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Maybe unsurprisingly, trauma and post-traumatic stress dysfunction (PTSD) go hand-in-hand. Prior trauma publicity is required to obtain a prognosis of PTSD. Nonetheless, trauma publicity, notably throughout childhood, has additionally been related to a spread of different psychological well being problems all through the lifespan (Inexperienced et al. 2010; Kessler et al., 2010; McLaughlin et al., 2012). In mild of estimations suggesting that 70% of the grownup inhabitants can count on to expertise at the least one traumatic occasion throughout their lifetime (Benjet et al., 2015), prevention, intervention, and therapy methods for addressing psychological well being issues within the aftermath of trauma publicity are important.

Psychological well being companies worldwide function utilizing discrete classes: if a person presents with signs X, Y, and Z, this symptom profile corresponds to prognosis A, and they need to be handled utilizing therapy B. Nonetheless, analysis has proven vital overlap and connections amongst 50% of the signs of psychological well being problems (Borsboom et al., 2011). If signs are shared throughout problems, remedies that focus on these shared signs might plausibly be used within the therapy of a spread of psychological well being problems; that is the core purpose of transdiagnostic approaches to therapy.

Trauma publicity has been related to long-lasting unfavorable impacts on a person’s wellbeing and useful talents, together with elevated engagement in well being threat behaviours, and most people don’t or are unable to entry therapy (Huang et al., 2014). This weblog will summarise a latest meta-analysis carried out by Hogg et al. (2022) that aimed to look at trauma as a transdiagnostic threat issue throughout psychological well being problems and discover the potential utility of a trauma-focused transdiagnostic therapy.

Mental health services worldwide operate using discrete categories, but significant symptom overlap between different mental health disorders suggests that transdiagnostic approaches may be plausible.

Psychological well being companies worldwide function utilizing discrete classes, however vital symptom overlap between completely different psychological well being problems means that transdiagnostic approaches could also be believable.


Hogg and colleagues (2022) searched three digital databases to determine systematic critiques and meta-analyses written in English or Spanish that evaluated the affiliation between psychological trauma and at the least one identified psychological well being dysfunction. Papers have been required to incorporate a management group, that means individuals fell into one among 4 teams:

  1. Dysfunction and trauma
  2. Dysfunction and no trauma
  3. No dysfunction and trauma
  4. No dysfunction and no trauma.

Articles have been independently screened by two researchers by title and summary, after which by full textual content. Examine high quality judgements and information extraction have been carried out by two impartial researchers and discrepancies have been mentioned at a consensus assembly. Reference lists of papers that reached full-text evaluate have been additionally manually searched for added papers.

The authors carried out a random-effects meta-analysis of the relative threat (RR) or odds ratio (OR) of growing a psychological well being dysfunction in these uncovered to psychological trauma in comparison with these not uncovered to psychological trauma. Every included paper was labeled by way of the credibility of every affiliation (convincing, extremely suggestive, suggestive, or weak) and TRANSD standards (Fusar-Poli, 2019) was used to evaluate whether or not psychological trauma may be outlined as transdiagnostic.

Examine traits

850 systematic critiques and meta-analyses have been initially recognized. Following screening, 14 papers met the inclusion standards, encompassing 106 particular person research and 93,863 individuals (16,277 circumstances and 77,586 controls). The included papers coated:

  • Ten classes of psychological trauma: sexual abuse, bodily abuse, emotional abuse, individual below practice incidents, navy deployment to a struggle zone, catastrophe, sickness prognosis, parental loss throughout childhood, basic traumatic occasion, and non-specific childhood trauma.
  • A broad vary of psychological well being problems, grouped as follows by the authors: nervousness problems (generalised nervousness dysfunction, panic dysfunction, and social nervousness dysfunction), psychosis (schizophrenia, schizoaffective dysfunction, psychotic dysfunction), bipolar dysfunction, PTSD, obsessive compulsive dysfunction (OCD), borderline persona dysfunction (BPD), main depressive dysfunction (MDD), and ‘different psychological dysfunction’ (encompassing problems the place there have been too few research to analyze individually), in addition to research investigating any psychological dysfunction.

High quality evaluation

The authors used AMSTAR (Shea et al., 2007) to evaluate research high quality:

  • 3 of the included systematic critiques and meta-analyses have been rated as poor high quality utilizing the AMSTAR software
  • 9 have been rated as average high quality
  • 2 have been rated as prime quality.


