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Sri Ramakrishna (d. 1886) was born on today in 1836. He was an incredible non secular adventurer who advocated the concord of all religions and was a forerunner of all those that consider in giving correct honor and devotion to the Divine Mom. Sri Ramakrishna was a temple priest craving for a direct imaginative and prescient of God, a non secular man who was consumed with the presence of the Divine, and a prophet of God-consciousness. He practiced the disciplines of various faculties of Hinduism after which went on to an in-depth exploration of Christianity and Islam.


Here’s a sampling from Sri Ramakrishna:

“Males are like pillow-cases. The colour of 1 could also be crimson, that of one other blue, and that of a 3rd black; however all include the identical cotton inside. So it’s with man; one is gorgeous, one other is black, a 3rd holy, and a fourth depraved; however the Divine Being dwells in all of them.”

“Egotism is sort of a cloud which retains God hidden from sight.”

“Within the kingdom of God, motive, mind, and studying are of no avail. There the dumb converse, the blind see, and the deaf hear.”

“Because the village maidens in India carry 4 or 5 pots of water positioned one over the opposite upon their heads, speaking all the way in which with each other about their joys and sorrows, and but don’t permit a single drop of water to spill, so should the traveler within the path of advantage stroll alongside his route. In no matter circumstances he could also be positioned, let him at all times take heed that his coronary heart doesn’t swerve from the true path.”

“Because the blacksmith retains alive the fireplace of his furnace by blowing the bellows, so the thoughts must be stored clear and glowing with the assistance of pious firm.”

“Be not just like the frog within the nicely. The frog within the nicely is aware of nothing larger and grander than its nicely. So are all bigots. They don’t see something higher than their very own creed.”

“As a mom, in nursing her sick kids, provides rice and curry to at least one, sago and arrowroot to a different, and bread and butter to a 3rd, so the Lord has laid out for various males totally different paths appropriate to
their natures.”

“Let a person be a Christian within the matter of mercy, a Moslem within the matter of strict observance of exterior kinds, and a Hindu within the matter of common charity, charity in the direction of all residing creatures.”

“Once I look on a girl of character belonging to a decent household, I see in her the Divine Mom arrayed within the modest garb of a chaste girl; and once more once I look upon the general public ladies within the metropolis, sitting of their open verandahs arrayed within the garb of immodesty and shamelessness, I see in them the identical Divine Mom sporting otherwise.”

“Dive deep, O thoughts, dive deep within the Ocean of God’s Magnificence: Should you can plunge to the uttermost depths, There yow will discover the gem of Love.”

To Identify This Day:

Non secular Practices

Meditate upon one in all Ramakrishna’s metaphors.


Try these books about Ramakrishna’s teachings: Sri Ramakrishna, The Face of Silence and Choices from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.

Prayers & Mantras

Use one in all Ramakrishna’s phrases as a mantra. For instance, “Dive deep” is a superb mantra to make use of each time we’re dazzled or bewildered by the manifold mysteries of life and of God. There’s little to be found on the floor; we should plunge to the depths.


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