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The Indian mystic and musician Hazrat Inayat Khan, born on July 5, 1882, was the primary instructor to deliver Sufism, Islamic mysticism, to the West. He put the accent on the internal life and the annihilation of the false self. In his teachings, Khan emphasised the significance of creating what he known as “the artwork of persona,” which incorporates the next character qualities: respect, consideration, hospitality, humility, graciousness, tenderness of feeling, sympathy, moderation of speech, and modesty. The craving for God, he taught, produces a lifestyle that’s courteous and loving and considerate of others.


To have a good time his birthday ponder these quotations and undertake one in every of them as a guiding star for the week:

  • Meditation in On a regular basis Life
    “Due to this fact the one who has realized the internal life is a thriller to everybody; nobody can fathom the depth of that individual, besides that he guarantees sincerity, he emits love, he instructions belief, he spreads goodness, and he offers an impression of God and the reality. For the person who has realized the internal life each act is his meditation; if he’s strolling on the street it’s his meditation; if he’s working as a carpenter, as a goldsmith or in some other commerce or enterprise, that’s his meditation.”
    The Internal Life
  • Mysticism and Unity
    “What’s faith to the mystic? The faith of the mystic is a gradual progress in direction of unity.”
    The Internal Life
  • The Mystic Refuses to Right Others of Their Follies or Condemn Them for Their Errors
    “A mystic will know most and but will act innocently. It’s the ones who know little who make a fuss about their information. The extra an individual is aware of, the much less he exhibits to others. In addition to, a mystic is rarely able to right individuals for his or her follies, to sentence them for his or her errors, or to accuse them of foolishness. He sees a lot of errors and follies and foolishness that he by no means feels inclined to level them out; he simply sees life in its completely different points, and understands the method a person goes via in life. It’s by errors and errors that one learns ultimately, and a mystic by no means feels that he ought to condemn anybody for them; he solely feels that they’re pure.”
    The Internal Life
  • Learning within the Faculty of Life
    “For the mystic life is a college through which to be taught, each second of 1’s life; it’s a continuous examine, And the scripture of the mystic is human nature; each morning he turns a brand new web page of this scripture.”
    The Internal Life
  • Being a Good friend of All
    ” The life that the Sufi should dwell could also be defined in just a few phrases. There are various issues within the lifetime of a Sufi, however the biggest is to generally tend to friendship; that is expressed within the type of tolerance and forgiveness, within the type of service and belief. In no matter kind he might specific it that is the central theme: the fixed want to show one’s love for humanity, to be the good friend of all.”
    The Internal Life
  • The Mystic’s Prayer
    “Give me, Oh God,
    Deep ideas
    Excessive desires
    Few phrases
    A lot silence
    The slender path
    The extensive outlook
    The tip in peace.
    The Internal Life

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