The Re-Emergence of Mom God


By Tony Scazzero 

When somebody hears about Mom God, they might ask, who’s She, the place has She been, or why haven’t I heard about Her? Once I mirrored about this, I began to understand there should have been cause (or a conspiracy) why few folks had heard of Her. My indignation and curiosity received the very best of me so I needed to discover out for myself. I did some analysis and compiled a trilogy about Her in my books: Who’s Mom God, Our Mom and Father God, and the Return of Mom God.

Logic tells us that if there’s a God the Father, there should be a God the Mom. Nevertheless, there’s rather more to the Divine Mom than the logic of Her existence. There’s really enormous, considerably hidden, proof of Her as the actual dwell Creatrix or common mom. Actually, there hasn’t been a human tradition, till the fashionable period, that failed to acknowledge Her worth and significance. Though always negated in Western faith, solely She has the facility to alter at this time’s values together with deeply held patriarchal attitudes and beliefs. Actually, the spiritual, social, and political implications of the resurrection of Mom God might have extra significance than something we will think about. Coincidentally, the fashionable elevated affect of ladies in all walks of life dovetails with the present re-emergence of the Divine Female.

The elephant within the room is, if our Father who artwork in heaven, then the place is our Mom? Why has She been forgotten, hidden, or ignored? Or worse, has our abandonment of Her brought on our world household to languish, thereby allowing the world’s issues to extend? Was Her actuality suppressed on goal or by mistake?  Any manner you have a look at it, after we exclude the female aspect of God, not solely will we change into kids of a single father or mother, however unlucky issues can occur. This estrangement from the female aspect of God, has led us to additionally lose contact with nature, one another, and ourselves. It has virtually put us on a path towards extinction. Our know-how with its air pollution and unbalanced ecology has introduced our planet nose to nose with its personal mortality. The lack of the Divine Female has endangered the present world civilization and is mirrored within the at this time’s materialistic emphasis on cash and energy. But, most of us haven’t found out this underlying trigger behind the troubles we’re dealing with.

Latest research have proven that many early civilizations worshipped feminine deities. Even at this time, sure Japanese religions, with their goddesses, are dismissed as pagan or superstitious. Nevertheless, in line with mythology and a great deal of archeology, earlier than there was a God, there was a Goddess. The Bible incorporates little or no details about the Divine Female, though it does say that the primary man and lady have been made within the picture of God. In some way, the Divine Female remains to be in our collective consciousness regardless that it was pushed underground. Eliminating the femininity and selling solely the masculinity of God has accomplished not solely ladies however humanity as an entire an amazing disservice. Inspecting the documentary proof proves undeniably that repression and mistreatment of ladies has been strengthened by the non secular and political regimes of the previous 2,000 years. In brief, Mom God’s character has been written out of historical past. Consequently, most individuals’s non secular information of Mom God’s love is proscribed. 

Acknowledging the female nature of God would naturally steadiness issues out, giving ladies complementary and equal worth with males. Not having God as our mom has negated the essential positions of ladies within the house, the society, and the world. If the renewal of the Goddess within the godhead is so very important, why is it so troublesome for religions and cultures to just accept the presence of the Divine Female? Some folks might imagine that God should be both male or feminine. However to embrace the Nice Mom doesn’t imply we flip our again on the Divine Father. They’re two elements of the identical entity. Mom God represents divine femininity and is the position mannequin for girls whereas Father God represents divine masculinity and is the position mannequin for males. The straightforward reality is that ladies can relate higher to Mom God whereas males can relate higher to Father God. 

Most individuals change into upset and even offended when it’s urged that the God they know as Lord and Father may additionally be referred to as God the Mom. But a society that reveres the female creates magnificence, love, and equality. Extra importantly, the return of Mom God is required as conferring with Her will enhance our considering to raised deal with the challenges of life. The longer term prosperity of all international locations can be ensured if women and men equally shared duties working aspect by aspect. It doesn’t take a genius to determine that humanity will profit from a kinder gender-balanced divinity. Since God is the male/feminine father or mother of all mankind, till the Divine Mom is welcome again into our hearts, humanity can’t fulfil their potential. Embracing Mom God brings the best consciousness with limitless nurturing.

At this second, all over the world, atrocities and struggling proceed to have an effect on innumerable folks. Peace and goodwill on earth has been lacking, partially, because of an ignorance of Mom God. She earnestly desires to reassure humanity to regain their belief and be cherished by Her. Each women and men want and lengthy for female approval and acceptance. With out Mom God, that is unimaginable. Till Mom God is welcomed again into the hearts of humanity, full therapeutic can’t happen. Humanity ought to be reminded concerning the presence of Mom God and permit Her to be a primal actuality of their life.


Tony Scazzero lives in Maryland along with his spouse, 5 kids, and 6 grandchildren. He began the www.mothergod.information and www.poweranimals.information to enhance the spirituality of the planet which generally is a channel for fixing the world’s issues. His purpose is to determine why issues change into dysfunctional and the way we will create peace in ourselves and on the earth. He will be contacted at: 


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