Tips on how to Keep away from the Negatives of Masculine and Female Vitality

“Any energy taken to excessive turns into a unfavorable.”

This smart aphorism captivated my college students’ again after I educated company teams to know their very own and their teammates’ persona types, so they may extra successfully join throughout these gaps, talk, and work collectively. After I run Into these folks a long time later, they keep in mind the rules I taught them, and that’s very rewarding!

Two examples: A dominant and threat tolerant persona serves a CEO properly. However indulged to extremes these very strengths flip into liabilities: dictatorship and reckless dangers.

The “regular, secure” persona sort is an important workforce participant, however what’s the excessive finish of secure? Rigidity! So set of their ways in which they will’t flex, adapt, and alter with the state of affairs.

After I developed from company work into full time non secular educating and mentoring twenty years in the past, I discovered that the helpful mantra “any energy taken to excessive turns into a unfavorable” applies to nearly every little thing.

For the phrase unfavorable you might substitute legal responsibility, weak spot, or drawback.

Aside from the topic of “poisonous masculinity” there’s not a lot on-line about how “extremes develop into negatives” with masculine and female energies. To fill this hole I’ll share with you my 4 a long time of observing this in motion.

First I need to have a good time that female power is valued more and more extra on this planet, a minimum of in civilized nations, softening and balancing the masculine power. Progress could appear sluggish, but it surely’s taking place.

Increasingly girls are recognizing the exhaustion that outcomes from having to at all times “exit and get it” (which is masculine.) They lengthy to obtain extra simply by attracting it and permitting it to return to them (that’s traditional female.)

Girls get worn down by the pushed, uber-focused, psychological, aggressive ethos of the masculine world than males do. Girls aren’t naturally constructed for it like males are, though lots of of have tailored to it out of necessity. We needed to if we wished to thrive within the masculine enterprise world.

Girls (and infrequently males!) come to me to learn to embody extra of their female power. They learn to soften into feelings, cease letting the thoughts dominate a lot of their power, and transfer their power down from their heads into their our bodies.

As we steadiness our masculine and female energies, it’s useful to appreciate that each masculine and female qualities could be taken to unfavorable extremes.

I name if the constructive and unfavorable poles of masculine and female. Purpose to keep away from the unfavorable poles of every power, and develop towards the constructive poles.

A couple of examples of how female energies could be constructive or go to the unfavorable excessive:

Optimistic Pole of Female Vitality

Unfavorable Pole of Female

Emotions circulation in a wholesome means

Over-emotional or drama, venture or vent on others

Permit life and folks to offer to you

Passive, helpless, dependent

Individuals-oriented fairly than task-focused

Duties don’t get achieved

Social and neighborhood constructing

Character politics, over-talking, or gossip

Magnetize what you need


Caring and nurturing

Over-giving, enabling

A couple of examples of how masculine energies could be constructive or go to the unfavorable excessive:

Optimistic Pole of Masculine Vitality

Unfavorable Pole of Masculine

Analytical thinker

Restricted to logic, instinct is just not valued

Sturdy producer and supplier

Workaholism, neglect household and well being


Aggressive, dominating

Process-focused, end result oriented

Individuals are harm to get outcomes

Loyalty and repair


Sturdy and brave

Insensitive, controlling

Sturdy mind

Feelings are numb, feared, suppressed, not valued

As you witness your self in motion, really feel into it (utilizing your female power) and give attention to (together with your masculine power) how one can develop Into the extra constructive elements of your masculine and female energies.

You possibly can be taught so much by observing others within the constructive or unfavorable elements of their masculine and female, however you’re the one one you possibly can instantly change. Decide to embodying the very best of each and also you affect others by instance.

Take pleasure in the very best of each worlds!


In regards to the writer: Lola Jones is a non secular trainer and healer who has helped women and men in 150 nations to know Spirit intimately, get completely satisfied and wholesome, and obtain extra.

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