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Metatron’s Dice is a sacred geometric image that represents the elemental constructing blocks of the universe, and comprises the patterning and and sacred constructions that make up bodily actuality.

In different phrases, Metatron’s Dice is sort of a blueprint for all matter within the universe and serves as a logo and reminder of the inherent steadiness and concord of Supply.

Metatrons dice is product of geometric shapes and is claimed to comprise each form that exists within the universe, together with the constructing blocks of all bodily area and matter referred to as the Platonic solids, a idea linked to the thinker Plato.

Metatron’s Dice Origins

Relation to Archangel Metatron

Archangel MetatronThe identify Metatron’s Dice references the connection between this mystical dice and Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron is a strong and excessive rating angel who’s referenced in a number of religious and esoteric traditions. He’s usually related to data, knowledge, and religious transformation, and is claimed to be one of many beings concerned within the formation of the sacred geometric construction of the cosmos. Right this moment, Metatron serves humanity in some ways, together with serving as a messenger the Divine, and and humanity.

In an esoteric sense, Metatron’s Dice is rather more than only a highly effective image, and is definitely an superior energetic device that may be accessed by meditation, power work and an internal reference to Metatron.

Meditation or contemplation on the the that means and significance of Metatron’s Dice can present perception into the complicated patterns of creation discovered within the universe, in addition to providing a singular perspective on the interconnectedness of all issues. Its sacred geometry construction reminds us of the religious dimensions past the bodily world, and the inherent knowledge and concord of the religious realms, hidden from extraordinary view however obtainable for us to faucet into in any second.

Construction and Sacred Geometry

Metatron’s Dice is a fancy and multilayered sacred image that has deep significance in sacred geometry because it represents the muse of the universe and life.

Be taught extra about sacred geometry right here.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids and Metatrons Cube On the core of Metatron’s Dice are the 5 Platonic Solids: tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

These particular, three-dimensional shapes which have similar faces, with an equal variety of edges assembly at every vertex or nook.

Platonic Solids are the core constructing blocks of the universe. They signify the earth, air, fireplace, water, and ether components and and when mixed collectively equate to a strong image of creation, steadiness and concord.

  • Tetrahedron: Hearth
  • Hexahedron: Earth
  • Octahedron: Air
  • Dodecahedron: Ether
  • Icosahedron: Water

13 Spheres and Traces

One of many distinguishing options of Metatron’s Dice is its composition of 13 rings of circles or spheres, every linked by strains to create the bigger intricate sample. The 13 spheres symbolize the Divine creation course of and the underlying order of the cosmos. Some interpretations counsel that the 13 spheres correspond to 13 archangels, with Metatron on the heart.

The strains connecting the spheres, creates a complete of 78 strains of communication or energetic pathways, reflecting the interconnectedness of all issues in creation. In considering this sacred construction, we will acquire perception into how all the universe is interconnected, as every sphere represents a dimension of actuality, starting from bodily matter to religious consciousness. The strains remind us that the whole lot in existence is harmoniously interwoven.

Whereas many of the sacred geometry symbols of Metatrons dice at present interpret this construction as being a flat or 2D form… That is only a symbolic illustration of the true high quality and nature of this sacred device which is mostly a multi dimensional construction with a really highly effective constructive power.

In channeling Metatron, I’ve skilled first hand the ability of Metatrons dice as not solely a logo, however a really actual energetic device that can be utilized for cleaning and elevating the power of the aura, activating the sunshine physique, supporting therapeutic, and rather more!

The Merkaba

The sacred Merkaba can be contained inside the geometric sample of Metatrons Dice.

The Merkaba is created by overlaying two interlocking tetrahedrons, which could be seen inside Metatron’s Dice.

The Merkaba is claimed to signify a car for religious ascension and transformation and is often depicted as a three-dimensional star or tetrahedron form, with two interlocking triangles pointing in reverse instructions.

This form is believed to signify the steadiness and concord of opposing forces, reminiscent of female and male energies, mild and darkish, and bodily and religious realms.

In some esoteric teachings, the Merkaba is related to the sunshine physique and is believed to be a car for religious ascension. By meditating on Metatrons Dice and visualizing it across the physique, you possibly can empower the activation of the Merkaba construction and lightweight physique.

Sensible Purposes of Metatron’s Dice

Metatron’s Dice is rather more than only a image with references to historic occasions. It’s a very actual energetic device that may clear destructive power, activate the DNA, and unlock the Heavenly secrets and techniques.

