Cleanse Crystals With The POWER of The 5 Components!


The POWER of Cleaning Crystals with the 5 Components

If you are going to work with crystals, it’s completely important that you just cleanse their power each initially, and frequently.

There are lots of strategies for cleaning crystals, nevertheless, probably the most highly effective and efficient crystal cleaning solely occurs if you faucet into the facility of the 5 Components.

Why & How Cleaning Crystals Works

Crystals are probably the most steady manifestation of divine power within the bodily and they’re all the time receiving and emitting power.

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When this strategy of recording and emitting power occurs inside the earth or in pristine nature, it’s a lovely, magical, reciprocal power change.

However once we take crystals out of their pristine pure properties and produce them into ours, and even once we work together with their power fields, they proceed absorbing and broadcasting power.

Sure crystals like Smoky Quartz, Indigo Gabbro, or different naturally darkish stones like Obsidian, can soak up an unbelievable quantity of negativity, detrimental fear-based power, and distorted power earlier than they then begin emitting it out.

However for a lot of stones and crystals, together with lighter stones like Clear Quartz or Inexperienced Calcite or some other variety of extremely magical stones, they have to be cleansed extra frequently as a result of once they encounter negativity, they soak up it, and it has a method of blocking their clear transmission of helpful power and may really trigger them to emit a few of the negativity they’ve absorbed.

And until you’re working with one of many very uncommon few stones like Indigo Gabbro, that has the transmutation skill of transmuting negativity it takes on again into optimistic power…

You’ll want to help the crystals in cleaning out the negativity and detrimental power its taken to allow them to emit their pure, good mild and power that’s so supportive for us as religious beings within the bodily.

Cleanse Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals with the 5 Elements There are lots of alternative ways to cleanse crystals.

Not all of them are created equally.

Being a very long time crystal lover and dealing with crystals for a very long time, I’ve provide you with a method that works for me to cleanse crystals utilizing the 5 parts.

The rationale this technique is so highly effective, is as a result of as I discussed, crystals in pure, pristine nature are engaged on this helpful power change and transmission with the earth power and with religious power.

So when crystals are in pristine nature, the earth power really cleanses and harmonizes the power of the stone.

The 5 parts, earth, air, hearth, water, ether, they’re the constructing blocks of chi. They’re the basic power that enable spirit to manifest within the bodily.

So to cleanse the power of the gorgeous crystal you’re working with, you should utilize these strategies I am about to share with you to evoke that power of the 5 parts to be able to restore the crystalline fact, purity, readability, and brilliance.

As you learn via these strategies of cleaning crystals with the 5 Components, I’d advocate you’re taking at the very least considered one of these strategies for every of the weather to be able to full a full, thorough and full cleaning of your stone.

Frequent Strategies for Crystal Cleaning

Lots of people prefer to cleanse crystals by simply smudging them with sage, simply utilizing the facility of intention, or simply placing them out beneath the Moonlight. In the event you use any of those strategies, know that your crystal cleaning course of be far more highly effective should you draw on all of the 5 parts.

By cleaning crystals with the 5 Components, we’re not solely eradicating negativity, we’re additionally restoring on a refined power degree, the crystals pure reference to nature via the 5 parts.

Cleaning With The 5 Components


Let’s begin with. Ether. Ether is usually referred to as area. It’s actually the area we glance up at within the night time sky, however additionally it is the area between moments, the celestial area between all the things, the place we are able to entry the primordial void of infinite chance.

To cleanse your crystals with Ether, you possibly can fairly actually put them exterior beneath the night time sky to tune them into the power of area, although this isn’t all the time the best, so I am going to let you know about how one can degree this up in only a minute.

However what I actually wish to share with the ether element is to faucet into the facility of intention as a result of ether or the etheric, is the primary degree of refined power past the bodily physique.

Ether is the interface between the bodily realm and the upper religious realities. So you possibly can tune into the etheric area to be able to name forth the upper energies of Spirit to cleanse your stone via prayer and intention.

Leveraging the help of upper religious beings is a robust method to do that.

So you possibly can merely focus in your stone, targeted inside and ask:

“Beloved Supply of All That Is, the One… Photo voltaic Logos, Christ Mild. Guardian Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters in Spirit…

I ask in your help in cleaning this lovely crystal being of any and all negativity or detrimental power it might have taken on to assist restore it to its true Divine nature, most vibrant readability and most radiant mild.


When you’ve tapped into the Ether factor by connecting with greater religious beings, and the power of the upper realms, then we transfer on to the following factor, which is. Earth.

A technique for cleaning crystals with the Earth factor is to actually place your crystals exterior on the Earth in a pristine, optimistic power place in nature. You may also bury a stone within the Earth *simply put some marker as to the place you buried it so you possibly can keep in mind the place it’s.

Now, should you occur to be dwelling in a metropolis or a spot that has geographic stress or detrimental earth energies, this is not going to work properly, or in any respect.

Salt of the Earth

A strong various for tapping into the Earth factor to cleanse crystals is salt!

Fill a shallow bowl or tray with salt, and place your crystals on it.

Salt has been utilized in historical cultures, lineages and traditions around the globe for eons for its cleaning and purification properties.

