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 How has the spirit world formed the views of William James, Carl Jung, and Abraham Maslow and why did I write about it?

Wm James (1842-1882) was born in NYC and educated all over the world. He was a medical pupil at Harvard College the place he studied anatomy, physiology and ultimately psychology. He wrote the primary e-book on psychology, Ideas of Psychology, Vol I and II, which took him twelve years to write down. He and his spouse misplaced a toddler son and Mrs. James resorted to mediums within the Boston space to find the place her son had gone. She ultimately discovered Mrs. Piper, who turned James’ “white crow” – the distinctive instance of a medium he and his colleagues studied for years. His e-book the Kinds of Non secular Expertise is a superb assortment of non secular experiences and is now required studying largely by theology college students. James is usually generally known as the Father of American Psychology. He began the Psychical Analysis Society in New England primarily based on the society in England the place they studied “psychological healers” who used strategies comparable to crystal gazing computerized writing clairvoyance, telekinesis, ghosts, apparitions, photographs, loss of life mattress photographs, and so on.

Carl Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss psychiatrist, first referred to as his psychology Advanced Psychology and ultimately Analytic Psychology. He and James may very well be thought-about the primary Transpersonal Psychologists (TPs). Transpersonal Psychology (TP) is the very best technique for understanding non secular experiences (SEs) as this psychology explores a number of states of consciousness together with waking, dreaming and numerous contemplative states. Additionally they embody experiences each inside and out of doors of non secular traditions. TP contains all the psychologies ever based.

Jung’s father was a minister and died when Jung was an adolescent. By that point, Jung had learn each e-book in his father’s library. He knew God was not in there and he knew his father had not identified the place God was. His mom was psychic as was his grandfather. His grandfather and his second spouse would “communicate” to his first spouse who was on the opposite aspect throughout their lunch. Jung was used to seeing these distinct kinds of consciousness in his household; due to this fact, he studied psychology when he attended college. Jung’s first job when he graduated was to be an assistant at a psychological hospital that was one metropolis block lengthy. He and his spouse and different employees members lived on the second flooring of the hospital. Emma, Carl’s spouse, organized his notes on sufferers and ultimately turned a therapist herself. After a number of years of dwelling on the hospital, they constructed their very own dwelling outdoors of Zurich on a lake. Jung was particularly inquisitive about a state of consciousness which exhibited a high quality he referred to as “numinosity” which is outlined as “being crammed with a way of the presence of divinity; holy and interesting to the upper feelings or to the aesthetic sense; non secular.” Jung was pals with Freud (1856-1939) for six years and ultimately broke off his friendship in 1909 when he couldn’t agree with Freud’s view that the unconscious held solely household recollections and problems with sexuality.

The time period TP really emerged within the late Sixties because of Abraham Maslow’s (1908-1970) research the place he explored exceptionally psychologically wholesome, self-actualizing people who tended to have what he referred to as peak experiences. These have been like non secular and/or mystical experiences. This time period was then used within the academic area relatively than SEs. Maslow and his colleagues have been the primary psychologists to review wholesome folks and search for constructive experiences solely that individuals have been having.

As soon as I graduated with my grasp’s diploma in social work I began studying concerning the private lives of James and Jung notably. This materials, which had not been given to us in our graduate training, me. I had lived in California for quite a lot of years the place I turned inquisitive about psychics, mediums, and so on. I felt confused that this historical past and the truth that each James and Jung believed and spoke about God had been deleted from my training. Why? I questioned. 

I had began a non-public observe just a few years after graduating from Rutgers College and attended a program sponsored by the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Menlo Park, California that was to be held in Connecticut the week my daughter was to be at sleep-away camp. What a neat synchronicity! (Extra on that later).

I went to this coaching the place I discovered about TP and Jungian psychology. Then three days into the convention, we have been to put down and breathe to music that will activate my invisible chakra system. I used to be given what I didn’t know then was a Jungian instruction that when your psychological stage is lowered, one can actually go inward. Beneath is one description I’ve beforehand written explaining my Breathwork Expertise.

2. You had a profound non secular expertise throughout a Holotropic Breathwork coaching. Are you able to share what that non secular expertise was and the way that affected you?

My first breathwork was accomplished in a big room the place I might lay down on blankets with a pillow. (This process is discovered beginning in Scotten, Chinen & Battista, 1996, p. 369). I requested if I might go first, as I needed to have my very own expertise freely with out watching anybody. I laid down, and Jackie Small, the workshop coordinator, did a guided meditation ending with the directions that we have been to “Simply breathe to the music forcefully and to not assume.” It was the one time in my life I used to be advised to not assume, for pondering had been my greatest survival device. 

