The Final E book on Vocal Sound Therapeutic


The Final E book on Vocal Sound Therapeutic by Githa Ben-David /

Vocal Sound Therapeutic is the Medication of the Future

Who’re the true you? 

You might be vitality, sound, frequencies – and as stem cell biologist and writer Bruce Lipton so fantastically expresses it: You’re a broadcast, your physique is a tv, an organism stuffed with sensors, which continually ship out and obtain messages.

Whenever you hear non-judgmentally to the alerts of your personal voice and tune into the messages it affords you, you then begin to understand who you really are. 

The Danish pioneer in Vocal Sound Remedy, writer and composer, Githa Ben-David shares her expertise from 36-year work with the phenomenon “The Observe from Heaven”, “Hung Track”, “Regressive Cell-singing”, “Sound scanning” in her e-book “The Final E book on Vocal Sound Therapeutic”, launched on the 25th of November 2022 on O-Books.

The Observe from Heaven

Throughout prolonged research of Classical Indian Khyal singing in1985 -1995, I educated to sing on my floor word – a deep word which is sung with a full help out of your lowest a part of your diaphragm (the abdomen is pushed actively inside throughout exhalation). Right here I skilled a phenomenon of being sung from above. It appears like a column of vitality – you sing and is sung concurrently. A timeless Oneness state envelopes you.

“A fowl doesn’t fly – it’s flown. A fish doesn’t swim – it’s swum.” Viktor Schauberger

I name the phenomenon: The Observe from Heaven. The singer is sort of a child fowl opening its mouth singing “Haaar” whereas being fed by vitality vibrating by means of your physique. You would name this expertise a unity with God, or you may see it as in case you turn into Nicola Tesla’s Wardencliff Tower attracting photons into your electromagnetic discipline. Because the supply of photons are infinite and interconnect us and the complete Universe, this clarification can be believable. 

The second you understand that your voice displays a singular matrix of frequencies, that not even your an identical twin would have related, as a result of it represents precisely who you might be – and all the time shall be – you then begin to perceive that you’re an everlasting being shifting autos, an previous soul accountable for the sounds you ship out on the planet.

By expressing your Self vocally within the realm of duality, you get the chance to develop your consciousness within the reflection of your voice’s resonance with the environment. When surrendering into listening to the standard of your vocal expression, not solely your voice opens up but additionally all of your cells will open their cilia/sensors/antennas. It’s because a grounded true listening is opening the veil to Oneness. Such as you tune an old style radio, you tune the voice till a transparent sign seems, expressing a discipline of under- and overtones – with out you doing anything than opening your voice in “Haaar”, urging your self to open an increasing number of to Oneness.

Within the discipline of Oneness your breath unites along with your religious true self, the supply which is creating the applications of your “broadcast”. You merge right into a timeless union of previous, current and future, – a mirrored image of all of your experiences, ideas, historical past, energetic patterns which you along with your predefined want can remodel precisely how you want them to be. How? Why? As a result of you may embrace and get rid of traumas within the Oneness discipline. You’ll bear in mind the traumas afterwards, however they are going to now not affect you. 

Regressive Cell-Singing

In duality, the standard of your breath, grounded from the Hara, will categorical your current situation. All of us carry traumas in our sound/vitality discipline. These traumas stand in the way in which for us to unfold our path on Earth. 

In my Worldwide Schooling for Vocal Sound Remedy, the Singer makes a want. This want has most frequently a debilitating main feeling linked to it (I’m not adequate, I’m not allowed to be right here, I don’t wish to be right here, I don’t belong). E.g. “I want to dissolve the root-course of not being adequate with a purpose to unfold my potentials and stroll my path on Earth.”

Tricker phrases linked to the trauma that ought to be dissolved with a purpose to fullfill this want, will create a somatic expertise of tensions, which regularly is accompanied by a withheld cry. By the discharge of vocal sounds that resonate with the strain and/or notes expressed within the cry, the traumas are embraced and expressed vocally in a full give up. The embracement of ache (the beast) leads you into Oneness. That is the place that we instinctively escape to, when life will get to burdened for us. The trauma is lifted into Oneness – the place you turn into pure sound. Right here the therapist helps you to remodel the basis course of the trauma by creating a brand new optimistic story, when you as a Singer adapts the story in order that it feels completely best for you. If the surrendering is profitable, then when returning to Duality stage, you’ll now not react to the tricker phrases, however snicker of them. 

The extra traumas you launch, the better it turns into to enter the state of Oneness. You progressively discover ways to open and shut the veil. Within the state of Oneness you get entry to therapeutic powers and might begin to share your gentle with the world. Then the following step is to do vocal sound therapeutic.

Vocal Sound Scanning

As your voice is exclusive, it additionally has distinctive abilities. All voices can heal, some are stronger in a sure discipline than others – and this discipline will present up, while you begin to give remedies.

The magic of vocal sound therapeutic or scanning is that your voice as a sound healer will react with audible modifications within the overtones and undertones colouring your voice, when coming into the vitality discipline of a receiver. When transferring your head, let’s say with a set sound “u” in a center vary word, then the sign will change in accordance with the electrical situation of the vitality physique of the receiver. If for instance the sound will open up round photo voltaic plexus it would really feel like a ball of vitality is surrounding the 2 of you. Whereas conserving the identical word and transferring the top barely up or down, hear then rigorously to the sound, which is able to change and get flatter within the expression. Then transfer slowly again to Photo voltaic Plexus and growth – the sound opens once more.

When you might have skilled this phenomenon hundreds of occasions – and when the receiver is responding to you that they clearly can really feel the vitality getting activated on this explicit space of their physique, you then begin to “know” from expertise, that vocal sound therapeutic is essentially the most fantastic software for therapeutic.

Heal Your Pineal with Hung Track

Undertones seem, if and when a physique wants them. They sound terrible in a classical sense however feels actually good within the physique. The cat’s purr or the bee’s hum, deep notes that enter the skeleton. 

There are two sorts of undertones: 

The open undertones are sung by means of the mouth on open cracking vowels.

The interior undertones are heard loudly inside the top and are sung by means of the nostril on a cracking Hunnng- sound in a mechanical, growling sound.

The Hung-sound is phenomenal for self-healing. As your vocal expression follows your consciousness you may heal any a part of your physique. For instance attempt to focus your Hung sound to the Pineal gland, which is extraordinarily essential to purify because it stands unprotected within the bloodstream within the middle of your mind. For the reason that Pineal gland is in command of reworking gentle into chemistry (melatonin, DMT, Sulphate, the physique’s circadian rhythm…) a purification of you Pineal gland seemingly calcified by fluoride, aluminum, chloride… shall be lifechanging for you. An investigation in 2016 confirmed that in 1000 youngsters 8-16 years previous 38 p.c had a calcified Pineal gland. My expertise exhibits which you could purify your Pineal with Hung-song. If there are toxins the sound shall be jumpy and never secure. Remember solely to sing most 3 minutes on it at a time – transfer then to another place within the physique (Hypothalamus and Pituitary I recommend), as you could really feel dizzy and or get a spontaneous detox in case you overdo the purification of the Pineal.

Githa Ben-David’s strategies of Vocal Sound Therapeutic can be utilized of each respiratory soul on Earth.

The Final E book on Vocal Sound Therapeutic by Githa Ben-David is out there from or from wherever books are offered



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