11 Dragonfly Meanings – Understanding Dragonfly Symbolism


The Vitality and Symbolism of the Dragonfly

I’ve all the time cherished dragonflies. Watching them dart, float, and dance by the air… Simply by observing dragonflies, it rapidly turns into clear that their which means and influence on us as people goes a lot deeper than simply being a wonderful a part of nature.

“Dragonflies are reminders that we’re gentle/and we are able to mirror gentle in highly effective methods if we select to take action.” – Robyn Nola

A Deeper Have a look at the Non secular That means of Dragonflies

The totem of the dragonfly holds the insights of adaptability and transformation. They’re religious creatures linked to gentle and alter. If you see one, be reminded of those qualities in your self.

Maybe you’re in want of extra lightness and pleasure in your life?

Or maybe it’s merely time to take a second to be consciously grateful for the lightness and pleasure that you simply do have.

Dragonfly That means and Historical past

Each tradition and civilization all through human historical past has developed a folklore and which means behind the existence of the dragonfly.

It’s from the Greeks that they get their root identify, Odanates, which suggests tooth.  Due to the best way dragonflies crush prey, it was as soon as believed they possessed enamel.  The extra fashionable identify of the dragonfly comes from the parable that they as soon as have been dragons.

Some cultures imagined dragonflies as elemental messengers with the spirits of Devas inside them.  Since human eyes aren’t naturally skilled to the world of magic, the wonder and aerobatics of the dragonfly have been thought of the proper solution to catch our consideration.

They will journey upwards of 45 miles per hour, fly backwards, hover like a helicopter, and alter route with seemingly not possible pace. They do all this by flapping their wings solely 30 instances per minute.  To present you some perspective, a mosquito flaps its wings 600 instances per minute.

Due to this, dragonflies tackle the position of religious guides for us.  They’re highly effective but sleek – even in excessive wind. They present us the right way to navigate life’s storms with confidence and ease.  They encourage us to let go of no matter holds us down or holds us again.

The Symbolism Behind the Dragonfly


Have you wondered about the spiritual meaning of seeing dragonflies? A dragonfly is a bringer of light and so much more! #dragonfly #dragonflies Not solely does the dragonfly symbolize change in life, it particularly represents a change in perspective and a shift towards self-realization.


Change is never simple.  Due to this, the power to be open to it and settle for it requires maturity.  Dragonflies symbolize this maturity in addition to our potential to see the deeper which means of life.


Dragonflies transfer simply in all six instructions.  For those who’ve watched them, you’ve grow to be conscious of their grace and poise. Two qualities that include the acceptance of change and maturity. With roughly 20 instances extra energy in every flap of its wings, it isn’t a clunky or heavy insect.  It stays elegant in its power.

Different symbols of the dragonfly:

  • Adaptability
  • Pleasure and lightness
  • Emotional depth
  • The invitation to go deeper
  • A connection to spirit beings
  • Knowledge

Connecting to Nature

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It’s simple to note the fairy-like high quality of the dragonfly.  This likeness make them an auspicious connection to nature and her spirits. They’re fascinating creatures, and emotions of fascination and amazement are must faucet into the magic of nature, lightness, and the weather.

They’re additionally strongly related to water as a result of they start their lives in ponds and small our bodies of water.  They be taught to scurry throughout water surfaces – a robust image of trying past the floor of an individual or scenario.  Life is advanced and as creatures of each air and water, dragonflies remind us of this.

Dragonfly as a Spirit Information

Dragonfly enters our life when our pleasure diminishes or once we begin taking issues too significantly. They’re our reminder to lighten our ideas and habits.

Due to their connection to water, dragonflies are tied to our emotional selves. They’re the proper guides to ask questions like:

  • What emotion is it that I must discover?
  • Am I hiding one thing from myself or others?
  • Am I utilizing this emotion as a smoke display for one thing extra vital?

Name on the steering of the dragonfly if you find yourself struggling to adapt.  The vitality it brings offers you flexibility and a contemporary perspective. So lots of our issues include a component of not with the ability to settle for our feelings.  They find yourself overtaking us and stalling our development.  Dragonfly vitality is ideal for digging in, embracing, and understanding feelings.

If you’re caught in an emotional sample or simply caught in a short lived rut, give over to the dragonfly’s transformative energy.

Your Non secular Animal

In case your private spirit animal is a dragonfly, you’re prone to be extremely adaptable and fast considering. New folks, locations, and conditions are simple – it’s the place you shine. Maturity and presence are phrases usually used to explain them.

Dragonfly folks can even possible expertise many evolutions and metamorphoses all through life. The expertise of change is a part of their soul’s journey. These folks, when tapped into their highest vibration and function, have the power to soar to nice heights on this lifetime.

That means when a dragonfly crosses your path

Dragonflies are Bringers of Light For those who’ve grow to be acutely aware of dragonflies round you latterly, this can be a nice time to begin to work with their vitality and symbols.  When your unconscious is asking this spirit animal into your life, you is perhaps in line for a change. Allow them to be your inspiration.

The extra you tune into their symbolism, the simpler will probably be to seek out steadiness and maturity in your emotional life.  The readability to work along with your feelings with out ignoring them or selling them is the present of the dragonfly.

Contemplate dedicating a meditation session towards dragonfly vitality.  Deal with self-awareness, working with the weather, or understanding your present feelings.  Use the picture of the dragonfly to awaken its symbols inside you as you start, then give attention to carry your vibration in alignment with this transformative and robust vitality.  Then let your individual energies information you from there.

For those who’re feeling caught in a scenario that appears not possible to navigate, name on the dragonfly spirit animal for assist.  Whether or not you should adapt, see issues in a different way, acquire some poise to navigate a tough scenario, or increase your vibration to launch detrimental energies which can be holding you again, dragonfly vitality will help.

The Remaining Lesson

The ultimate, and maybe most vital lesson of the dragonfly lies in its quick life span.  They reside an entire life in solely seven months. Let the dragonfly be a reminder to you to reside life totally current.  Let it train you to look out for the presents and sweetness that you simply encounter every day.

Then provide a small prayer of gratitude to your dragonfly spirit information.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler




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