Going The place the Journey Takes You


By Matthew Ponak

There was as soon as a poor peddler who was getting on in years. He lived in an previous broken-down home with a rickety door within the metropolis of Prague. One night time, out of pure craving, he prayed with deep sincerity for a steady life proper earlier than he went to sleep. That night time he had an unbelievably vivid dream. He noticed a palace in Vienna and subsequent to it was a bridge. Beneath the bridge was a glowing pot of gold.

He awakened.

Not being the type of individual to chase his desires, he continued promoting his wares the next day. However that night time he had the very same dream. And, what’s extra, on the following night time, for a 3rd time in a row, it occurred once more: the palace in Vienna, the bridge, and the pot of gold simply beneath it.

When he awoke the following morning, he packed his baggage.

The previous peddler walked out of his raveled dwelling and travelled on foot to Vienna. On the third day he reached the town and, to his amazement, he discovered himself earlier than the very palace of his desires. He noticed the bridge however, as he went to look nearer, a guard approached.

“What do you suppose you’re doing?” barked the guard. Being an trustworthy man, the peddler informed him every part concerning the dream and the journey.

The guard burst into raucous laughter. “Oh, you’re such a idiot! Who follows their desires!? If I adopted my desires,” he bellowed, “I’d be strolling too! Simply final night time I dreamt there was a pot of gold buried beneath the kitchen in an previous broken-down home with a rickety door in Prague.”

At that second, the peddler acknowledged the outline of his own residence within the guard’s mocking phrases. He turned proper round and raced again dwelling, returning in a bit over two days. He went inside his home, took out a shovel and commenced to dig proper into the ground of his personal kitchen.

There, to his delight and amazement, lay buried a pot overflowing with gold. It had been there the entire time, proper beneath his toes.

Discovering What We Actually Need

Typically now we have to depart dwelling with a purpose to discover ourselves again the place we began. Typically now we have to comply with our passions, if solely in order that they lead us in surprising and great instructions. This beloved story from Jewish mysticism, attributed to Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav (1772-1810), reminds us of the worth of pursuing what we actually yearn for, even when we can not presumably know the place that journey will lead.

Utilizing Coronary heart and Head

There may be one other important component on this knowledge story that could possibly be simply neglected: following our coronary heart must be mixed with utilizing our head. This poor peddler didn’t take his courageous journey after just one dream; he waited for 3 to make certain that he wasn’t deluding himself. He additionally packed his baggage for the journey and didn’t belief that destiny or likelihood would supply all he wanted. Certainly, his warning and planning are the very issues that allowed his quest to achieve success. If he had sprung to his toes after the primary night time and gone with out provides, he could by no means have reached Vienna in any respect, nor would he have met that guard who informed him his dream.

It’s true that our desires can lead us to superb locations, together with the treasures that we’ve had at dwelling within us all alongside. However, with out the forethought and conscientiousness that our rational minds present, our hearts can lead us astray.

Residing the Dream

Whether or not you’re contemplating a profession change, a non secular quest to a far-off land, or another type of main life shift, it’s essential to ask a number of key questions that can assist you discern the wisest path: Is that this the fitting time? Are you able to afford it? In the event you get what you’re in search of, will it match into your life? If you will do it, what preparations are wanted earlier than you act?

Regardless of what’s generally stated within the spiritual-seeking world, our ideas are large allies when grasped in the fitting context. Deliberate pondering is a steadiness to the stirrings of the center. Tuning into what you’re actually wanting is a vital first step. The following motion is asking authentically, “Does this make sense?” If the reply is, “no,” then it’s time to rethink. However, if the reply is “sure,” then make a plan, pack your provides (actually or metaphorically), and benefit from the journey in direction of the hidden reward that’s ready on the opposite facet. That pot of gold could look completely different than what you’re anticipating, however a calling from the center sought with diligent care is a fantastic technique to discover your life’s treasures.


Rabbi Matthew Ponak is a instructor of Jewish mysticism, a non secular counselor, and the cofounder of the Mekorah Institute—a web-based non secular heart for embodied follow. Ordained with honors as a rabbi on the neo-Hasidic Rabbinical Faculty of Hebrew Faculty, he additionally holds a Grasp’s diploma in Contemplative Religions from Naropa College. Matthew lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and is licensed as a Focusing Skilled to information others to deeper self-knowledge and therapeutic. He’s the creator of Embodied Kabbalah. Study extra at matthewponak.com


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