Reflections on the Hidden God


By Peter Canova

On daily basis all through recorded historical past tens of millions of individuals cry out day by day or within the silent anguish of their damaged hearts, “The place are you, God? Why don’t you reply me?” Philosophers, religions, and atheists alike have posed the identical query over the ages: if there’s a God, why is it so properly hidden?

My research, expertise, and reflections over 4 a long time point out to me that God is certainly hidden—in plain sight! I draw my conclusion partly from religious traditions, partly from science, partly from psychology and biology however principally from validation of my interior expertise.

Inside expertise—let’s take our start line from Jesus of Nazareth, a determine some imagine was God incarnate, others an enlightened religious adept. That query shouldn’t be what’s essential. What’s essential is his repeated revelation that the dominion of God lies inside. If solely folks had not buried that easy fact with reams of dogma, hierarchy, and agendas the world could be a distinct and higher place immediately.

So let’s look inward, not simply to the thoughts however to the physique for doable clues as to what Jesus meant.

Divisions of the Physique

Our brains have a triune character consisting of distinct however overlapping evolutionary layers. The three layers are the reptilian, the limbic, and the neocortex. In evolutionary order of oldest to latest, the reptilian is the instinctual mind governing fundamental sensory reactions, the limbic is the seat of feeling and feelings whereas the neocortex governs rational or summary pondering,

We additional possess distinct mind hemispheres that appear to delineate, focus, or specific qualities of the summary thoughts related to the neocortex. The left mind is rational, logical, and analytic. It’s mathematically oriented and makes use of factual information. The correct mind makes use of feeling, instinct, and creativeness. It’s oriented in the direction of symbols and imagery and is visionary.

Divisions of the Thoughts

To make issues extra difficult, psychologists have recognized differing ranges of thoughts perform referred to as aware, unconscious, and unconscious. Many add a layer above these referred to as the superconscious or increased self. The unconscious handles fundamental bodily capabilities and seems to be the supply of each fundamental inventive but additionally doubtlessly destructive impulses.

The unconscious is the center degree the place impulses for the unconscious may be processed in uncooked type and made out there to the aware thoughts, which is the on a regular basis waking and dealing aware beneath which we function. The superconscious or increased self is a form of transcendental thoughts realm containing the archetypes or the blueprint patterns out of which the perceptual world is fashioned. Every of those thoughts ranges has discernable corresponding mind wave patterns referred to as Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta.

Within the Realm of Phantasm

At this level, you would possibly properly be pondering, wow, all these mind-body divisions appear to be such an impediment course how will we perform in any respect? Nicely, you’re on to one thing there. It might simply be that this bio-psychological maze is serving the aim of preserving one thing hidden at its middle.

If we go by the creation story widespread to most main religious traditions, it’s a few form of smoke and mirror sport to permit aware or religious power to expertise the notion of materiality. It’s what the Hindus referred to as Maya, fashionable science calls simulated actuality, and popular culture calls the Matrix. (Should you want to cut up the article in 2 components, finish half 1 right here and start half 2 on the subsequent part)

Within the Starting . . .

To reply the thriller of the place and why God is likely to be hiding, we have to dig again deep into the creation past all of the distortions and confusion posed by conventional faith. Western or Abrahamic religions all inform us that human beings had been separate creations from God the way in which Pinocchio was a separate creation from Geppetto. The traditional religious traditions from Hinduism to the early Judeo-Christian mystics responded to this notion with an emphatic, “NO!”

We aren’t separate creations and God created nothing. We’re, reasonably, emanations or projections of the very Thoughts-Consciousness of God Itself, albeit in diluted states of aware limitation. If God is the Supply of the cosmic energy grid, we’re just like the relay stations stepping down the power for on a regular basis utilization, which in our case means the projected notion of bodily actuality.

Souls Alongside the Frontier

Spirits and souls usually are not precisely the identical. Spirits are the person consciousnesses which have elected to make use of their free will to remain throughout the harmonic sphere of the Supply consciousness. In Christian terminology, we’d say they had been the angels who stayed earlier than the throne of God. Souls are these spirits who diverged into different dimensions of aware vibration in search of particular person expertise. They had been the pioneers or journeyers who strayed by exerting their particular person will over that of the collective.