Total, there was extremely suggestive proof of an affiliation between any kind of psychological trauma and any kind of psychological well being dysfunction. There was nearly triple the chance of prognosis of any kind of psychological well being dysfunction when uncovered to any kind of psychological trauma (OR=2.92; 95% CI=2.60 to three.28).

Moreover, the authors carried out sensitivity analyses to individually discover this affiliation for childhood trauma, which was referred to in 90 of the 106 included research, and trauma throughout maturity, which was referred to in solely 12 of the 106 included research (assessing solely PTSD and MDD). There was extremely suggestive proof of an affiliation between childhood trauma and any psychological well being dysfunction (OR=2.90; 95% CI= 2.58 to three.26). In distinction, there was weak proof of an affiliation between publicity to trauma throughout maturity and PTSD and/or MDD (OR=3.76; 05% CI=2.45 to five.77).

The authors additionally carried out separate analyses for the associations between every of the trauma varieties and any psychiatric dysfunction, and every of the dysfunction varieties and any trauma publicity (see Desk 1 for a abstract of findings).

Desk 1. Abstract of findings




Convincing proof: bodily abuse.

Extremely suggestive proof: sexual abuse, non-specific childhood trauma, and emotional abuse.

Weak proof: navy deployment to a warzone, individual below practice, and catastrophe.

Extremely suggestive proof: bipolar dysfunction, nervousness dysfunction, and psychosis.

Suggestive proof: PTSD and ‘different’ class.

Weak proof: BPD, OCD, and MDD.

Convincing proof: publicity to emotional abuse and nervousness dysfunction, and publicity to bodily abuse and nervousness dysfunction.

Suggestive proof: publicity to sexual abuse and nervousness dysfunction, and publicity to non-specific childhood trauma and psychosis.

17 additional associations met standards for weak proof.

Lastly, utility of the TRANSD standards demonstrated that psychological trauma is a transdiagnostic threat issue for psychological well being dysfunction throughout seven diagnostic classes.

The review found highly suggestive evidence of an association between any type of psychological trauma and any type of mental health disorder, with almost triple the risk of diagnosis when exposed to trauma.

The evaluate discovered extremely suggestive proof of an affiliation between any kind of psychological trauma and any kind of psychological well being dysfunction, with nearly triple the chance of prognosis when uncovered to trauma.


This meta-analysis reveals that publicity to any kind of trauma was related to triple the chance of being identified with any psychological well being dysfunction. Moreover, this meta-analysis offers sturdy proof that psychological trauma is a transdiagnostic threat issue throughout seven diagnostic spectra of psychological well being problems, together with nervousness problems, bipolar problems, depressive problems, obsessive-compulsive problems, persona problems, schizophrenia spectrum problems, and trauma- and stressor-related problems.

The authors conclude that:

Our findings spotlight the significance of psychological trauma as a public well being concern, with implications for elevated funding in prevention companies and trauma-informed care throughout early intervention and therapy companies, and open up the likelihood for revolutionary therapy approaches based mostly on psychological trauma as a transdiagnostic assemble.

Findings from this umbrella review suggest that psychological trauma is a transdiagnostic risk factor for a range of mental health disorders.

Findings from this umbrella evaluate counsel that psychological trauma is a transdiagnostic threat issue for a spread of psychological well being problems.

Strengths and limitations

The authors aimed to discover whether or not psychological trauma is a transdiagnostic threat issue for psychological well being problems, a subject of rising significance by way of the prevention and intervention of psychological well being issues. This meta-analysis was carried out utilizing rigorous procedures which are clear and replicable. Applicable and dependable pre-existing standards and tips have been used throughout screening (PRISMA and MOOSE tips), assessing research high quality (AMSTAR), assessing the credibility of the proof (Ioannidis proof standards; Ioannidis, 2009), and assessing psychological trauma as a transdiagnostic threat issue (TRANSD). Moreover, the research protocol was pre-registered on PROSPERO previous to looking any databases.

