Religious Revelations from Past the Veil: What humanity can study from the near-death expertise


Religious Revelations from Past the Veil By Douglas Charles Hodgson /

Many people think about solely fleetingly, and infrequently profoundly, sure of life’s bigger questions. Does God exist? Does Heaven exist? What different non secular realms and dimensions exist? What’s the Final Actuality and what’s phantasm? What occurs once I die? Is there an afterlife and what type would possibly that take? Do I possess a soul or consciousness that survives the loss of life of my bodily physique? Am I a human being having a non secular expertise or a non secular being having a human existence? What’s the function of my Earthly existence and what’s my place within the Universe? Am I finally judged on a reward-punishment foundation? Do Common Legal guidelines exist which underpin the Universe and all of Creation?

These are all elementary metaphysical questions within the sense that they can’t be answered via goal research of fabric actuality; they’re largely past human sense notion and Earthly human expertise. Nonetheless, just about all of us have a vested curiosity within the solutions to a minimum of a few of these questions, though being caught up in day by day worldly distractions, sights and illusions might draw us away from pondering these inquiries to the extent that maybe we must always.

For the previous three centuries, scientific materialism and reductionism have postulated that solely bodily matter exists and {that a} separate consciousness can not subsist outdoors the human physique; consciousness solely relies upon upon the functioning of the human mind and the physique’s physiology. This view has been extensively and conventionally held and shared by the scientific and medical analysis communities. This consensus, nevertheless, is now being challenged and there may be an rising recognition inside these communities (together with within the subatomic quantum physics subject) that the human soul or consciousness survives the loss of life of the bodily physique. The human mind doesn’t create consciousness however is a mere filter of it, and that such consciousness is everlasting by nature.

The so-called phenomenon of near-death expertise (NDE) reveals and confirms that the soul or consciousness survives the loss of life of the bodily physique. Though accounts of such experiences date again to antiquity, they’ve solely been systematically collected, documented and researched over the previous 50 years or so. Tons of of accounts written by those that skilled an NDE are to be discovered on the web site of the Worldwide Affiliation for Close to-Demise Research, Inc. (IANDS). What does a near-death expertise usually contain? Whereas no two such experiences are similar, most share a minimum of quite a few frequent options which seem within the written accounts. Those that expertise an NDE report a sense of abruptly being outdoors of their bodily physique in what has been described by some as a black velvety void. They understand their very own physique beneath them as a impartial and emotionally indifferent observer. They expertise peace and a heat on this void and finally understand a pinprick of shiny white gentle far off within the distance. Abruptly their soul begins to float in direction of this gentle via an extended darkish tunnel or deep valley, finally gaining nice pace as the sunshine seems ever nearer.

Then upon reaching the brink of this intense good golden white gentle, different non secular beings arrive to greet them, usually consisting of deceased relations and associates. Music crammed with magnificence and majesty is usually heard. They’re then joined by a Being of Gentle of indescribably variety, mild and loving vitality which assists the experiencer with what could be referred to as a “life-review” by which are instantaneously displayed via visible imagery vital occasions of their lifetime. A nonverbal, virtually telepathic communication then takes place which is designed to help the experiencer in reflecting upon and assessing that lifetime and the way they may have been extra selfless and fewer egocentric in performing or failing to behave in relation to these occasions. A barrier or veil then seems – usually within the type of a fence, door or physique of water like a stream or pond – demarcating a boundary or restrict between the Earthly aircraft and the afterlife and the upper non secular realms of existence.

However earlier than crossing over, the experiencer is suggested that they have to return to their bodily physique as it isn’t but their time. They nonetheless should full their life mission and/or different duties of a familial nature. The choice to return is usually a really troublesome one, because the experiencer is now used to experiencing elegant and unearthly love, peace, contentment and bliss. Nonetheless the experiencer should return and does so, afterwards recalling various levels of the expertise and what was communicated.

Close to-death experiences have had a deeply profound and life-changing impact upon those that have skilled them. They contain individuals who had been resuscitated after having been pronounced clinically useless by medically certified workers or who got here very near loss of life with out being pronounced clinically useless. Most experiencers declare that after their expertise, they not concern the loss of life of their bodily physique and have acquired newfound readability regarding what our true position or mission is in our Earthly life. Many report that what they skilled was far totally different than a dream or hallucination and was extra actual than something they’ve skilled of their Earthly life, having the ability to recall vividly and precisely what occurred to them a few years later.

These intriguing accounts include helpful descriptions of their experiences and what they leaned whereas they had been outdoors of their bodily physique, each for their very own profit and that of Humanity typically. What they described of their written accounts included however went properly past what might be discovered within the sacred scriptures. These accounts contained vivid descriptions of Heaven and the upper non secular realms, what interconnectedness/oneness means, the character and liberation of the soul-consciousness, the reward of Free Will and its function, the character of soul agreements, varied Common Legal guidelines, the character of constructive and damaging vitality, the importance of the loss of life of our bodily physique and our post-physical loss of life non secular rebirth and life-review.

The research of those accounts and the identification of strikingly frequent observations, themes and insights drawn therefrom culminated within the writing of Religious Revelations from Past the Veil: What Humanity Can Study from the Close to-Demise Expertise. Among the messages and revelations introduced again from the Different Facet are disarmingly easy to understand whereas different ideas seem past human comprehension and Earthly expertise.

This guide decouples spirituality from a non secular context. Quite a few IANDS authors declared that earlier than their near-death expertise, that they had no faith and didn’t imagine within the existence of God or an afterlife, whereas others who had been adherents of a selected faith or religion declared that after their expertise, their specific faith was of much less significance to them and henceforth aspired to be extra non secular of their outlook on life and of their dealings with others and the pure atmosphere. All agreed that their NDE had afforded to them certainty and proof regarding the existence of God and the afterlife.

The aim of Religious Revelations from Past the Veil: What Humanity Can Study from the Close to-Demise Expertise is multifaceted. It’s to supply consolation and assurance to the terminally sick, to those that have concern or uncertainty concerning the eventual demise of their bodily our bodies (or certainly life itself), for individuals who are grieving the lack of a liked one and for individuals who really feel misplaced and confused concerning the that means of, and function to, their lives and what lies forward of them. It’s to reassure them that their souls are everlasting and that there’s a lovely afterlife awaiting them within the greater non secular realms (our true Dwelling).

It’s to disclose that there’s a lot extra to existence and actuality than this life on Earth and our bodily physique. It reveals our function for being on Earth, one which is remarkably easy to understand though typically difficult to realize in apply. It reveals observations on God, the Supply and Creator, and Heaven in addition to varied Legal guidelines of the Universe and the character of constructive and damaging vitality. It gives validation and corroboration to those that have had a near-death expertise in relation to what they noticed and discovered whereas outdoors their physique. And at last it describes how our soul is an everlasting knowledge-acquiring work-in-progress, evolving repeatedly and inexorably in direction of communion with God.

The messages and revelations from past the veil introduced on this guide are clear, compelling, simple to know and life-changing. They are going to dispel varied illusions and delusions which burden our spirit and stop us from progressing our soul’s studying and evolutionary journey to the Gentle. 

Religious Revelations from Past the Veil by Douglas Charles Hodgson is obtainable from www.o-books.coom or from wherever books are offered.



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