Harness the Energy of the Moon


Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal: Harness the Energy of the Moon

The Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal, just like the huge shining anchor of the sky, enchants us with its radiant female power, tide-like tug, and promise of cyclical change. For generations, the moon has been an emblem of the divine spirit, hovering over our heads like an orb, typically as skinny as a sliver of sunshine, different instances as fats and full as harvest. 

The Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal is a wonderful software for igniting your artistic and intuitive energy of female power, which in flip assists you in turning into extra in tune together with your real emotions. It has the potential that will help you relax and convey your feelings and stress into stability. The peaceable power of the moonstone encourages artistic expression, bodily therapeutic, and the nurturing safety of a mom.

The Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal, just like the moon in our sky, has been round for quite a few seasonal adjustments. Additionally, the Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal has a protracted historical past in India as a software for bringing non secular knowledge and clairvoyance to the desk. Given such, loads of moonstone properties may benefit an individual. Are you prepared to search out out extra concerning the Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal?

We’ve obtained you coated! On this article, you’ll study:

  • What varieties of Moonstone Crystals can be found
  • What’s a Moonstone and its Moonstone Properties?
  • Studying tips on how to get in contact together with your Moonstone Chakra
  • Discovering the Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal as a Zodiac Gemstone

What varieties of Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal can be found?

#1: White Moonstone

The White Moonstone, which has been reduce via with the purest sort of white mild, captures the aspiration and potential of the brand new moon. This stone can drastically amplify emotions however does so in a manner that doesn’t throw off the physique’s stability.

#2: Yellow Moonstone

The Yellow Moonstone emits a shocking radiance that dispels apprehension and nervousness, very like the moons that seem within the night time sky in the course of the hottest months of the 12 months.

#3: Gray Moonstone

Very similar to a full moon on Halloween night time, the Gray Moonstone is all about lifting the curtain so that you could be see what lies past the speedy environment. This specific model of Moonstone is one among the many extra enigmatic ones.

#4: Cat’s Eye or Blue Moonstone

Cat’s Eye or Blue Moonstone is about noticing patterns, letting go, and sitting in a softened stage of consciousness. It’s a highly effective power balancer and is at all times prepared to just accept the ebb and move of yin and yang. This stone is also called a blue moonstone.

#5: Rainbow Moonstone

The Rainbow Moonstone exudes Goddess power and is a supply of psychological safety in addition to glowing prisms of sunshine. It’s a uncommon and exquisite gemstone. This stone acts as a cosmic connection and is at all times prepared to supply a hand with lucid dreaming and bringing forth exceptional perception.

#6: Brown Moonstone

Brown Moonstones enhance instinct and promote inspiration, success, and luck in love and enterprise. It helps digestion, assimilates diet, removes toxins and fluid retention, and relieves pores and skin, hair, eyes, and inside organs such because the liver and pancreas degenerative issues.

#7: Pink Moonstone

Although it’s typically known as the “stone of psychics” and is taken into account to reinforce psychic consciousness and instinct, the pink moonstone is also called the “traveler’s stone.” It’s thought to deliver safety and success to people who journey by sea or at night time.

What are the Moonstone’s Therapeutic Properties?

Embrace the divine female, discover your fortune, and say sure to deeper ranges of crystal therapeutic with the Moonstone’s powers. This multicolored crystal likes to deliver mild into your life, and the Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal, just like the cosmic rock that hangs in our sky, is linked to all of our feelings, the tides, mild and darkish, and the depths of our souls.

Bodily Therapeutic Properties

As a result of the Moonstone is related to the Goddess power and the divine female, it’s no marvel it might be your ticket to gentler signs and improved hormonal stability if you happen to undergo from PMS. The Moonstone strongly influences the reproductive organs and helps your physique return to its pure cycle. 

Additionally, the Moonstone can assist within the decision of fertility troubles for people who find themselves experiencing them. Mother and father-to-be will uncover power and energy within the Moonstone, which might help in assuaging the entire bodily discomforts concerned with being pregnant and motherhood.

Psychological and Emotional Therapeutic Properties

For those who’ve ever felt such as you have been going insane throughout a full moon, you have got a good suggestion of how a lot the Moon impacts our emotional stability. The Moonstone is right here to light up the darkness and lift your whole feelings. If you preserve a moon image in your particular person or in your life, it is going to naturally join you to the cosmos. 