  I do keep in mind experiencing floating and feeling like I used to be in water, which might be the undisturbed intrauterine expertise that Grof (1998, p. 12) describes in his BPM I stage. My abdomen was experiencing every kind of emotions, like there have been tiny palms within me doing extraordinary issues. The whole lot was extremely constructive, and I finally pulled my legs as much as the birthing place once I felt another person’s breath come by means of my physique and out of my mouth. 

  I had the thought, “Whose breath is that? It’s not mine.” It was coming in between my very own breaths. Then I advised myself to “Cease pondering. I used to be not purported to assume.” So, I did cease and simply let the opposite breath come and we “each” breathed for some time. 

  It was after this that I keep in mind the expertise changing into very chaotic. I didn’t know that I used to be in the course of re-experiencing my unique beginning for this life. When the infant is coming down the beginning canal, the infant has no thought of what to do as a result of it’s harmless. It looks as if an ongoing hell. 

Throughout this expertise, I had a powerful want for somebody to push on my toes. The trainers managed to do that for me. I then started a really tumultuous struggle however of what I didn’t know. I keep in mind having the thought, “The place is my mom?” after which concurrently pondering “Don’t assume, simply breathe.” I saved respiration closely and pushing and being glad the trainers have been additionally pushing on the bottoms of my toes. And I do keep in mind one other considered “Why would you need your mom now?” 

I used to be feeling terribly alone as Grof explains in Base Perinatal Matrix II (BPM II, Grof, 1988, p. 14) and if it had not been for the trainers saying, “You are able to do it. You are able to do it.” I can not think about how I’d have accomplished it. I do know now that the transition of loss of life have to be lots simpler than coming down this small tunnel of beginning. 

The breathwork trainers advised me later that when this “rebirth” befell that I laid there and made little child actions on my blanket with my palms curled up subsequent to my face identical to an toddler. I usually have wished this had been videotaped. After I felt prepared, they helped me to face up and I wearily however blissfully regarded across the room on the others – some in numerous phases of their very own respiration processes and a few sitting quietly beside them as sitters. These have been the folks I had thought so unusual simply 4 days earlier than. 

  This course of had appeared as if it took twenty minutes, however had taken about 4 hours, so I additionally know what it’s wish to lose reference to linear time. It was a bit disorganizing to rise up hours later when it appeared to me, I had solely been on the blanket for a quick time. 

  I used to be then directed to a desk with drawing provides, given a chunk of paper with a circle on it and I drew my “rebirth” drawing. Jung referred to as circle drawings mandalas. “In Jung’s estimation, the circle was a illustration of the final word wholeness solely attainable to the Self.” “Mandalas largely seem in reference to chaotic psychic states of disorientation or panic. They then have the aim of lowering the confusion to order, although that is by no means the aware intention of the affected person. In any respect occasions they categorical order stability and wholeness.” (Jung, Vol 9, I, para. 645) 

Illustration of Rebirth 


It was only a easy flower with a brilliant solar within the background. It needed to come utterly from my unconscious as a result of I had no thought why I drew it though it did, please me very a lot once I completed. I smile now each time I come throughout it most likely due to the simplicity of it. I felt like these phrases within the beneath statements from James describes my expertise: 

  “Then, if ever, I consider I stood face-to-face with God and born anew of his spirit. There was, as I recollect it, no sudden change of thought or of perception, besides that my early crude conception had, as if have been burst into flower. (James, 1985, p. 67),” 

  After lunch, in a gaggle session, the facilitator advised me that I had skilled a rebirth. It was true. Now I knew there was a God, which was all the time my query rising up. I additionally knew I used to be spiritually related to those individuals who have been within the room with me and that we have been all spiritually related to everybody on this planet. I felt as if we’re all part of the entire cosmos as a wave is a part of the ocean. As James acknowledged, there aren’t any phrases to explain the awe and full WOW energy of the entire expertise. 

  As with all SEs, this one got here to me as a result of my soul knew I wanted it to know the true feeling of God and the Holy Spirit. My father had been a Protestant and my mom a Catholic so there was nothing in our household mentioned besides variations. Additionally, dwelling in an alcoholic dwelling, I didn’t assume God could be inquisitive about us. 

Essentially the most profound impact from this Breathwork Expertise is that I now, like Jung, know there’s a God. It’s a grounding realizing that helps me perceive way more about Jungian Psychology and what Carl Jung was making an attempt to show us. 

