Paradigm Shifting Feelings in direction of Peace of Thoughts 


Paradigm Shifting Feelings in direction of Peace of Thoughts 

For those who use a mobile phone, you’ve got unwittingly accepted the validity of Quantum Mechanics and the discoveries of its famous scientists. With out them, we might not have Fax machines, lasers, medical imaging and so forth. This has all opened a doorway to understanding how the mind works and subsequently how you can calm the mind and return to our pure state of peace and calm. 

Thoughts is Not the Mind

Physicists resembling Dr. Erwin Schrodinger, Nobel Prize Winner, are on the frontier of discovering the true essence of the thoughts.  He states: “The full variety of minds within the universe is one. In reality, consciousness is a singularity phasing inside all beings.”  

In response to Max Planck, founding father of Quantum Idea, “All matter originates and exists solely by advantage of a pressure which brings the particles of the atom to vibration.  I have to assume behind this pressure the existence of a aware and clever Thoughts.  This Thoughts is the matrix of all matter.” 

From the lens provided by these good scientists, we are able to see the “thoughts” for what it’s—the essence of each dwelling factor on the planet, the “unified area” Einstein refers to that’s the sum complete of all of the spirits within the universe.  

Consider the thoughts because the grasp controller of our brains, thus our feelings.  Nonetheless, on this airplane of existence, we stay in a duality, mild/darkish, optimistic/damaging, yin/yang, et cetera.  As an alternative of being of “one thoughts” on this airplane of duality, we have now a cut up thoughts.  A “proper thoughts” and an “ego thoughts.” Our proper thoughts represents our Spirit-the supply of our being, the essence of affection. It is freed from damaging feelings and brings peace of thoughts. “The higher angels of our nature,” in keeping with Abraham Lincoln.  

The other or different half of our cut up thoughts is what is known as the ego thoughts as it’s crammed with our defenses and the unconscious guilt that naturally happens when we have now acted out these defenses by attacking others by our ideas, feelings, and behaviors.  They’re damaging, judgment crammed, and based mostly on misperceptions and denial that what we do to a different, is finished to us, on condition that we’re all from the identical supply.  

Denial of “what’s;” causes these emotional reactions to the disagreeable occasions in our lives.  We not solely lose our peace of thoughts however accrue damaging penalties by giving management to our ego thoughts moderately than pausing, taking duty for the way we really feel about regardless of the scenario is after which asking our supply (Spirit) for help in transferring away from our hate-filled ego thoughts and thus returning to our proper thoughts, our place of peace and calm.  

Consciousness of the Current Second is the Reverse of Denial or Dissociation

Denial is a strong protection mechanism and a type of judgment as a result of it doesn’t settle for “what’s.”  Denial causes repression, a stuffing away of the damaging expertise, damaging ideas and/or bodily sensations associated to a selected occasion or occasions.  Rapidly transferring away from accepting the discomfort and wish for correction of a scenario, our “defenses” permit us to push it apart within the fantasy that we not need to cope with it.  

  • What’s repressed is suppressed–saved in our unconscious thoughts.  
  • What’s suppressed–will both return to the physique or be projected outward and thus manifested within the habits of one other or an object in our exterior setting.  
  • This phenomenon ensures that our failed classes and poor selections return to us to be realized and subsequently corrected.  
  • Denying the teachings in entrance of us ensures our continuous existence in a dissociated actuality; doomed to the hamster wheel of in search of, however by no means discovering peace of thoughts.  
  • Our free alternative and free will affords alternatives to decide on peace of thoughts or continued and ongoing battle by suppressing or projecting our negativity onto one other.
  • Like gravity, the reality will all the time return to us to be as soon as once more rejected or acknowledged.  
  • Every time, the implications develop extra dire till we go away Plato’s Cave of our darkened and distorted consciousness to reclaim our peace of thoughts by consciousness, acceptance, and forgiveness.
  • Forgiveness isn’t excusing somebody you consider has wronged you. 
  • Forgiveness is asking your Spirit for help in accepting the unlearned lesson that has returned to be corrected, launched, and forgiven as a result of it’s your lesson wanted on your progress and evolution.

How Do We Cease the Insanity?

To begin with, you will need to acknowledge that the mind is just able to remembering the previous or predicting the long run based mostly on previous experiences.  With out involving this dialogue with the neuroscience of the mind, suffice it to say that our brains are the pc that the thoughts, whether or not the correct thoughts or the ego thoughts applications.  The physique is merely the puppet whose strings are pulled by whichever thoughts is programming it. The physique is merely a studying machine.

Life is our curriculum for every one in all us to study that the Spirit that we’re is our connection to our proper minds and the completion of our “classes.”  Accessing our Spirit is very similar to utilizing GPS to information us to our vacation spot.  Asking is receiving the mandatory steering to seek out our “proper thoughts” and subsequently our peace of thoughts.  

A relaxed thoughts, freed from distractions strikes the mind away from emotional reactivity and its ensuing chaos.  Contemplate the next choices in direction of that finish:

(A extra complete record of how you can regulate the mind and return to our centered, calm, and peaceable thoughts and state of being will be present in my newest e book—

Flashpoints of Consciousness, Classes Realized from a Life.)


  • Pause, take some deep breaths, and ask your steering (Spirit) for help
  • Meditation 
  • Prayer
  • Being in Nature
  • Mushy, Calm Motion of our Our bodies
  • Deep, Relaxed Respiration

All these and extra serve to “clear our minds” and develop into conscious of the current second, permitting our divinity (Spirit) entry to encourage us to a peaceable thoughts.

“Resistance causes Persistence” is one other quantum mechanics discovery.  How splendidly easy, freed from chaotic feelings and disturbed considering we may very well be if we might not less than generally give up our ego thoughts to our greater, Spirit guided proper thoughts.  The selection is easy and each one in all us may have ongoing alternatives to observe right-minded considering and having fun with the advantages thereof.  Or endure the implications of our judgments and attacking others and subsequently ourselves with our damaging ideas and feelings till we study the teachings earlier than us.

Tarra Judson Stariell

Writer: Flashpoints of Consciousness, Classes Realized from a Life

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