Nonetheless, there are some limitations that have to be thought of:

  • Trauma publicity was, for probably the most half, assessed retrospectively utilizing self-reports; trauma assessments might due to this fact have been affected by forgetting, misremembering, stigma, and subjective interpretations. The authors do acknowledge a research that discovered psychopathology throughout maturity to be related to subjective report of youngsters’s maltreatment historical past relatively than goal measures (e.g., court-documented proof) and this limitation is extra of a criticism of the present evidence-base as a complete, relatively than this research particularly.
  • As famous by the authors, three of the 14 included research have been rated as low high quality in accordance with the AMSTAR software, indicating {that a} most of solely 4 of AMSTAR’s eleven gadgets associated to strong, replicable, and unbiased strategies have been met.
  • Though two researchers carried out screening, assessments of research high quality, and extraction, they don’t report inter-rater reliability at any of those levels.
  • Sensitivity analyses have been carried out to evaluate the associations between childhood trauma or trauma throughout maturity and psychiatric problems. Nonetheless, the reasoning for combining these two sorts of traumas within the first place is unclear, notably as not one of the trauma varieties overlap each the childhood and grownup trauma classes. Given there have been extra included research exploring childhood trauma, this meta-analysis might have restricted their focus, enabling a extra directed dialogue of the prevention, intervention, and therapy of psychiatric problems following childhood trauma.
  • Lastly, the authors created an ‘different dysfunction’ class which included problems that had too few research to discover individually. This class included attention-deficit and hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD), conduct dysfunction, bulimia nervosa, and persona dysfunction, and any temper dysfunction. Whereas this solely affected one of many included systematic critiques, it assumes that trauma publicity influences the event of those problems in the identical manner. These problems ought to have been famous, however not included in analyses.
Trauma research often relies on retrospective self-reports which can be affected by forgetting and misremembering.

Trauma analysis usually depends on retrospective self-reports which may be affected by forgetting and misremembering.

Implications for observe

Our frontline psychological well being companies at present function throughout the discrete classes outlined within the DSM-5 and the ICD-11, and regardless of rising analysis assist for a transdiagnostic strategy to the classification and therapy of psychological well being problems, this doesn’t look set to alter any time quickly. The explicit strategy does have vital strengths for each practitioners and people identified with psychological well being problems, enabling clear hyperlinks to be drawn between diagnoses and coverings (equivalent to these outlined within the NICE tips) and between people who share the identical prognosis. Nonetheless, by way of the practicality of therapy, the specific strategy is missing.

The demand for psychological well being remedies far exceed the capability of our psychological well being companies, translating to lengthy wait occasions and deteriorating psychological well being throughout this wait (Royal School of Psychiatrists, 2022; Trades Union Congress, 2018). That is notably regarding with attainable funding cuts for psychological well being remedies on the horizon (The Guardian, 2022), although transdiagnostic remedies could provide an answer. Psychological well being practitioners would require coaching in a single transdiagnostic therapy that might allow them to deal with a spread of psychological well being problems, translating to a spread of advantages for service customers and suppliers alike. For example, faster, cheaper, and extra resourceful coaching applications to extend the variety of certified professionals, translating into higher accessibility for these in want of therapy.

The meta-analysis carried out by Hogg and colleagues presents one such focus for transdiagnostic therapy: trauma publicity. Whereas each particular person presenting to psychological well being companies with a psychiatric dysfunction actually received’t have been uncovered to trauma, signs in people which have been uncovered to trauma could also be pushed by trauma-related mechanisms. It’s due to this fact vital that therapy deal with these mechanisms, and if they’re shared throughout problems, it’s a excellent instance of when transdiagnostic therapy could also be useful. Additional analysis would definitely be wanted to determine and discover the vary of mechanisms linking trauma publicity and psychological well being outcomes that might be focused throughout therapy, however the described research actually offers grounds for optimism shifting ahead.

With the demand for mental health services far exceeding capacity, a transdiagnostic treatment targeting trauma-related mechanisms would enable more resourceful training programs for service providers, increasing accessibility.

With the demand for psychological well being companies far exceeding capability, a transdiagnostic therapy concentrating on trauma-related mechanisms would allow extra resourceful coaching applications for service suppliers, growing accessibility.

Assertion of pursuits



Major paper

Hogg, B., Gardoki-Souto, I., Valiente-Gómez, A., Rosa, A. R., Fortea, L., Radua, J., Amann, B. L., & Moreno-Alcázar, A. (2022). Psychological trauma as a transdiagnostic threat issue for psychological dysfunction: an umbrella meta-analysisEuropean Archives of Psychiatry and Scientific Neuroscience, 1-14.

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