The Fact a couple of Psychic Stone Circle

The Fact a couple of Psychic Stone Circle

By Diana Mary Rose

Diana Mary Rose, non secular writer of Atlantis and Gaia: Magic and Earth Therapeutic (printed June 2023). Accessible from Amazon, WH Smith, Kindle and different bookstores, or direct from the writer

 What’s a stone circle?

Nicely, it does have a psychic facet.  They’re eerie previous websites, in spite of everything. At this time, as you’ll be able to see from me leaning upon a gravestone, these circles are generally for enjoyment alone. I went over to Birkrigg Frequent lately, and there it was, an historic stone circle up on the moor overlooking Morecombe Bay. Not eerie although. It was good.  I had a good time wandering about.

And but there might be one thing unusual occurring right here. The circle might be stuffed with sparks and fireflies flashing their wings in my thoughts. They flit in regards to the stones right here, and you possibly can understand one for those who have been an distinctive clairvoyant. You might even see therapeutic wands too, and even spirit healers gliding across the bay close by. 

Stones and their goal

Stone circles are therapeutic covens of a number of dimensional functions. They heal the earth floor, and even you right now could obtain their knowledge. Take a look at me within the image. I’m being healed as I take in the love and marvel of the mom floor. There’s a ley line straight under this gravestone. It channels power up via the rock and into my decrease physique. Even now Birkrigg heals to a sure diploma, though its energy is depleted. By resting upon a gravestone, I’m permitting the worth, or therapeutic potential, of that ley line to achieve out to me. That is known as a floor earth therapeutic occasion, and I’m displaying you the way it works. Not that I knew that. I used to be simply on the lookout for a helpful place to relaxation whereas my husband took {a photograph}. You received’t both for those who go to. Absorbing leys occurs naturally. 

Alternatively, these stones might be often known as covens of magicianry. Which means that employees of sunshine as soon as lived and breathed the bottom I tread proper now.  That can also be an occasion, albeit a previous life one. No magicians are right here now. They’re lengthy useless and buried aboard a ship on Cartmel Sands. That is the sandbank close to to Birkrigg, and almost definitely it’s right here that the magicians, on the finish of time period on the planet, would beg to be organized majestically onto a ship and towed into the evening air. Magicians used to go away their our bodies to the ocean. They’d float away and be healed via Mom Nature’s pure seascape. That’s the manner of magicians. 

An archaeologist would possibly argue that Birkrigg is an historic type of deist worship. Or it have to be an observatory to the celebs. Nicely, I’d disagree with each these ideas. I imagine that each one folks on Earth as soon as used therapeutic circles, corresponding to mine right here, to attach with the common power known as dynamos. The stones are derelict right now, however yesteryear they held inside their coven a lot energetic therapeutic energy, in any other case often known as efficiency.

There have been no religions again within the earliest days on Earth. There was the solar, the moon, and the celebs. That’s all. And naturally, the climate. That was a type of power too. Gentle and power was all that mattered to our earliest forebears. The world was a darkish and dank gap of forested land, though there have been some areas of sunshine. It was harmful, and troublesome terrain to navigate through its clogged-up waterfalls, derelict river techniques and hedges stuffed with prickles. Most actually there have been bears and snakes too, over yonder by the fells. Loss of life got here simply. Life was a harmful concoction of mud and glazed eyesight. On the optimistic aspect there would have been ley strains to glow within the winter dimness, crossed hedgerows glistening with dew, and most actually stone circles to huddle beneath, ought to a storm be brewing. 

Stone circles have been buildings. 

Gentle got here via a central gap within the timbered roof, pouring onto an amazing slab of earth the place a consumer sat whereas he waited for therapeutic to happen. The gods have been late every so often. He might need to attend awhile. The Jupiter mild was behind a cloud possibly, and even the daylight was badly positioned for as soon as. Therapeutic took time when the whole lot depended upon the wind, the climate, and the solstice price. Tough operations needed to wait till the moonlight was exact. It needed to be a full moon. Purity mattered.

Therapeutic was advanced again then. An earthen slab to put upon was used fairly than a slab of stone, which could have been cleaner, as a result of it might be moved round. Lights don’t mirror therapeutic except or not it’s the proper time of day, and solely then when the clouds have been clear. As I mentioned, mild therapeutic takes time. Different tribesmen would sit across the edges of the large room, ready for the storm to subside. Stone circles have been group hubs in addition to therapeutic centres.They have been multi taskers.

In my picture I’m resting on an historic stone. Headstones, as they’re identified, heal through the leys beneath the bottom. The circle centre, through its timbered dome, channelled mild from afar. That’s the observatory facet which archaeologists intuit. Historic folks weren’t worshipping the celebs although. They have been enlightened past that degree of reasoning. They made wands from wooden and performed the lute too. Music heals simply in addition to magicianry. There have been no deist ideas right here. There have been forested pathways, ley strains and forest festivals the place all would convey their wares to promote and barter. There have been additionally magical ideas about one world co-existing with one other. We have been all psychic again then.  That’s one thing now we have misplaced principally, though reiki is a much-reduced energy for right now’s new Aquarian Period.

 Atlantis and Gaia

There may be a lot to be taught from Mom Gaia, and a few of it will likely be found in my guide, out now in paperback and kindle. For consultations

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