The Energy of I Am: Activating and Empowering Your Consciousness


I Am That I Am

The phrases “I Am” maintain immense energy. Actually, “I Am” is greater than mere phrases, and with a sure stage of consciousness, these two phrases provide a robust perspective that may shift your consciousness and empower you to alter your life.

So what’s the optimistic energy of I Am? In essence, its that these two easy phrases empower you to shift your consciousness and consciousness out of the bizarre psychological consciousness and in the direction of the blessings of Spirit … of your True Self, and innate reference to the I Am Presence inside you.

What’s the I Am Presence?

“I Am Presence” is a non secular idea that refers to every particular person’s Highest Self, Divine Essence, and Oneness with God, Supply, All That Is.

“I Am Presence” is the purpose of union with God, Supply, and Divine Consciousness.

I Am That I Am.

The I Am Presence is the divine spark inside you, the a part of you that’s related to common consciousness. It’s the a part of you that’s everlasting and unchanging, free from worry, in whole unity with the Divine past the bodily realm.

The Energy of I Am

Everytime you say “I Am,” you naturally shift your consciousness and consciousness towards the angle of your I Am Presence.

The second you say “I Am”, you activate and empower no matter phrases come after.

Which means that the phrases you select converse after saying “I Am” can have a profound affect in your persona, can empower you to reprogram damaging ideas and declare a extra empowering perspective to guide a happier life.

By utilizing the ability of “I Am,” you may create a optimistic self-image and alter the way in which you view your self.

For instance, whenever you declare: “I Am assured,” “I Am worthy,” or “I Am profitable,” you might be affirming these qualities inside your self.

This can assist you to beat self-doubt, low vanity, damaging ideas, and damaging self-talk. By tapping into the ability of I Am, you faucet into the ability to reprogram patterns of your persona, to beat damaging patterns and habits, and declare optimistic qualities and views so you may reside a extra wholesome, free, and extra fulfilling life.

Activating and Empowering Your I Am

The Energy of Phrases

Phrases have energy, and whenever you use the phrases “I Am,” you might be tapping into that energy.

The phrases you employ after saying “I Am” maintain the ability to form your actuality, your experiences, and your beliefs.

Working with the ability of I Am on this method is also known as utilizing I Am Affirmations.

The Second You Say I Am

Once you say “I Am,” you might be affirming your existence and activating your consciousness. These two phrases carry a number of energy, and so they can empower or disempower you relying on what phrases you categorical after them.

Once you use optimistic affirmations like “I’m assured,” “I’m succesful,” and “I’m profitable,” you might be programming your thoughts to consider in your skills and potential. This can assist to spice up your vanity and entrain your thoughts to begin pondering extra positively.

This empowers you to beat self-doubt and damaging self-talk, which solely maintain you again from reaching your objectives.

I Am Affirmations

Probably the most efficient methods to faucet into the ability of the phrases “I Am” is thru the usage of affirmations.

I Am affirmations are optimistic statements designed to faucet into the ability of the thoughts, so you may reprogram your unconscious.

The usage of affirmations is predicated on the precept that ideas and beliefs form actuality, and that by altering our ideas and beliefs, we will change our life.

The construction of I Am affirmations sometimes includes utilizing the phrase “I Am” adopted by a optimistic assertion or declaration.

For instance, “I Am sturdy”, “I Am worthy”, or “I Am affluent”.

By repeating affirmations frequently, you may entrain your thoughts to give attention to optimistic and empowering beliefs about your self and actuality.

By specializing in the Divine I Am Presence you might be part of, you may attune to your true divine nature and highest potential, tapping into the limitless prospects that exist inside to co-create the life that you simply actually want.

Listed below are some I Am Affirmations to write down out, repeat, and use to encourage optimistic pondering, and declare your energy to manifest blessings inside your persona, and in your life.

The Energy of I Am

Spiritual Affirmations

  • I Am Aware
  • I Am Love
  • I Am Compassion
  • I Am Optimistic
  • I Am Permitting
  • I Am Acceptance
  • I Am Religion
  • I Am Peace
  • I Am Ample
  • I Am Prosperity
  • I Am Belief
  • I Am Guided
  • I Am Supply
  • I Am Consciousness
  • I Am Clever
  • I Am Energy
  • I Am Lovely
  • I Am Mild
  • I Am Tenderness
  • I Am Superior
  • I Am Centered
  • I Am Beneficial
  • I Am Blessed
  • I Am Sleek
  • I Am Receptive
  • I Am Innocence
  • I Am Sensible
  • I Am Assured
  • I Am Free
  • I Am Proficient
  • I Am Blessed
  • I Am Profitable
  • I Am Belief
  • I Am Accepted
  • I Am Pleasure
  • I Am Useful
  • I Am Wholesome
  • I Am Constructive
  • I Am Mild
  • I Am Grateful
  • I Am Devoted
  • I Am Truthful
  • I Am Optimistic
  • I Am Empowered
  • I Am Sturdy
  • I Am Passionate
  • I Am Brave
  • I Am Fearless
  • I Am Vibrant
  • I Am Safe
  • I Am Secure
  • I Am Inventive
  • I Am Highly effective
  • I Am Open
  • I Am Truthful
  • I Am Guided
  • I Am Gratitude
  • I Am Supported
  • I Am Clear
  • I Am Truthful
  • I Am Divine
  • I Am Readability
  • I Am Insightful
  • I Am Blessed
  • I Am One with All.

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Repetition is Key

The extra you concentrate on, write out, repeat, take heed to, and work with I Am Affirmations, the extra you begin carrying these “I Am Divine” qualities in your consciousness and persona.

All in all, I Am affirmations are a invaluable software for cultivating a optimistic mindset and claiming a better sense of self-worth and function.

By focusing your consciousness on the I Am … The Fact of your divine nature and highest potential, the extra you may faucet into the limitless prospects that exist inside and assist to empower you to co-create the life that you simply actually want.

I hope that is useful for you,

With love and brilliant blessings,





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