Violet Flame Meditation – Instantaneous Power Shift!


The Violet Flame is an unbelievable manifestation of non secular power within the type of a robust transformational software. The Violet Flame is a really excessive frequency of non secular hearth, which holds the facility of transmutation.

The Violet Flame is a present on this planet from Ascended Grasp Saint Germain. (Thanks Saint Germain!) It’s a very excessive frequency of power that’s related to the Violet Ray, or excessive vibrational and multidimensional Violet Mild.

The Violet Flame is really a Reward within the highest sense, as it’s freely accessible, and holds the facility of transmutation together with Deep Knowledge to help these on the Awakening Path and within the Ascension Journey. The Violet Flame works to clear karmic patterns and samskaras, harmonizes Divine Masculine and Divine Female and transmutes adverse and limiting psychological and emotional patterns and programming. It additionally works although all of the layers of your refined our bodies to

In different phrases, by working with and meditating with the Violet Flame it works for you to alter in frequency and type, the energies, patterns and programming that are now not serving you in your life.

Working with the Violet Flame is invaluable for supporting awakening to your true soul nature, and embodying Divine I Am.

I am grateful for the chance to share this highly effective Free Violet Flame Meditation with you at the moment!

Violet Flame Meditation

Join with the Energy of the Violet Flame and your Divine I Am Presence on this channeled Meditation and Violet Hearth Frequency Transmission with Saint Germaine, Archangel Zadkiel (and extra) to deliver therapeutic, rejuvenation, transmutation and to Immediately Shift Your Power Now!

The meditation music for this session is created by Frederic Jean-Yves Perez – Sounds Of Mild.

Get pleasure from!

10:28 Minutes

If you want somewhat longer Violet Flame Meditation, take a look at the Crystalline Violet Flame Meditation channeled with St Germain and Girl Portia.

Violet Flame Meditation by Melanie Beckler 


This meditation has been transcribed for you right here as effectively: 

Beloved Supply of All That Is … beloved Guides and Angels of the violet ray, beloved St. Germaine, Ezekiel, Guardian Angels, and the flame of violet gentle … beloved Guardian Angels, Archangel Ezekiel, Uriel … beloved Michael, beloved Archangel Raphael, enter into this current time limit now.

Beloved I Am Presence, beloved I Am Presence, I Am Presence, violet flame.

Greetings from St. Germaine, Ezekiel, and the various Guides and Angels standing with and behind the violet ray, the violet flame of transmuting gentle and energy – 

At the moment, permit your consciousness to enter in. 

Enable your coronary heart heart to melt, calm down, and open.

Enable your divine I Am Presence to step ahead, to enter in, to attach with you now – your divine I Am Presence which is united and related with the violet flame of transmuting hearth, the violet flame of therapeutic, decision, and elevated frequency … which has the facility to harmonize any scenario, to deliver therapeutic and transformation at any time. 

And so, right here and now, the violet flame begins to stream in. Repeat aloud or in your thoughts, “I’m the violet flame. I’m the violet flame in motion. I’m the violet consuming flame in motion. I’m the violet consuming flame manifest in motion now.” 

Enable the violet flame to enter in, brightly shining inside and throughout, filling your divine I Am column with the violet hearth and the presents this gentle, this non secular power brings: to burn by way of distortion in your physique, thoughts, spirit, and power area; to reconnect you on this second now with the sunshine of infinite risk, the facility of the divine I Am. 

Your divine I Am Presence is shining with the violet flame gentle now.

Really feel it pouring into any areas of rigidity, distortion, or blockage in your area, pouring into your thoughts, harmonizing your ideas, clearing and releasing any and all thought patterns that now not serve. 

Really feel the violet hearth shining by way of your emotional physique, purifying your emotional fluidity and type … the violet hearth pouring into your bones and blood, your nervous system, your each cell. 

Enable your bodily physique to gentle up with the sunshine ignited, the divine I Am Presence of the violet hearth in you now, the violet flame – which is a dwelling, respiratory, clever power gifted by the grace of the Divine by way of the work of St. Germaine and the various Guides, Ascended Masters, and beings on the etheric, astral, and celestial aircraft.

The violet flame shines now round you, inside you, shining shiny on each stage. 

Repeat in your thoughts …

“I’m the violet flame. I’m the violet flame. 

I’m the violet flame which brightly shines inside me now, purifying all that now not serves, so the radiance of my divine I’m fact, willingness, and highest Christed gentle might emerge by way of my being. 

I’m a being of Christed gentle. 

I’m a being of diamond, violet gentle hearth. I’m a being of coronary heart, of purity, of woke up Supply stage consciousness. I’m a cosmic being of diamond gentle and I permit the violet flame to reconnect me with this innate fact. 

I permit the violet flame to pour by way of physique, thoughts, and spirit, to peel away, to shine by way of distortions in my area, to disclose the divine I Am core, the divine I Am spark, the God presence, Christ gentle, woke up divine consciousness in me to emerge by way of who I’m … a divine being in bodily type, by way of all I do. 

I’m the violet flame brightly shining in radiance, love, and light-weight. 

I’m the violet flame in motion. I’m the violet consuming flame which consumes, transmutes, heals, and resolves distortion, ego, limitation in my physique, thoughts, spirit, and area. I permit my I Am Presence to anchor by way of me, to grow to be the core, the first stage of consciousness for who I’m. 

I’m a being of diamond gentle and violet hearth. I’m a being of purity, coronary heart, and love. I’m a being of freedom, love, and presence. I’m cherished, blessed, guided.” 

Enable the violet flame to circulate into your thoughts, feelings, and physique, permitting the purifying drive of the violet flame to circulate into your house, your own home, the room round you, to circulate into your neighborhood.

Really feel the violet hearth harmonizing, elevating, elevating the vibration, calling forth the divine I Am – the innate qualities now accessible for all.

Enable the violet flame to revive the divine blueprint, to revive the divine concord and boundless love inside and throughout you, anchoring, energizing, activating the violet flame now. 

Embody your environment within the earth for humanity, for the collective consciousness, for all. 

“I’m the violet flame.”

Enable the reward of this non secular hearth to pour by way of you, to refresh, replenish, and recharge you, to light up your interior divine I Am brilliance, and to let this purity, integrity, divine beingness anchor, shine, and embody by way of all you do. 

We love you. 

We bless you with violet gentle, with the transmuting flame of violet hearth, with diamond gentle codes, Christ consciousness downloads, with infinite love. 

And so, it’s … 

Thank You!

Thanks, beloved St. Germaine. 

Thanks, beloved Angels and Guides and Ascended Masters behind the violet flame. 

Thanks to the violet flame for filling me, merging with me, unlocking inside me the reality of my radiance, my woke up love. Might I shine in concord with the perfection of this violet transmuting hearth. 


Thanks, thanks, thanks … 

And so, it’s …

With love and shiny blessings,



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