Angelic Hierarchy– Understanding the 9 Angel Ranks


9 Angel Ranks of the Angelic Hierarchy

The concept that there are differing types and ranks of angels is just not a brand new one. This idea comes from Christian esotericism the place there are seen to be 9 ranks or orders of angels, additionally known as the Angelic Hierarchies.

Every of the angel ranks refers to that group of angelic beings who’ve developed to a selected stage of consciousness, and it additionally refers back to the actions and the work and repair they carry out.

Understanding the totally different ranks of angels is just not solely fascinating, but it surely additionally holds clues to the degrees of consciousness we’re capable of attain and develop into as we proceed on our religious awakening paths!

You may study extra in regards to the Orders of Angels subject within the work of Rudolph Steiner’s ebook: Define of Occult (Esoteric) Science, or by way of Robert Gilbert’s work on Larger Religious Realities. Or from the work of Dionysius the Areopagite who’s believed to be the originator of this idea of the 9 ranks of angels.

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The Angelic Heirarchy

The Angelic Hierarchy- 9 Orders of Angels The underlying basis for understanding the Angelic Hierarchy is the idea that God encompasses every thing there may be. Generally known as “The Godhead”, God refers back to the authentic Unity Consciousness. The Ocean of Hearth that’s every thing and which has fractalized into separate religious beings who’re particular person sparks of Divine Consciousness.

The numerous Religious Planes are created as ranges of manifestation, every containing qualities of existence, and collectively forming the “Physique of God”.

Religious Beings are then created in phases or cycles. As a gaggle of religious beings advances in consciousness, they change into concerned in creating the subsequent group of beings.

That is the place “angelic rank” is available in.

The very best rank of angels are the oldest, most superior, and closest of the Religious Hierarchy to God. Within the case of angelic beings, the very best rank is that of the Seraphim.

God itself is so complicated, huge, infinite, and unfathomable that it’s troublesome for people to even conceive of, a lot much less immediately work together with and join with God.

However we’re capable of join with the totally different Religious Beings inside creation, who’re all on their very own paths of ascension.

The 9 Angel Ranks

  1. Seraphim: “Spirits of Love”

The Seraphim are the very best order of angels and are situated the closest to the Godhead. In consequence, they act fully out of Divine Will. They’re the angelic beings who most absolutely shine or burn with the Ocean of religious hearth that’s God, that is why they’re generally known as “the burning ones”.

  1. Cheribum: “Spirits of Concord”

The Cheribum maintain the Religious Consciousness Harmonizing all. They’re conscious of and work with the entire of Creation as one Harmonized system, and have gained full realization of the concord of Divine Data, Knowledge, and Will in All.

  1. Thrones: “Spirits of Will”

Thrones are the angelic beings behind Divine Will. They maintain consciousness of the Divine Will in every thing, together with limits, boundaries, duties, and have a deep understanding of utilizing time to the utmost. Thrones are extremely high-level beings who replicate the brilliance of God by way of their presence and thru transmitting Divine Will.

  1. Kyriotetes: “Spirits of Knowledge

Kyriotetes are the angels of profound Knowledge, infinite risk, and Divine Grace by way of resonance.

These angelic beings of Divine Knowledge and creation are generally known as “Dominions” as they oversee the duties of decrease angels… Not often interacting immediately with humanity, the Kyriotetes work with angels who would then interface with humanity.

  1. Dynamis: “Spirits of Movement”

Dynamis are the angels who’ve attained the extent of Religious Consciousness behind the forces of movement, motion, and the need forces behind motion.

They linked to miracles, and are generally known as “Virtues” as a result of their reference to Braveness, and the superior understanding of braveness and its function in willpower.

  1. Elohim: “Spirits of Type”

The Elohim are the angelic beings who oversee bodily incaration. They immediately understand the massive image and Religious Divine Blueprint in addition to the order inside patterns of time and house represented by way of Sacred Geometry.

  1. Archai: “Spirits of Time”

The Archai are the angelic beings who maintain the blueprint of the river of time and work with the cycles of time and the creation of time itself.

Additionally generally known as Spirits of Character or “Principalities”, the Archai additionally regulate and oversee the evolution and religious development of humanity as a complete, together with the function time performs within the journey of private and collective evolution.

  1. Archangels: “Spirits of Hearth”

The Archangels oversee and information whole teams or nations of people, and are concerned within the formation of house.

Archangels are overseers and religious allies for whole teams of individuals and are intermediaries between humanity and the infinite unity consciousness of God.

Archangel Michael is probably probably the most well-known of the Archangels for a lot of causes, together with that’s the Archangel overseeing our present time interval or Age.

Study extra in regards to the Archangels.

  1. Angels: “Spirits of Life”

Angels are the closest beings to humanity and work with particular person people/ religious beings to assist us achieve consciousness and perception about our larger objective, karma, dharma.

Angels are well-known to be messengers of the Divine who work together immediately with people. Each human on the planet has a private angel who seems to be over us, this angel is named the Guardian Angel, and the Guardian Angel watches over our Larger Self, and works to assist reconnect us with our Divine I AM Presence and self-realization…

Study extra about Guardian Angels.

Lastly… the bottom of religious beings on the Angelic Hierarchy… And what might be thought-about to be the tenth rank… Is Humanity!

  1. People: “Spirits of Love and Freedom”

Within the angelic hierarchy people are the “lowest” of the religious beings, nonetheless, we’ve got an unimaginable alternative as bodily beings to realize self-awareness, and unite with others by way of love whereas having freedom of selection.

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Humanity is ready to attain the complete extent of our energy as bodily and religious beings by way of self-realization and changing into conscious of our patterns in pondering, keen, feeling after which selecting to consciously domesticate positivity, openness, and equanimity.

From the angle of upper religious beings, people are the hope for the long run, and thru our development and mastery, we’re capable of change into smart free-agents within the Universe.

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