This falling away from the Supply Consciousness was symbolically echoed within the story of the autumn of Adam and Eve from Paradise. It was extra incisively defined within the suppressed Gnostic mystical Christian gospels as the autumn of consciousness–really a sequence of falls–to decrease states of consciousness culminating in consciousness embodying in bodily type.

Non secular Evolution

This fall was not sudden; it was gradual and evolutionary in each materials and non-material dimensions. Quite a few, disparate sources from pagan and Judeo-Christian to the Sumerian texts translated by Sitchin and even the readings of psychics like Edgar Cayce all point out that bodily life on this planet was tampered with and advanced by “exterior” forces.

Essentially the most incessantly advised model is primitive early primates had been manipulated into increased kinds till our bodies able to holding clever consciousness had been perfected. That may finally be us, of us. This evolution was described by completely different sources as being reasonably experimental with a number of failures till success was achieved.

I ran throughout an announcement on a web site that properly sums up this widely-held perception: “For hundreds of years Gods weren’t in human type. Then they appear to have been mixed with animals, after which lastly grew to become fully human. (Damh the Bard).

Now, you possibly can imagine or not imagine this occurred however it actually mirrors the advanced bodily construction of the mind. The reptilian could be the unique mind of the brute animal. Then got here the limbic with the capability to really feel adopted by the ultimate neocortex and the ability of motive and summary thought. It was at this level that bodily kinds had been lastly able to holding spirit consciousness giving the looks that fashionable homo sapiens (sentient man) was an abrupt historic occasion.

The left and proper mind hemispheres additionally completely correlate with historical mystical knowledge. Within the Gnostic gospels, God or the Supply is a singularity however It expresses Itself in polar opposites referred to as female and male. It was the dynamic motion between these forces that generated the sunshine, warmth, and movement for creation much like how the poles of a battery generate electrical power.

The traits of the male-female forces additionally corresponded to the left mind/proper mind traits beforehand described. As it’s above, so it’s under the traditional Airtight adage says. The Gnostics validated this by saying every part within the bodily dimension is a pale blueprint of a better archetypal dimension.

Why Disguise?

With the beforehand given background, we are able to now deal with the query of why the charade of psychological and organic obstacles to recognizing the animating drive inside us that led to our existence. Within the Greek delusion of the delivery of Dionysius Zeus sires Dionysius on the mortal lady Semele. She asks to see Zeus in his true type. He reveals himself as gentle power and she or he is destroyed. The ethical of the story? Excessive-frequency energies can’t be contained in lower-frequency vessels.

This comports with the Gnostic creation story. The Supply projected different beings by limiting or stepping down Its Consciousness (power). Solely on this method might projected beings have a way of individuality in any other case they’d simply be absorbed again into the infinite Supply power. So, limitation, or decrease frequency power in scientific phrases, is important to a way of individuality.

Keep in mind our energy grid analogy? We will’t make the most of the ability of the uncooked supply power so it will get stepped down by a sequence of transformers and relay stations that correspond to our organic (mind) and psychological (thoughts) capabilities. Our important soul energies thereby develop into usable in bodily kinds. The layers of physique and thoughts are like circuit breakers permitting our true natures to reside in decrease states of power with out struggling the destiny of poor Semele.

What Has Been Hidden Shall Be Revealed

By way of this elaborate mechanism of concealing what we really are, just like the holodeck within the Star Trek sequence, we’ve immersed ourselves right into a digital actuality as characters so concerned that we’ve forgotten we’re the programmers. However, a manner exists to exit the maze. Consciousness was the way in which in, consciousness is the way in which out.

The dominion of heaven is inside and we are able to hint our manner again to our supply by elevating our consciousness. Unconscious> Unconscious> Aware> Superconscious would appear to be the reverse-engineered pathway. This will entail research, remark, meditation, and the buildup of upper information however it lies inside all of our capabilities.

Hindu sages had a saying: “This world is the playground by which God fools Himself.” Solely on this method can spirit power expertise itself as being bodily, solely on this method can a bodily entity be the vessel for increased energies. As soon as that is realized, we are able to, like Dorothy and her companions, start to tug open the veil and see the Wizard of Oz behind the scenes.


Peter Canova is a global businessman who, after a sequence of life-changing religious experiences, started writing on spirituality and consciousness. He’s the writer of the 25x award-winning First Souls Trilogy and has contributed to the favored Rooster Soup for the Soul sequence. His newest e-book, Quantum Spirituality, swept the American E book Fest Awards in 4 classes.


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