It may well management all these wild hormones, guaranteeing that you’re transferring in concord with the world past your window. The Moonstone can be thought to be the stone of recent begins. 

All the pieces retains altering, and the Moonstone reminds you the way necessary it’s to just accept that the seasons go in cycles and never be afraid once you flip the web page and start a brand new story. As an alternative of feeling overwhelmed, the Moonstone’s pure therapeutic powers work collectively to make it simpler to just accept and course of.

Metaphysical Properties

The Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal is a good looking stone with psychic powers and a fantastic connection to the chakras. This shiny stone may be very non secular, like how watching the moonlight dance on the ocean at night time makes us really feel wonderment and peace. The Moonstone works effectively with the Coronary heart Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. 

These three chakras ask us to look deep inside to see effectively past our boundaries. When these two chakras are open and in tune, they assist us work out the place we match within the universe and really feel like we’re part of the large cosmic thriller floating above our heads.

Moonstone as a Zodiac Gemstone

For these born beneath the signal of Libra, the Moonstone is among the mothering birthstones. Librans are famous for his or her gentle diplomatic disposition and razor-sharp wit. However, Librans could be a little indecisive, afraid of confrontation, and unwilling to alter. The Moonstone may help Librans settle for change with grace and glory and to not be afraid of constructing selections as a result of, just like the moon, life rises and falls, and nothing stays fixed.

Scorpios can also discover solace within the Moonstone’s spherical glow. Scorpios are courageous, brilliant, and unwaveringly loyal. They can be liable to reactive habits and change into envious. The Moonstone can deliver its light female power to the desk to stability this out, making certain that the introspective yin nature coexists with the yang’s drive.

How you can Use the Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal

At House or Work

Moonstone is claimed to have therapeutic properties, so think about bringing some into your own home. Due to the considerable female power contained in the moonstone, its enchantment may be an unbelievable asset to your Feng Shui follow. As acknowledged earlier than, the Moonstone is a wonderful stone for creating concord in your own home as a result of it symbolizes each the divine and the emotional equilibrium. 

Put the stone in areas of the home the place there may be potential battle amongst relations or roommates, and let it deliver the temperature right down to a extra relaxed and calm setting. Discover a location on your Moonstone in your workstation or studio to encourage slightly extra artistic play. Hold the stone near your mattress once you wish to deliver energy and a constructive stability to considerations associated to fertility.

Utilizing it as Jewellery

Moonstone jewellery is probably the most acceptable technique to deliver the ability of the Moonstone into your atmosphere if you wish to benefit from the ability that the Moonstone has to supply. Whether or not you put on a magnificently shining Moonstone bracelet or a stunning Moonstone ring in your finger, placing the stone immediately in opposition to your pores and skin allows you to take up as a lot of its energy as potential. 

Gems can function with the pure frequencies of your physique, and when positioned on the pores and skin, they’ll transmit therapeutic vibrations on to the areas of the physique by which they’re most required. Different stones, similar to obsidian, opal, labradorite, and amethyst, have qualities complementary to the moonstone. Amethyst is understood for its calming qualities, and obsidian is understood for its defensive qualities.

How you can Cleanse your Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal

Like all different varieties of therapeutic crystals and gems, your moonstone will carry out at its highest potential whether it is routinely cleansed and charged. Therapeutic crystals are continuously absorbing harmful feelings and sending out constructive power. Nonetheless, to maintain this move of power feeling new and wholly energized, you would possibly wish to take away these detrimental vibes by washing them away each from time to time. 

Moonstone has a stunningly lovely response to the presence of water and moonlight, simply because the moon hangs within the night time sky. Merely rinsing your Moonstone in water will purify its power; then, place it on a windowsill or someplace else the place it might be uncovered to the waning or full moon in order that it may take up the moon’s rays.

Remaining Phrase:

The Moonstone Therapeutic Crystal is a magical jewel to have in your life. This Moonstone could also be simply the gem to supply radiant mild that cuts via the darkness to people who crave a bit extra goddess power and might have slightly extra help with regards to embracing the constructive power round them.

Which of the Moonstone Therapeutic Crystals do you want greatest?

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