White Gentle Safety Prayer – Cleanse, Defend, and Increase Your Vibration With Divine White Gentle


Encompass Your self with Cleaning & Defending White Gentle

On this put up, I’m going to share with you a easy and but profound white mild prayer.

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That is an extremely versatile prayer that you need to use for cover, to boost your vibration, to encourage therapeutic or optimistic change in your life, and to vary your level of attraction right away.

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This prayer is not only about talking phrases… It’s about invoking, and actually feeling the white mild of safety throughout you.

And so, to do that prayer, it simply requires your focusing inside.

You possibly can mild a candle or maintain a bit of selenite in your hand in case you select, however you do not have to.

Simply shift your consideration inward to the realm of your coronary heart heart, the middle of your multidimensional being, after which start.

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White Gentle Prayer of Therapeutic and Safety


White Gentle Safety Prayer

Invoke the power of the angels and Divine in this White Light Protection Prayer. Cleanse and protect your home, your energy and your space. #prayer “I now ask to be surrounded by Divine mild, with my workforce of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, with the Archangels and Angels who can most assist me now.

Encompass me totally and fully with Divine White Gentle.”

As you communicate these phrases aloud or strongly in your thoughts, really feel the white mild getting into into your current time and area.

Proceed to focus your consciousness in your coronary heart heart.

And now, with every in-breath you’re taking, think about that you just’re respiration the white mild into your physique.

Exhale and let go.

Breathe the white mild into your thoughts and as you breathe out, let go of thought, fear or pressure.

Breathe the white mild into your spirit and really feel your aura and your mild physique replenish with this good white mild and as you exhale, let go.


“I ask that the white mild fill and encompass me, fully cleaning and purifying my thoughts, physique, and spirit. Defend me, permitting the pure Divine steering of my Guides, Angels and Archangels to move by way of and but, block out any and all negativity, decrease vibrational vitality or entities.

I ask this in line with Divine Will, for the very best and best good, within the highest curiosity of all. And so, it’s…”

Take a minute to simply tune into the Divine White Gentle that’s throughout you, that has entered into your current time and area…

After which think about the orb, or circle of white mild round you flowing forth. In a strong burst like growth, visualize the white mild flowing out past you, rippling out into your future, into your environment, and throughout the planet.

“I ask that the Divine White Gentle fill my dwelling, elevating the vibration and cleaning out any and all negativity.

I ask that the Divine White Gentle clearly illuminate my highest potential path earlier than me.

Assist me to see the alternatives, to witness the blessings, to expertise the miracles, pleasure and true achievement obtainable to me on my path.

I ask that the white mild pave the pathway for me to extra totally embody and expertise my highest divine self, being the divine embodiment of my greater divine spirit within the bodily, in line with Divine will, within the highest curiosity of all.

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Thanks to my workforce of Guides and Angels.

Thanks to the Divine White Gentle.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. And so, it’s…”

The Energy of Prayer

The ability of this prayer comes not simply from studying and even talking it. Give this brilliant mild prayer a attempt, and as you do, actually really feel the sunshine getting into into your area as you retain your consciousness targeted in your coronary heart heart.

Any prayers you discover on this website, together with this one are meant so that you can use, attempt, and make your personal.

Change the phrases to align the prayer in a method that basically works for you… But in addition keep in mind that whereas the phrases are necessary… Following the sunshine and vitality is rather more so!

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When you’ve used the above prayer, and are in a position to actually really feel and expertise the White Gentle, you may then compress it, so that you just’re in a position to rapidly, right away encompass your self with a circle of white mild…

“I ask to be surrounded, crammed and illuminated with Divine White Gentle to cleanse and purify my vitality, uplift my vibration and assist me in embodying my highest divine fact and potential. And so, it’s…”

An important factor with this or any of your prayers, is to ask together with your coronary heart open after which tune into and expertise the divine white mild that when referred to as upon, flows into your time and area and has a strong impact by defending your being, lifting your vibration and re-centering you on this current second with divine love and light-weight…

Supporting you in additional totally embodying your greater divine self and your true genuine spirit.

I hope you take pleasure in this prayer.

Remark beneath and let me know the way it goes!

With love, mild and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler




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