After I had this expertise, purchasers started coming with many extra that I used to be to assist untangle. I lastly determined that if I had one and these different purchasers had one, that many extra folks have been having them. And I needed to have the ability to clarify extra about them, so I utilized and accomplished my PhD the place my thesis title was Naming Non secular Experiences, 

3. Might you discuss a bit bit about Jungian Psychology. What’s your understanding of it?

Once we are born our aware and unconscious are separated. A part of your ego is immortal. You’re taking a few of it with you if you die. We need to make the ego as rational and understanding of you as attainable. We have to educate your ego that you’ve got an unconscious. The unconscious is a dwelling psychic entity which is comparatively autonomous behaving as if it’s a persona with intentions of its personal. Observe how totally different this definition is versus Freud who thought it only a receptacle for family-of-origin and sexual repressed materials. 

Jung taught that all of us have a God picture. My God picture is likened to the Native People considered the wind as spirit. I consider that issues/ideas are blown at us a lot of the time. It’s our job to seize these ideas, resolve if we agree and, if we agree, to include them into our lives. What’s your God picture? 

Jung studied the Gnostic texts, which he acknowledged might have been written by a Jungian. These texts come from Roman Egypt within the first two centuries after Christ. Gnostic information is the information of the center, instinct and pondering. Gnosis is extra of a sense relatively than a philosophy and one is softened by these emotions. Jung’s query of “What’s the function of your soul?” presumes your life has which means, which I consider is an particularly vital thought within the more and more insane time wherein we stay. 

4. How do you educate purchasers concerning the unconscious?

If a consumer understands that the unconscious has an intelligence of its personal, that recollections come from that with oppositional stances behaving as if there may be one other persona “down there,” it makes the method of remedy simpler. In the event that they perceive this earlier than it occurs to them, they’re much simpler in a position to settle for this a part of them as one thing they need to endeavor to deliver to consciousness. They’ve a lot much less resistance and denial in collaborating with me if I’ve been profitable in explaining this to them to start with of their remedy.

For instance: Allow us to say we now have a narcissistic male consumer who’s coming as a consequence of a relationship drawback the place he’s defensive anytime his companion has a conflicting want. He cuts her off and his want comes first. Not solely does he do that, however he refuses to debate what he has accomplished as his protection mechanism is so excessive as to save lots of himself feeing so “unhealthy.” He then tells each her and me how narcissistic she is and why should not I making an attempt to “repair” her additionally. If I’ve already taught him this that is how an unconscious eruption behaves – defensively – he’ll be capable of handle his “unhealthy” components simpler and incorporate them into his consciousness with out defending or blaming. 

I take pleasure in instructing that in Jungian Psychology wholeness is a vital idea. We’re all making an attempt to turn out to be entire. In instructing {couples} the method of forgiveness and reconciliation, you will need to Jung that they perceive opposites and produce the opposites of their relationship collectively. As they get nearer, they create ONE. They should actually know that it’s vital in a relationship to consider two views not only one. An individual should be capable of maintain the ”stress of opposites” relatively than interested by eliminating the opposite particular person. It’s about discovering the forces which can be wanted to work collectively in order that they each can transfer ahead. They often like this concept of holding the stress of opposites.

5. How do you incorporate spirituality and psychology into your work?

The best method for me to include spirituality and psychology into my work is to only clarify Carl Jung and what he believed. Most purchasers have heard of Jung and need to know extra about him, so I discover this simple. I feel that is simpler for me additionally as a result of my purchasers come from traumatic and really dysfunctional properties. They’ve disassociated of their childhoods and, due to this fact, are extra inquisitive about psychic and paranormal experiences. Analysis has proven us that for those who come from a traumatic dwelling setting, since you disassociated there in an effort to survive, that you’ll have extra SEs in maturity. These are the individuals who naturally are drawn to me and my observe.

I begin with Jung’s unconscious as I stated and work on the 5 areas that he names:  1) Your life and what occurred to you 2) Your dad and mom lives and the way they affected you 3) Your ancestors and what about them – Jung believed in family tree so many begin this course of of their lives 4) Your tradition or your nation – how did that have an effect on you? 5) Your Self and Soul. As we work on the primary 4 ranges of Jung’s unconscious, the fifth stage of their Self and Soul will mechanically begin giving us symbols and myths that may assist us resolve what their Soul function in life is. This, in keeping with Jung, is without doubt one of the issues we have to know. I even have an archetype quiz I’ve them fill out to start with of remedy (Pearson, 1991).

6. What are among the SEs or phenomena that purchasers have talked to me about?

Purchasers have include Close to Demise Experiences (NDEs), Out-of-Physique Experiences (OOBs), Previous-Life Reminiscences or Reincarnation Experiences, Communications with Spirits/Deceased Beloved Ones, Possession States, and so on. to call just a few. A very powerful factor is to legitimate their expertise. It may need taken them years to come back to me due to their worry of being “loopy.” 

I then give them historical past of what’s identified about what has occurred to them. This implies going by means of traits of various kinds of SEs so we will perceive what has occurred to them. In working by means of these traits and historical past, we stumble upon their reality. SEs typically take many months and even years to unfold. So, they might come and go as totally different materials seems of their reminiscence and from their unconscious.