One of the crucial widespread methods to work with Metatron’s Dice is thru meditation and visualization.

Meditating on the geometry of this image might help you to focus your minds and facilitate a deeper connection to the religious realm. Methods for incorporating Metatron’s Dice into meditation might embrace:

  • Gazing: Focus your eyes on the picture of Metatron’s Dice, permitting your thoughts to calm down, develop and enter a meditative state. When your thoughts begins to wander, return your consciousness to specializing in the image.
  • Visualizing: Shut your eyes and visualize the image in your thoughts’s eye, permitting it to develop into clearer and extra vivid with every breath. Begin by visualizing the image as a 2D form… after which a 3D form that’s spinning round your complete physique. Are you able to then develop the visible to expertise a imaginative and prescient of Metatrons dice past 3D and into the upper dimensions? Breathe, calm down, and simply enable the mysteries of Metatrons dice to be revealed to you as you ponder its nature.
  • Tracing: Trancing the strains and shapes of the image can have a powerfully harmonizing and activating impact in your consciousness as effectively. You may print out an image of this lovely sacred geomatry and hint it as an lively type of meditation.

Invoking Metatrons Dice

One of the crucial necessary necessities to actually join with the power and essence of Metatron, and his sacred dice, is thru having a transparent and honest intent to make the connection.

Right here is a straightforward course of to invoke Archangel Metatron and to faucet into the constructive power and energy of Metatron’s Dice by meditation:

Discover a quiet and cozy place to take a seat the place you’ll not be disturbed.

Take a number of deep breaths and focus your consciousness inside, stress-free your physique and focusing your thoughts on following your breath in and breath out.

Loosen up, and permit your self to enter right into a receptive, open and relaxed mind-set.

Visualize mild throughout you, after which name upon Metatron, saying one thing alongside the strains of:

“Archangel Metatron, please join with me now. I invite in your presence, knowledge and steering on this very second. Assist me in tuning into your presence and power for data, knowledge, and reality. Thanks, thanks, thanks. And so it’s.”

When you invoke Metatron, return your focus to your breath. Do not attempt to make something occur at first, simply breath, calm down and permit.

As soon as you have spent a while in presence, start to name in and visualize Metatrons dice in your thoughts’s eye.

Think about the dice increasing right into a 3D type that supporunds your complete physique.

Visualize the dice rotating round you, making a protecting and therapeutic power discipline.

It’s also possible to concentrate on particular factors inside the dice, reminiscent of the middle or the factors the place the strains intersect, to activate totally different points of your power discipline.

Permit Archangel Metatron to information you in working with the dice and to offer any insights or knowledge that will come by.

If you find yourself prepared, thank Archangel Metatron for his presence and steering, and slowly deliver your consciousness again to your bodily physique, and to the room round you. Belief your instinct and permit your self to be open to the steering and knowledge that comes by for you.

Therapeutic and Vitality Work

Extra methods to include Metatron’s Dice in therapeutic and power practices might embrace:

  • Aura Cleaning: Visualize Metatrons Dice spinning round your physique, the sunshine and power serving to cleanse and steadiness your aura and energetic discipline, pulling out any distortion or negativity, and realigning you together with your innate Divine template of concord.
  • Balancing the Vitality Area: Meditating on Metatron’s Dice and visualizing it surrounding the bodily physique might help to steadiness and harmonize the physique’s power discipline and for superior practioners, open a resonance and entry with increased religious forces.
  • Activating the Merkaba Gentle Physique: When visualized across the physique, the Merkaba is believed to offer a car for religious ascension and transformation. One methodology of activating the Merkaba mild physique is to meditate on Metatrons dice, and visualize the Merkaba across the bodily physique. Activating the Merkaba helps and empowers reaching the next state of consciousness and religious consciousness.
  • Crystal Grids: Make the most of the geometry of Metatron’s Dice as the muse for arranging stones or crystals in a grid, amplifying the intention of the grid, in addition to amplifying the energetic properties of the crystals.

Metatron’s Dice is a strong sacred geometric image representing creation, steadiness, and divine connection.

Incorporating this image into your religious observe is usually a highly effective technique to deepen your reference to Archangel Metatron and the angelic realm and to help your self in cultivating a larger sense of steadiness and divine connection.

I hope that is useful for you.

With love and shiny blessings,


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