5 Methods to Use Selenite Wands for Religious Awakening


Selenite is one in all my very favourite stones. Not solely do I’ve my home fully gridded with it, however I even have a big tower on my altar, a particular piece by my bedside, and as if that wasn’t sufficient, I’ve Selenite wands simply accessible in a number of further places.

Selenite, and Selenite wands particularly, are highly effective allies for non secular awakening, particularly when you know the way to make use of them.

On this put up, I’m going to share with you 5 methods to faucet into the magic and energy of selenite wands to help your non secular awakening journey now.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is a type of Gypsum with a tabular crystalline construction, which principally simply means it’s crystal construction is ready up in rows or columns, with striations operating alongside its size.

Selenite can are available quite a lot of colours, however essentially the most well-known and common varieties of Selenite available on the market, are both clear or white.

The very clear and gemmy Selenite crystals have a tendency to come back from Mexico. These are the identical stones discovered within the large crystal caves in Naica Mexico.

The strongly striated, semi-transparent and whitish Selenite crystals used to make lamps, spheres, wands and extra, come from Morocco.

Religious Properties of Selenite

In each of those types, Selenite is likely one of the truest stones of non secular awakening. Additionally it is well-known and cherished for its clear brilliant vitality and supportive affect for connecting to the non secular and angelic realms.

As Robert Simmons Shares in Stones of the New Consciousness: “Selenite is a main stone for the acceleration and evolution of consciousness in human beings at this transformational time.”

Selenite has a powerful cleaning and activating vitality, and might serve and help in clearing the aura and opening and activating the third eye, crown chakra, and the soul star chakra above the top.

Its distinctive potential to activate the vitality facilities above the top helps in lifting your consciousness into the upper planes of the interior realms the place you’re capable of join with spirit guides and guardian angels.

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What Is A Selenite Wand?

Selenite wands are available three primary types. The commonest are the uncooked or polished wands made out of Moroccan Selenite (the Moroccan uncooked selenite wands are additionally generally referred to as “Selenite Rods).

The third kind of Selenite wand is a bit tougher to seek out. These wands are the gemmy and clear Mexican Selenite naturally occurring in a wand kind. This sort of Selenite can also be generally referred to as “Ice Selenite” or “Naica Selenite”.

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5 Methods to Use a Selenite Wand 

Selenite Wands

After getting a Selenite Wand… Now what do you do with it?

Listed here are the highest 5 methods I wish to companion with this unimaginable stone.

Meditate with Selenite

Connecting with Selenite by means of meditation is one the simplest, and strongest methods to faucet into its magic and talent to assist speed up your awakening. Selenite helps to calm down and convey concord to your thoughts so you may extra simply enter right into a meditative state.

Meditating with Selenite additionally helps the combination of the left and proper hemispheres of the mind, and it lets you elevate your consciousness above your abnormal psychological state so you may expertise first hand the upper realms of angels, love and fact.

Tips on how to Meditate with Selenite:

working with selenite wands Loosely maintain your Selenite Wand in your left hand (or maintain a Selenite wand in every of your arms) and permit your consciousness to enter inside. Chill out your thoughts and your physique, inhaling gentle and optimistic vitality and letting go of stress, stress and all that not serves you to hold.

Chill out and permit the gorgeous vitality of the Selenite to attach along with your vitality, lifting your consciousness into the upper non secular realms, and into the presence of your spirit guides and angels.

As you meditate with Selenite, it’s possible you’ll turn out to be conscious of a central column of vitality alongside your backbone, uniting all your chakras inside your physique, and lengthening each above and beneath your bodily physique.

Enable your consciousness to naturally carry up this central column, activating and opening your third eye, crown chakra and the soul star chakra above your head.

Let your consciousness relaxation within the lightness of the Soul Star vitality middle above your head. It is a highly effective resting level in your consciousness, and a state of consciousness the place it turns into simple in your angels to achieve you. Right here it’s also possible to draw your Increased Self and better consciousness into your consciousness in a simple and pure manner.

Take pleasure in merely basking within the blissful vitality, being open and receptive to what Selenite, and your private group of guides and angels might must share and reveal with you in your meditation.

Cleanse Your Aura

Selenite can shortly and successfully cleanse the auric area and may help you to clear stagnant and distorted energies out of your etheric and bodily physique too.

A straightforward technique to faucet into the auric clearing properties of Selenite is to primarily brush your aura along with your Selenite Wand of sunshine.

To start, take a second to cleanse your wand, and join with the spirit of the Selenite stone, and to set your aura clearing intention.

Right here’s a easy invocation to attach: 

“Beloved Supply of All… Guardian Angels, Guides… Spirit… 

Beloved Selenite…
Assist me to cleanse my aura, launch and purify any distorted or stagnant energies and lift my vibration so I could extra vibrantly shine and be of service at a better stage in my life…
And so it’s.” 

Maintain your Selenite wand in your hand as if it had been a wand of liquid gentle.

Now, beginning on the level on the prime of your head, run the Selenite wand about 2-3 inches out of your physique down alongside your total physique.

As you progress the selenite wand previous your neck and shoulders, ams, arms, stomach, hips, legs and toes… Take note of any areas that really feel heavy or sticky, taking an additional second to comb the Selenite by means of that space once more.

