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Each 9 seconds of a college day, an American highschool scholar drops out.
Each 47 seconds as we sit right here, an American little one is confirmed as abused or uncared for.
Each 32 seconds an American little one is born into poverty.
Each 70 seconds a child is born with out medical health insurance.
Each three hours and fifteen minutes an American little one or teen is killed by a firearm …

These sobering and scary statistics are quoted by Marian Wright Edelman, founder and head of the Youngsters’s Protection Fund as a voice for poor, minority, and disabled kids. In an inspiring graduation speech given in 2014 at Lewis & Clark Faculty, she challenges us to get up and witness that:

“The bombs poised to explode the American Dream emanate from no enemies with out. They’re ticking away inside ourselves, our households, our communities and our lack of group, and our ethical drift. America’s ethical and financial compass wants resetting.”

Right this moment Edelman crusades for youngsters with the identical hearth and gusto that she did on the damaging civil rights entrance strains in Mississippi a long time in the past. Each then and now, freedom was the purpose — freedom from poverty, abuse, starvation, homelessness, poor education, and lack of well being care.

Born on this present day in 1939, Edelman attended black Spelman Faculty in Atlanta and Yale Regulation College. She is a relentless advocate for youngsters and spends time lobbying Congress on behalf of the younger. If there’s one citation of hers that sums up her life and work it’s the following, from The Measure of Our Success: “Service is the hire we pay for being. It’s the very goal of life and never one thing you do in your spare time.”

To Identify This Day:


Let one in every of these quotes be your inspiration for serving others as we speak:

“Be a very good ancestor. Stand for one thing greater than your self. Add worth to the Earth throughout your sojourn.”

” Be actual. Attempt to do what you say, say what you imply, and be what you appear.”

“Use your individual citizen energy, your voting energy, your particular person energy and converse as much as wrest our ships of state from that small group of specialists and highly effective and grasping company pirates who recklessly jeopardize all of our futures and professed values for private achieve and a greed.”

“The best risk to America’s nationwide and financial safety doesn’t come from any enemy with out however from our failure to spend money on and educate all of our youngsters.”

A Prayer to the God of Youngsters

Here’s a highly effective, shifting prayer by Marion Wright Edelman, from her 2017 Stanford College Baccalaureate deal with:

“O God of the kids of Syria and Sudan, of Iraq, Iran and Israel, of Nigeria, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and of the West Financial institution and Gaza, as a result of we consider within the God of all kids, wherever they’re,
Of Chicago, Cleveland, Darfur and Detroit and Ferguson,
Assist us to step as much as the plate and ensure that they’re secure and guarded,
Of Libya, Yemen and Ukraine, England and Turkey,

“Assist us to like and respect and defend all of them.

“O God of Black and Brown and White and Albino kids and people all blended collectively,
Of youngsters who’re wealthy and poor and in between,
Of youngsters who converse English and Russian and Hmong and Hebrew and Arabic languages and dialects our ears can not discern,

“Assist us to like and respect and defend all of them.

“O God of the kid prodigy and little one prostitute, of the kid of rapture and the kid of rape,
Of runaway or thrown away kids who battle daily with out dad or mum or place or pal or future,

“Assist us to like and respect and defend all of them.

“O God of kids who can stroll and discuss and listen to and see and sing and dance and soar and play, and of kids who want they might however can’t,
Of youngsters who’re liked and unloved, needed and undesirable,

“Assist us to like and respect and defend all of them.

“O God of beggar, overwhelmed, abused, uncared for, homeless, AIDS-, drug-, violence-, war- and hunger-ravaged kids,
Of youngsters who’re emotionally, bodily or mentally fragile, and of kids who insurgent and mock, torment and taunt,

“Assist us to like and respect and defend all of them.

“O God of kids of future and of despair, of battle and of peace,
Of disfigured, diseased, and dying kids,
Of youngsters with out hope and of kids with hope to spare and to share,

“Assist us to like and respect and defend all of them.”

Create your individual prayer to God for the kids in want. What are you able to do to ease their struggling and ache?


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