I’ve found that that is actually the work that Jung did himself. No matter occurred to him he researched till he might discover somebody again in historical past who described what he felt. After which he was validated, and his psychology grew from that information. That is largely how I assist them; I feel. And, after all, I pay attention, and I completely benefit from the course of with them.

7. Jung wrote extensively about synchronicity . What are your ideas on that subject. Have you ever ever skilled it?

A synchronistic occasion is an occasion of a significant coincidence the place two or extra random occasions happen and have important which means for an individual. Sure, I’ve had them. There are significant ones and simply enjoyable ones. I feel spirit makes them occur – our guides, our Guardian Angel, our deceased family members – all the above and there could also be extra that I don’t perceive. However I do know they’re actual as a result of they virtually level the best way to say that I’m heading in the right direction and any individual “up  – there” is completely happy about what I’m doing. Jung had a spirit information who advised him that not each thought in his head got here from himself. He needed to give credit score to others for a few of his ideas! So, I do consider that we get synchronicities as a result of my spirit information sends mine to me and your spirit information sends you those you want. 

  You see I not solely consider in God, however I consider in all the system that I’ve been aware about due to my analysis. I’ve investigated mediums. I’ve one which I’m now working with, and we could creator a e-book a couple of therapist and a medium and what we each see. Due to this analysis for a 12 months and a half, I’ve watched somebody with the reward of mediumship. And it’s a reward as is acknowledged within the Bible. I’ve been given messages from my deceased oldest daughter on the opposite aspect – from one ex-husband who was simply pretty – from two grandmothers – the checklist will go on and on ultimately. However that’s for the e-book. Nonetheless, I see how all kinds of spirits collaborate along with her and I’ve felt a few of them give me solutions a lot of the time by means of what I name my instinct. Keep in mind spirits of every type can ship you ideas. Take note of the ideas you obtain as a result of many occasions they’re particular messages for you from those that are watching over you.

Particular synchronicities are: One easy one was whereas on a aircraft going south to go to Dr Raymond Moody, a marketing consultant on my PhD committee, I used to be studying an article on compassion, which in contrast totally different religions and the way they felt concerning the golden rule. I used to be tickled by the synchronistic occasion of being advised by the Alamo rental automotive individual that the very best barbecue restaurant on the best way from the airport to the place I used to be heading was named, after all, The Golden Rule. 

With this second one, I really heard a voice outdoors of my head clarify one thing. It was Halloween night and my canine had skilled children arising the entrance stairs and me giving them chocolate bars from the bowl which Emma, the poodle, had put her nostril into. A good friend had spent the night. We had apple pie – two servings every ultimately. The good friend left. The canine was sitting proper behind me or in entrance of me wanting one thing as I obtained prepared for mattress. I used to be oblivious as to what however after 3 times of just about tripping over a fifty-three-pound canine, I bent right down to her stage and stated instantly into her face: “I have no idea why you might be doing this, however it’s harmful. I might journey and fall on you or simply journey. What’s your drawback?” And a voice that I heard round my ears stated, “Everyone obtained one thing however me.” I couldn’t consider what I had simply heard however chalked it as much as psychological telepathy, which has been confirmed. I gave her a small deal with and he or she went on to mattress, which solved my drawback. I later requested my medium good friend to ask her spirit information/s what was that every one about. She was advised “Karen’s spirit information has an exquisite humorousness.”

Something Else?

I hope I’ve given you some historical past about our psychological ancestors and why I take pleasure in instructing from their views. I educate different therapists and typically common folks on the Web: CEYOU.org and CHI  Skilled Improvement (chiprodevelopment.com) for $39.95 for two-hour classes on Jungian Psychology and Spirituality. I will likely be instructing an eight-week course on our psychological non secular ancestors and methods to use their materials to find our soul and for non secular growth on CHI to start with of 2023. 

I take pleasure in listening to from folks, and I kind over 100 wpm, so emails are all the time welcome with ideas and/or questions at karen@karenherrick.com. Free interviews and podcasts can be found on my web site kareneherrick.com. I want you all nicely in creating your soul and in your non secular journey.


Rev. Karen E. Herrick, PhD, LCSW, LMSW, CADC, ACMHP has shared her scientific experience for thirty years in non-public observe and by lecturing all through the USA on dysfunctional and addictive properties, disassociation, grief, and loss from a Jungian psychological perspective.

Her books, You’re Not Completed But ,“Grandma What’s a Soul?” and Psychology of the Soul and the Paranormal can be found by means of Amazon, Kindle and Audible. Her web sites are kareneherrick.com and grandmawhatisasoul.com. Her youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/c/KarenHerrickPhD.



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