It is as if the Selenite wand is a brush you’re operating by means of your total auric area.

Brush your total aura from head to toe and throughout to cleanse and launch decrease or distorted energies which are not useful so that you can carry. Selenite gently and successfully pulls out heavy feelings, attachments and negativity.

Once you’re completed… Thank your group in Spirit and thank the spirit of the Selenite stone.

Cleanse your stone, and take a second to look at how you are feeling in another way in comparison with earlier than you started,

This light and simple apply might show you how to to really feel lighter, refreshed and uplifted. It is a great technique to begin or finish your day, or as an add on to every other meditation, non secular or therapeutic apply.

Construct an Power Grid

Selenite wands are great stones to make use of to create vitality grids in your house or open air.

Organize a bunch of 4-8 selenite wands to create a crystal grid and optimistic vitality vortex.

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One other easy and highly effective technique to construct an vitality grid with Selenite is to position 4-8 stones round you as a kind of vitality container. You may then then lay or sit in the course of this miniature selenite vortex, permitting your self to be fully immersed within the elevating selenite vitality! Mendacity down, or meditating within the middle of a grid like this could result in highly effective therapeutic and non secular ascension experiences.

Align Your Chakra Pillar

Sitting up in a meditative place, attain round to your again and maintain a selenite wand up vertically in your again alongside your spinal column.

This easy act will serve to energetically align your chakras (inside and above your bodily physique) and energetically align your vertebrae.

With consciousness, comply with the vertical line of sunshine that’s the Selenite wand up and down your chakra pillar to cleanse and open up this profound movement of vitality and light-weight. Infinity above, infinity beneath.

Don’t let the simplicity of this apply idiot you. It is a profound apply! Take your time with it and it might probably actually show you how to to unlock new ranges of Divine Intelligence and profound non secular consciousness inside you.

This column of sunshine is what unites your head and coronary heart, and permits you entry to the very best realms of Divine gentle and Spirit.

Elevate The Vibration of Your House With Selenite Wands

Selenite promotes a peaceable and harmonious residence surroundings and Selenite Wands are excellent for putting across the residence to dispel negativity and name forth qualities of non secular activation, and to create a sacred area inside which you’ll thrive.

Place Selenite wands round your private home, on windowsills, cupboards and tables to  deliver gentle, concord, and optimistic vitality to your area.

You too can create an octahedron of sunshine round your private home with assist from Selenite!

Take 4 Selenite Wands and place them on windowsills, and even on the ground corresponding with the 4 cardinal instructions: North, South, East and West. When you place Selenite wands within the 4 instructions… Envision the vitality of the Selenite arching up in direction of the middle level above, and down in direction of the middle level beneath. Creating two pyramids, or an octahedron grid of sunshine round your private home.

I wish to then repeat this course of with 4 extra factors, NW, SW, NE, SE…

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Candy Goals With Selenite

Selenite is called after the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene. This affiliation factors to the evening time help Selenite can deliver.

Selenite promotes readability in thoughts and vitality, which is precisely the state that may show you how to to get a superb nights sleep. Join with Selenite earlier than you fall asleep every evening to cleanse your aura and convey your self right into a harmonious state earlier than you sleep.

Place a Selenite wand by your bedside, on the foot of your mattress, or underneath your pillow at evening, and Selenite will gently encompass your bodily, etheric and astral our bodies with a mild soothing gentle when you sleep defending you from unfavourable astral beings, nightmares, and distorted vitality.

The sunshine of Selenite in your sleep can even show you how to etheric and bodily physique to replenish so you may faucet into the various advantages of deep, therapeutic sleep.

You too can place a Selenite wand underneath your pillow (or in your nightstand) when you sleep to assist cleanse and refresh your aura when you sleep.

Caring in your selenite wands

Selenite is commonly touted as being self-cleansing, and whereas it does have some potential to transmute negativity again into gentle, it can additionally soak up and retailer negativity in some instances. Particularly when its labored laborious to cleanse out plenty of distorted vitality, cleaning it will be significant.

Because of this, I like to recommend recurrently cleaning your Selenite Wands by spraying them with a cleaning important oil spray, or utilizing sound therapeutic.

Due to its affiliation with the moon, Selenite is likely one of the stones that responds greatest to being positioned outdoors within the moonlight, particularly underneath the sunshine of the Full Moon. You too can run selenite underneath water to cleanse it, nevertheless you shouldn’t soak Selenite in water as a result of its very tender and porous and this may injury the stone over time.

Study extra methods to cleanse crystals right here.

Selenite and Awakening

Selenite actually is a superb crystal ally on the awakening journey. It is going to show you how to to intensify your instinct as nicely, so take heed to your interior steerage as to the way you’re guided to work with this highly effective stone.

As a closing observe, keep in mind that though a lot totally different from our personal, crystals are aware… So I all the time advocate approaching them with respect, reverence, and even slightly awe as you’ll a clever and supportive non secular information or gentle being.

I hope this was useful for you.

Have you ever labored with Selenite Wands?

Remark beneath and let me find out about your expertise!

With love and brilliant blessings,



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