So identical to should you’re feeling emotionally weighed down, you would take a salt bathtub to be able to shift your power, inserting your stones on salt will assist to cleanse and elevate their vibration by eradicating what they are not, and revealing the reality of what they’re.

Now, lots of people advocate soaking your stones in salt water, and that is very highly effective cleaning by combining Earth and Water… However it will probably go away a salty residue in your stones and for very excessive finish crystals, it will probably really harm their luster.

Saltwater could be very caustic, and so so you could wish to watch out with that technique.


For air there may be really some cleaning profit in bringing your crystal exterior when it’s windy and tuning in to that air factor, the facility of wind to cleanse and rework.

Because the air strikes via you, maintain the intention of the air shifting via your stone blowing away and cleaning away any and all negativity.

This isn’t nevertheless all the time probably the most full or dependable cleaning and there are different methods to leverage the cleaning energy of air.

The primary, is utilizing sound like ringing a brass bell, utilizing a tingsha, or singing bowl with the intention for the sound waves touring on the air to cleanse your stone.

You may also leverage the facility of fireplace, and flowers, along side air to cleanse utilizing a smudge or incense.

Mild a cleaning incense like Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Cedar, and because the smoke from the incense strikes via the air, tune into the factor of air, and maintain your crystal within the smoke with the intention to cleanse its power.

“Cleanse and launch any and all distorted power, and any and all negativity into the sunshine.”

This can be a highly effective solution to cleanse your crystal with the power of air, however its not completely full.

Although the incense represents Earth, Air and Fireplace mixed… We’re lacking water. So I’ll share another step you possibly can add to finish your 5 Aspect Cleaning.

However whereas we’re on the subject of lighting incense on hearth, let’s speak about hearth.


After all incense leverages the factor of fireplace to be able to be lit. Incense in and of itself is that this fusion of air, of fireplace and of earth or flowers.

However when you will have a candle lit in entrance of you. Tune into the factor of Fireplace current in its flame. Tune into the religious presence, heat, mild and energy of the hearth.

You may really maintain your crystal as much as the Fireplace, and know that there’s cleaning and purification power emitted via the flame, from the hearth itself.

Alternately, when you have a hearth, you possibly can maintain your crystals as much as the hearth. Tuning into the heat and cleaning energy of the flames. *As much as the hearth, not within the hearth, which might be very harsh in your stones and also you would possibly burn your self.

The power of the Solar in fact carries the highly effective Fireplace factor as properly, and daylight is an efficient technique for cleaning stones, particularly if you put an intention behind it (Ether), and put your crystal out on the Earth within the recent Air, the place it will probably obtain the cleaning Fireplace Vitality of the Solar.

You do need to watch out with this technique as a result of many stones like Amethyst, Azurite, Fluorite, Kunzite, Celestite, and extra will fade if not noted within the daylight.

Clear quartz is nice within the daylight, however one thing that is actually vibrantly coloured will doubtless fade, so you’ll want to watch out with the daylight technique, and don’t fret as a result of there are in fact, different ways in which I already shared to faucet in to that factor of fireplace.


An effective way to cleanse your crystals with the water factor is to actually maintain them beneath working water.

In the event you dwell someplace the place you possibly can entry a stream or river, holding them within the water, tuning into the cleaning movement and etheric power of the water is extremely highly effective to cleanse their power.

You may also maintain a crystal beneath the working water from a faucet with the intention for the water cleanse and transmute any and all negativity, or distorted power out of your stone… Cleaning it out and letting it go.

Important Oil Spray

One other fantastic technique for cleaning crystals with the water factor is to make a necessary oil spray.

That is really a fusion of Earth power (flowers) and the Water factor.

I prefer to make a twig for this utilizing sacred frankincense important oil, sandalwood important oil and hyssop important oil. Lavender is one other nice important oil alternative for this as properly.  (I take advantage of Younger Dwelling Important oils, and in relation to Important oils high quality oils are key, as many low cost oils have poisonous chemical substances).

These oils I discussed all have completely different pranic power colours that both soak up toxicity or purge toxicity.

While you spray stones, you wish to accomplish that with the added intention for the stone to launch into the sunshine all that now not serves.

A bit saying I actually like that you should utilize is: “Water, water, clear and vivid. Cleanse these crystals. with love and light-weight.”

A vital oil water spray is absolutely efficient and works properly to go round your own home when you have larger crystals and shortly spritz and spray to cleanse the stones.

Restore the True Vibration of Your Stones

Cleaning your crystals by tapping into the facility of the 5 parts helps to revive their True vibration, which is a novel and steady thought sample of the divine.

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Every crystal carries a superbly distinctive power and is linked to unbelievable greater religious beings.

Crystals may help you to discover ways to hook up with greater ranges of spirit or to thrive in additional of your fact and authenticity as a religious being within the bodily, in your individual proper.

Cleaning crystals with the 5 parts: Earth, Air, Fireplace, Water, and Ether recreates the harmonious earth power change between Crystals and the Earth and may help your stones to come back into their divine essence and True manifestation to allow them to be highly effective allies for you.

I hope this was useful for you on learn how to cleanse crystals.

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With love and vivid blessings,

Melanie Beckler




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