement and progress as a soul.

By way of studying to learn the Akashic Information… There are some stuff you aren’t meant to know now. There are issues that are recorded which might change your current trajectory, and level of selection now should you knew them. There are numerous issues that you simply’re meant to find for your self by way of private expertise.

So though this stuff are certainly recorded within the Akashic Report, vibrationally you could be blocked from entry at a sure level time, after which later, as soon as you have gained a prerequisite of expertise and what you wanted to know, the vibrational report on this matter could open up for you.

In different phrases it is all there, however ruled by Divine Thoughts and Divine Will and so you will solely entry that which is in alignment with what serves you at this level in your journey, in response to Divine Will.

When on the lookout for info on sure parallel lives or future prospects, I’ve encountered information I could not entry. I noticed they have been there, however simply out of attain. If this occurs for you, belief that you’ll align with that info on Divine time, and preserve exploring in different areas.


I am getting a bit forward of myself although. Lets check out accessing the Akashic Information now.

Tips on how to Entry the Akashic Information

Access the Akashic Records

By accessing the Akashic Information of your soul, you’ll be able to align with previous expertise and assets, heal current blockages tied to the previous, and study and heal the long run from the current.

The one means I’ve discovered my means into the Akashic Information is to consciously align by way of a meditation session.

I like to make use of the analogy of a radio to explain gaining entry… The stream of music that’s the Akash is already enjoying throughout, however it’s important to have your hi fi to the fitting station to choose up the frequency so you’ll be able to hear and expertise the music.

In Accessing the Akash, you are just like the radio, and the stream of etheric encoded info which is the Akashic Report is throughout you, and by coming into right into a relaxed meditative state you’ll be able to start to tune into the fitting frequency so you’ll be able to tune in.

Discover a quiet and cozy place to meditate and shut your eyes. Begin by taking some deep breaths as you start to focus inside.

Akashic Report Meditation

Ask to be surrounded with Divine White Gentle, and name upon Archangel Metatron and your individual guardian angel for assist accessing the Akashic Report for information, knowledge, therapeutic, and fact.

Breathe, loosen up, and easily be for some time.

Think about inhaling white gentle, and as you exhale let go of pressure, stress and ache.

Breathe within the white gentle full of constructive vitality, love, rest and power, and whenever you exhale let go.

Enter inside.

The Akashic Information are held inside a really pure positive and lightweight frequency, and so you will have to raise in vibration to achieve entry.

If you’re prepared, ask Metatron to consciously information you right into a dimensional understanding of the Akashic Information.

Think about an elevator of sunshine seems earlier than you and opens it is doorways. Visualize your self stepping in, and when the doorways shut behind really feel your self raise.

Because the elevator rises into the sunshine, really feel your self shifting into nearer alignment with Supply, Spirit, and All That Is.

Let your coronary heart open as you start to tune into the infinite connections of Divine Supply flowing all through All That Is. Really feel your thoughts increasing, your coronary heart opening, and the peaceable vitality of affection, gentle and pleasure washing over you because the elevator of sunshine continues to raise.

Go up so long as you are guided. Then when the elevator appears to cease and the doorways open, step into the sacred area earlier than you.

Know that you have arrived, and also you’re submersed within the aware realm that’s the Akashic Information.

Enable your self to easily be right here for some time. Discover the information encoded throughout the gentle that’s throughout you. Really feel the huge and intricately linked information belonging to every soul. Discover how every soul is intently tied to a different, how every particular person selection ripples out far and huge and influencing all.

Discover your connection to the information, to the Universe, to everybody and all the things, and whenever you’re prepared…

Consider a scenario or query you want to perception concerning. Archangel Metatron is right here that will help you entry the knowledge which is able to most serve.

Ask your query, and permit the reply to look in the way in which and form which is best for you. Chances are you’ll get the sense Metatron is handing you a e-book, a psychological film or scene could flash throughout your minds eye or you could merely obtain the realizing of lifetimes, info, or the insights which is able to most serve you now.

For me, the solutions and realizing appear to easily emerge from the sunshine that’s throughout, however be open… Chances are you’ll obtain info in a wholly totally different and distinctive means.

Simply know that you simply’re being assisted and guided to tune into information which is able to serve you. In the event you’re doubting the method, or tuning into the chatter of your ego thoughts, name on Archangel Michael to quiet your thoughts and that will help you focus. Open your coronary heart, gaze into the realm of the Akash rising earlier than you and obtain the obtain, pictures, feeling, inspiration, realizing of a plan of action, or no matter is on the market for you now.

If you’ve completed receiving this info, or the scene appears to be fading away, thank Metatron and the Akashic Information and picture you are stepping again into the elevator of sunshine which gracefully, swiftly, and safely returns you to the current time limit and area.

Return to the attention your bodily physique, and instantly take a second to write down down your insights, impressions, and emotions of what you obtained. In the event you wait to report what you have discovered it is going to probably drift away like a dream.

Chances are you’ll not absolutely perceive the symbols, pictures, and information you have obtained, however as you write it down, ponder it, and ask Metatron to assist make clear, it is going to come extra into focus.

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With follow, you’ll be able to tune into lifetimes of data out of your souls information in a single go to to the Akash. Be affected person with your self as you be taught to attune to the right frequency, and benefit from the strategy of connecting to the huge realm of the Akashic Information for the best and biggest good, for therapeutic, knowledge and fact.

With gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler


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