Friday the thirteenth & Honoring The Divine Female


Many contemplate Friday the thirteenth to be an unfortunate date, maybe with out actually even understanding why. Seen by means of one other lens, Friday the thirteenth may be seen as a sacred date of honoring the Divine Female rising on Earth and inside us all.

I sense and really feel there’s a highly effective alternative obtainable right here and now, to reclaim Friday the thirteenth as time to honor the Divine Female – Divine Mom God. A time to expertise Aliveness, Oneness, Unity, Love with the One Stream that’s Divine Mom God Consciousness Shakti and Mild.

Why Friday the thirteenth?

There are very sturdy correlations between Friday the 13th and the Divine Female.

All through the course of the 12 months there are 13 Moon cycles and a feminine on common experiences 13 durations every year.

The moon itself represents female vitality and is related to, and may have a pull on the feelings and sensitivities of humanity.

In historic instances, when a lady was bleeding she was seen to be deeply related to the goddess, with direct entry to the magical powers of instinct, and the forces of rebirth. When ovulating, she was honored for her physique’s capability to create new life.

When a lady’s cycle is in sync with the moon (which was largely the case earlier than the appearance of recent instances and synthetic mild) she bleeds on the New Moon (representing demise) and ovulates when the moon is Full (rebirth). The midpoint on this cycle? Day 13 (transition).

13 has a potent non secular, yin, and female vitality. In patriarchal instances, female vitality is commonly feared and perceptions of the female distorted. In my view, that is actually what’s on the root of the superstition across the quantity 13 and why  Friday the 13th is commonly seen as ominous if not outright feared.

We’re largely taught to worry the ability of the female as being damaging, harmful and evil, somewhat than to carry it sacred. These are simply applications although and may be up to date and transmuted.

Slightly than seeing 13 an unfortunate quantity, I see the quantity 13 as holding a potent Divine Female vitality. It’s a variety of the Divine Mom, the female, goddess and of transition, demise and rebirth, fertility, blood, energy and life.

Why is Friday the thirteenth feared?

In doing a little digging, nobody is aware of or is in consensus as to precisely why 13 is taken into account unfortunate, although there are a couple of theories as to the origin.

One idea states that the superstition round 13 has to do with there being 13 disciples on the final supper the night time earlier than Jesus’ demise on Good Friday. Mary Magdalene being the thirteenth apostle.

One other idea revolves round a Norse fable, the place 12 gods had been gathered for a cocktail party. The trickster god Loki got here uninvited to make for 13. Loki killed Balder (son of Odin and Frigg), and the entire world went darkish, the Earth mourned, and it was a foul and unfortunate day.

What is admittedly attention-grabbing although, is that there are additionally references to historic instances, the place 13 was truly thought of to be a great and fortunate quantity!

The Egyptians for instance thought of 13 to be a fortunate quantity, representing 13 rungs on the ladder main in direction of the non secular completion of the soul.

In astrology, 13 is related to transitions, and with factors of demise and rebirth. This could possibly be one of many the explanation why its feared, as a result of as people we are inclined to worry and resist change. However demise and rebirth are pure phases of life. A terrific instance of that is when a toddler turns 13, its the demise of childhood, childhood is now over, however which means the teenage years start.

In numerology, quantity 13 signifies upheaval… The destruction of the previous, and the start of a brand new cycle. Every season lasts 13 weeks.

Why Friday?

One other layer to symbolism of this date, and perception into its non secular which means may be discovered within the origins of the title: Friday.

The title Friday comes from Outdated English and actually means “day of Frigg”.

Frigg is the Norse goddess of affection, fertility, and motherhood. She is commonly seen as the identical being as Freya, goddess of magnificence, fertility, intercourse and conflict.

Friday can also be related to the planet Venus.

Friday’s are the proper day to calm down into a female stream of creativity, magnificence, and receptivity.

Friday the 13th and the Divine Female

Friday the 13th and the Divine Feminine It’s stated that earlier than patriarchal instances, Friday the 13th was not feared, however truly honored and celebrated as a day of the Goddess. A day to honor, have a good time and maintain sacred the Divine Female inside us every and to honor the cycles of life, demise and rebirth all of us traverse.

Friday the 13th holds knowledge whenever you’re receptive to it. It’s a highly effective day to plant the seeds of intention within the womb of the infinite Divine Mom. A potent time to honor the female forces, and have a good time the knowledge, magnificence, and challenges confronted by us every as we journey as souls.

Will you maintain Friday the 13th sacred or stay scared?

Learn my publish concerning the distinction *and similarity between scared and sacred right here.

Not an unfortunate day in any respect, however somewhat a day of the Goddess, a day related to the Goddess Venus, Mary Magdalene (the thirteenth disciple), Freya, and a day to have a good time life and to honor the Divine Female vitality inside and round us all.

With a lot love and brilliant blessings,





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