What’s a fairy? Are Fairies Completely different from Angels?

Fairies and Angels- What’s The Distinction?

Fairies, very like angels are inter-dimensional beings who dwell in a realm between realms.

To be extra particular, they occupy the etheric (and typically astral) energies of the Earth and Nature.

Fairies are actual non secular beings, simply as angels are actual non secular beings however they exist at totally different ranges of vibration, have totally different roles, and ranging ranges of consciousness..

There are numerous several types of nature spirits, and elemental beings who occupy nature and serve the Earth.

One big-difference between fairies and angels is that fairies are a lot nearer to the Earth airplane than angels.

One other huge distinction between angels and fairies is that angels are non secular beings whose goal revolves round finishing up the Divine will and serving humanity. Fairies roles however largely revolve round serving, caring for and nurturing the Earth.

Why Extra Fairies Aren’t Seen…

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Within the cycles of human evolution, there was a time when the vast majority of humanity was extra perceptive of the etheric energies of the Earth, and will see and commonly work together with the faerie realms. This is the reason there’s such an excellent abundance of Faerie lore that’s strikingly comparable from plenty of totally different vultures and traditions.

As we speak, humanities consciousness has develop into extra logical, and we’re much less open to understand the non secular realms from an odd state of consciousness.

Fairies, elementals and nature spirits nonetheless, completely nonetheless exist and play important roles within the how the Earth thrives and operates.

As we speak, as people individually and collectively entry the next degree of mental clairvoyance, the fairy realms have gotten accessible and perceptable once more.

Real FairiesWhat Do Fairies Look Like?

There are numerous forms of non secular beings who occupy the etheric and astral ranges of nature.

The 4 primary forms of elemental beings are:

Gnomes – related to the Earth aspect
Undines -associated with Water aspect
Sylphs – related to Air aspect
Pyraustas (salamanders) – related to Hearth aspect.

Most of the nature spirits we have heard of in lore or tales are literally these elemental beings.

For instance, leprachauns, dwarves, and mountain elves often seek advice from Gnomes, or the earth elemental beings.

The nymph and nixen of fairy lore who seduced males with a single look are Undines, water sprites or water spirits.

There are nonetheless nature spirits who don’t neatly match into one of many teams of Elemental beings.

These faeries akin to flower faeries, tree elves, and nature sprites assist the plant and animal kingdom in quite a few methods.

What Do Faeries Look Like?
Fairies are non bodily beings, and so how they seem to chances are you’ll be totally different than the reality of their energetic stream.

Some may even see faerie beings as having blond hair and blue eyes, and look identical to Tinkerbelle, whereas othertimes having wings like dragonflies, butterfly or dragonfly-like appearances, and others simply seem as shimmers or sparkles or mild, and even as a blobs of gray or dense vitality.

One factor to remember is that when fairies meet you, they are going to decide you primarily based in your vitality signature, and on the way you deal with Nature, and they’ll then act accordingly. In case your vitality is aligned with love, you will probably solely meet fairies of the sunshine, they usually’ll be mild, uplifting and loving. However should you’re in worry, doubt, and uncertainty whereas disrespecting nature, the fairies you entice could current you with some robust classes.

Fairies over time have gained a repute as being ‘tricksters’ and there are a lot of legends of fairies really stealing infants, and inflicting all types of havoc throughout excessive vitality dates when the traces between realms had been thinned.

The truth of the character of fairies is that they’ve free will. This free will alternative equates to the easy fact that some fairies are polarized to the sunshine, in service of the Divine and of others, and a few are polarized to the darkish, in full service to self.

No matter their polarization, all fairies have a symbiotic and mutually helpful relationship with the Earth.

Fairies mentor and information crops, animals, and minerals in a fashion fairly much like how our guides and angels serve us. For people who’re intently aligned with nature, and strolling a path of affection, fairies could select to supply steerage, help, and will select to energetically seem.

All the fairies I’ve ever skilled,  are dedicated to their mission of serving to earth, and serving the plant and animal kingdoms. Some fairies (polarized to the darkish) could trick and mislead people who’re abusing nature. Fairies who serve the sunshine love serving to people, particularly those that assist the earth. With love and lightweight they remind us of the significance of being joyful, playful and of being mild hearted and having enjoyable.

Are Fairies Real? What’s Fairy Mud?

‘Fairy mud’ is the vitality signature of the fairies, and it may be felt when fairies are coming and going, in probably the most pretty means.

One in all my favourite issues about fairies is that they remind us of the magic contained in all of life, particularly inside the pure world.

Do you wish to join with and expertise actual fairies?

If you wish to get in contact with the fairies, the best means is to take action is to attune your vitality to nature, as fairies are primarily nature spirits, and intently tied to the Earth vitality.

You possibly can construct an alliance with the fairies by serving to nature, radiating love and pleasure, and by connecting and serving the bushes, water and Earth.

Fairies are additionally intently tied to the energies of magic and instinct. Like humanity, fairies too are ascending, they usually respect those that consciously stroll a path of non secular development, love, and ascension.

The traces between realms are undoubtedly rapidly mixing now, and in gardens, in nature, by the Oceanside, and close to streams I’ve seen plenty of fairies seem.

When connecting with the fairies, it is necessary to keep in mind that your vitality performs an enormous consider what you’ll entice. Should you’re in worry, or doubt… Name upon the angels as a substitute of fairies, as angels fully vibrate with love and lightweight, and your vitality degree will difficulty no detriment…

However in case you are in a vibration of affection, and also you want to serve and help nature, there’s nice enjoyable, studying, therapeutic and magic contained inside the realms of the fae, in any other case referred to as the fairies.

Fairies of the sunshine will joyfully remind you to play, dance, sing, and luxuriate in. In addition they have a deep degree of mastery of all earth associated points, together with safety, stability, house, household, cash, gardening, and caring for animals. Fairies are more than pleased that can assist you in a single or all the above areas, in case you are keen to do your half in caring for the pure world.

Simply be mindful, that should you’re disrespectful to animals and to nature, the fairies could decide you, after which mischievously set off challenges, tips, and obstacles in your path. I’ve helped individuals who have unconsciously and unknowingly attracted the difficult classes of darkish elementals, and it waas not fairly.

However finally, most fairies do wish to assist, and in case you are dedicated to strolling a path of affection, the fairies you entice shall be as nicely.

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When it comes all the way down to it, the mission and goal of the fairies is fairly easy. They exist to serve and help nature, they usually need for nothing greater than to work with humanity to revive the pure world to her Divine splendor.

Should you really feel drawn to assist the Earth, and you’ll be able to keep a vibration of affection and never worry, attain out in direction of the fairies, and they’ll reply.

The Realm of the Fae is prepared and keen to work with us as soon as once more, to serve nature, and to peacefully and consciously co-create a ravishing actuality collectively.

Have you ever skilled the magical realms of fairies? Go away me a remark beneath to let me learn about your expertise!

With love, and lightweight,

Melanie Beckler

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