A “Religious” Birthday Concept …


What Does A “Religious Birthday” Look Like Anyway?

Hey there!

So, in the present day’s my birthday and I awakened pondering one thing.

Right here it’s:

What if our tradition is celebrating birthdays backwards?

As a result of I believe we’re…

It is my birthday in the present day!

So what if as a substitute of hoping for birthday items… Or anticipating pleased birthday texts, cellphone calls and fb messages… Or as a substitute of hopping on the newfangled pattern of asking you to donate to some trigger or evaluate one among my books as a result of its my birthday…

What if as a substitute I gave one thing to you?

And what if all of us began seeing our particular person birthdays not as a day to get… However a day to actually concentrate on being of service on the planet…

What if culturally birthday’s have been seen as alternatives for us as people to provide, to commit random acts of kindness, and to shine love and kindness on the planet…

So as a substitute of hoping to obtain one thing on our birthday’s… Or planning out some form of big day, or deal with for ourselves…

We deliberate out some technique to serve, give again and shine love and kindness on the planet.

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What if the purpose of birthday’s was to actually step into proactive gratitude, spreading kindness, and being of service in the direction of these round us.

If this pattern actually caught on, I truthfully assume it will assist make the world a greater place…

As a result of it shifts the beginning of our private new yr (birthday) away from the “me, me, me” service to self power and in the direction of “how could I serve”, “who am I grateful for” and “what worth to I’ve to contrubute to these round me”…

This power of being of service and shining mild on the planet is what then results in true happiness, pleasure, and success.

Way more so than receiving a flowery birthday dinner and even receiving essentially the most lavish birthday present.

And whereas there’s nothing fallacious with receiving… Treating ourselves… And celebrating the beginning of a brand new yr of life.

Check out my Spiritual Birthday Idea for how to celebrate a new year of your life, your solar return, and your spiritual birthday in a way that creates ripples of light and positive energy out beyond you to uplift and benefit all. #happybirthday #spirituality #spiritualpath #birthday #inspiration

I simply assume a very cool technique to have a good time a birthday is to provide.

And so I made a decision this morning on my Birthday…

To provide a Joyful Birthday present to you!

As a result of I’m really grateful to be alive, to be embarking on my thirty third yr of life…

And truthfully… I’m so grateful for you and for all the sunshine and pleasure and positivity you are shining on the planet.

So Joyful Birthday 🙂

I am sharing a free “Aligning With Your Highest Goal Meditation” in the present day…

I sincerely hope this meditation brings you readability about why you are actually right here…

And brings you into alignment with the eagerness, function, pleasure, love and success which might be actually doable for you… And which might be part of aligning along with your highest function and dwelling your most vibrant radiant life.

As a result of that may be the best possible birthday present I may get…. Attending to see you shine a bit of brighter because the radiant, superb, stunning, great, vibrant you!

With love, mild and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler




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